I will be accepting custom theme requests again soon.

I’m just working on prices (yes, they’re going to come with a price now), and a few other stuff such as the separate Tumblr for that, theme options, and the like.

Another update in a week or two!

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Some updates

After my last text host crashed, I have received a multitude of e-mails regarding the base codes problem. I tried my best to reply to everyone who e-mailed me asking for the codes. I now have my own domain and host, and all the base codes have been uploaded there. They are now up for download again.

Also, this blog now redirects to tutorials.moniquetendencia.com. Expect a few more tutorials soon. I have been slacking off with the whole website managing thing, and have been busy with art majors in school.

Lastly, new theme for this blog! No more CMYK madness.

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NEW Theme Tutorial!

More images and a slightly more extensive explanation for parts of the code. I also included the final markup so you can study it and find it easier to make your own code.

Tutorial here.

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New base code

It’s just a simple centered two-column, left sidebar layout, it’s a start. I do have backups of the old base codes, but I’m redoing everything so they’re easier to understand when you download and tweak them. But if you really need those right now, do drop me an e-mail at moniquetendencia@gmail.com with the subject “Base Codes.”

Download the file.

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Updated base codes!

I have added two new base codes for your Tumblr themes. You can check the base codes page, it’s under the three columns category. Basically, it has a sidebar and your posts are sorted in two columns :-)

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