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TILT: Lands’ End Supima Cotton Towels

Posted by emily on February 9, 2012

Last summer, Andy and the kids and I spent the weekend with friends in Michigan, and on our first morning there, I discovered they had the most luxurious towels. So soft and silky – and absorbent! Our towels at home push the water around more than they soak it up – they’re less like towels and more like squeegees. Anyway, I had to know where to get towels like that for myself, so I took a look at the tag and what do you know, they were from Lands’ End.


I’ve been lusting after these towels ever since, so I was super excited when our friends at Lands’ End asked Jenny and me if we’d like to review some. Let me tell you, they are just as fabulous as I remembered. They’re made from Supima cotton, which is the best cotton grown in the USA. Supima’s “longer fibers create a softer, stronger yarn, with less pilling and a smoother finish.” As a matter of fact, I have a Supima sweater on right now and it is lovely!

But back to the towels.

Jenny and I picked the monogrammed version, because really, what is fancier than monogrammed towels???


Looks like we made it….


I am not exaggerating when I say these towels brighten my day. A little bit of luxury makes the wee hours of the morning more bearable. And having nice towels makes me feel like an actual grown up.

Go get ya some!

P.S. Monogramming is FREE for a limited time!

P.P.S. Lands’ End is starting to bring out their spring and summer items, and ohmahgah I want one of everything. Check out the new arrivals here or you can see some of the new items I’m lusting after on my Lands’ End Loves pinterest board!

P.P.P.S. You can find more Things I Love Thursday posts at the Diaper Diaries!

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Holy Tooth Fairy!

Posted by Jenny on February 8, 2012


Joshua will be eight (8!!!) in a couple of weeks, and he has just lost his third tooth.  That’s right. Three teeth down, a million to go.  I think by the time he loses all his baby teeth, he’ll be about ready to take the SATs.  But anyhoo…it’s been so long since he lost the other two, that I can’t honestly remember what we said to him about the tooth fairy, but I think it was probably something along the lines of what we tell him about Santa: that she’s not real, just fun to pretend, and that $1 under your pillow comes from Mommy and Daddy, just like those presents under the tree.


Yesterday after he triumphantly pulled his tooth all by himself (finally! The other two Bobby has had to nudge out), he and Sophie were talking about how the Tooth Fairy was going to come and leave him $2. (TWO DOLLARS? GEEZ.)  Then Joshua said something like, “Well, Daddy says it’s really the Tooth Ogre.”


“Ummm…you guys know the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Ogre, or whatever…that’s not real, right?” I said.

“It’s not?  Then who puts money under my pillow?” Joshua asked, looking rather confused.

“Who do you think, buddy?” I asked right back, figuring he’d come to the Mommy-and-Daddy conclusion.


Ok, so apparently he couldn’t take that logical leap after all!  I really can’t compete with JC, so I think when I told him his tooth benefactors were Mom & Dad, he was a little disappointed. But I’m glad to know he thinks that Jesus wants to make sure his tooth troubles are taken care of!

But lucky for him, his Daddy hooked him up with not one, not two, but THREE gold $1 coins.  So I think that soothed his disappointment a little.  Now let’s hope he can remember who is in charge of tooth loss compensation when he loses his next one!


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Just Another Moron Monday

Posted by emily on February 7, 2012

So I know I’ve complained before about how insane Mondays are, but… here I go again.

I cannot – cannot – manage to get out of the house on time in the mornings. Yes, part of my issues would be resolved if I abandoned the snooze button, but some of it is not my fault! I swear, the universe conspires against me. The most random and annoying things happen to me in the morning.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at how this morning started off.


What is that, you ask? It is the vent cover from my kitchen floor, stuck to the heel of my shoe. Or, I suppose, it originated with the heel of my shoe getting caught in the vent cover, but when I lifted my foot the vent came with it.

It was nearly impossible to get out, which cost me time and also left a big scratch on my new Tom Madden heels.


THEN, as if I wasn’t running late enough, I get in my car and am greeted with this.


Although I really can’t say this issue delayed me any because even though my car was CLEARLY out of gas and even though my commute is 30+ miles AND even though I travel with a three year old in tow, I decided to take my chances.

I coasted into the office on fumes, but I made it.

However, not five seconds after walking in the door, I tripped over my own feet and somehow this was the result.


Not only did I use the heel of my shoe to rip a giant hole in my tights, I managed to cut my leg. So, I showed up to a staff meeting in bare legs (in January, may I remind you) BLEEDING. (Thank you Baby Jesus that I had shaved my legs on Saturday. Yes that was 48 hours prior but that is better than 48 days, which is an entirely possible scenario.)

So, let’s review the take-aways from this story.

I should:
A) Never pack my lunch for work, because when I do, I step backwards from the refrigerator and get my heel caught in the vent;
B) Never where four-inch heels;
C) Disregard the gas light warning, because clearly it doesn’t really mean empty;
D) Make it a policy to shave at least once a week, on the off chance I have to throw away my tights;
E) Realize that D is highly unlikely and just wear pants at all times.

At least it was a learning experience.


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