What camera and lens do you use?

Can you make me a theme?
Yes. E-mail me for rates.

What’s your course?
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts. 

How are you 17 and in college?
We all have different educational systems. I started going to school when I was just 2. Most of my friends started at age 4 or 5. 

How many followers do you have?
Just a little over 3,000.

Where did you learn to make themes?
I started having a blog in 2005 or 2006 in Xanga, Blogspot, and other blogging platforms. None of the free layouts satisfied my taste so I studied HTML and CSS by myself. I also made Neopets stuff before! Like user lookups and pet pages, yeah, that sort of stuff.

I want to make a few changes to your theme, is that okay?
As long as you keep the credit on.

Please follow me.
Sending me this message guarantees that I would not follow you. Tumblr is not about the follower count. 

Do you do promotions?
Only if your blog is for a good cause. Something like GMH or an advice blog.

Can you please edit my theme? Here’s my username: ********* and password: *******.
Please don’t give me your username and password. This has happened a lot of times already. Clearly, you do not know how the Internet works.

How do I add a header image to the ********* theme?
If it’s a theme that I didn’t make, please don’t expect a reply.

How did you make separate pages for your posts, like on your “personal” page?
Tag your posts using the tiny empty box on the right side of the page for creating new posts. Then use redirect links if your theme supports Pages. URL for tagged pages: “/tagged/Your+tag+here”

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