Keynote Speaker and Conference Workshop Leader

Sam Davidson is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has keynoted conventions, led workshops, and spoken at universities all around the US. His energetic style and ability to distill complex topics into ideas that are easy to understand make his presentations memorable. Above all, Sam Davidson is flexible, tailoring his message to what your group needs to hear. Blending humor with easy-to-remember quotes and ideas, attendees talk about Sam Davidson’s presentations long after he stops speaking.

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What people are saying:

“I booked Sam to speak at two Vanderbilt events with both a large and small audience of active students on campus. He did an excellent job tailoring his speech to meet the interests in the room as well as inspiring and motivating the students to delve deeper into service. Sam’s style is fun and informal and he immediately bonded with and engaged the students.” – Lilly Massa-McKinley – Office of Active Citizenship and Service, Vanderbilt University

spacer “Sam has led several workshops for us over the past few months always with great reviews. His knowledge of Generation Y and social media is strong and his high-energy delivery style is engaging and thought-provoking.” – Ellen Hingst – Director of Education, Center for Nonprofit Management

“Sam Davidson spoke as a morning keynote for our regional conference. Sam provided an engaging and unique perspective on encouraging involvement by participants in their communities.” – Melissa Winter Means – Coordinator for Leadership Development, Kansas State University

Sample workshops and keynote speeches:

The Fountain of Youth — Communicating with Generation Y

The largest generation to come along since the Baby Boomers, Gen Y is dominating business and nonprofit headlines when it comes to workforce development, customer retention and technology. But how can your organization engage this demographic in your work? How can you reach out to them? Offering the tips and tools that made grow rapidly among this generation, Sam will offer ideas and stories that will be sure to set you on a course to attracting and retaining people under 30 in your work and mission.

Simplifying Your Life

Starting a company, raising over $100,000 for charity, having a baby, traveling the US as part of a business competition – any of these happening in one year is a lot. So how did Sam Davidson do all of these and still keep life simple? In this informative and energetic talk, Davidson will share the key principles from his newest book, Simplify Your Life: How to de-clutter and de-stress your way to happiness. Using tips from experts, the latest research, and ideas from people around the world, Davidson shows how anyone can live a simpler life in order to discover what’s truly important. If you’re looking to better prioritize your life in order to stay balanced and happy, all by finding
how to make things simpler and easier to manage, then this talk will offer helpful ideas for doing so.

How to Save the World in 24 Hours

spacer In this energetic presentation, Sam busts the biggest myths that exist when it comes to making a difference and offers countless practical steps that anyone can take on a daily basis to make a positive impact in their community. Combining hilarious personal anecdotes with facts and data about the biggest needs in our world, your audience will leave educated and motivated to begin saving the world, right where they are.

Saving the World with Your Day Job — Adventures in Social Entrepreneurship

Based on his own experience founding a socially- responsible business, Sam offers tips and ideas for anyone looking to make a difference through business. This presentation looks at the ideas of other social ventures in order to give attendees ideas and ways that they, too, can begin to make a difference while at work.

Turning Your Passion Into Your Profession

Stuck in a job he hated, Sam eventually broke out of the rat race in order to start his own company. And in this presentation, he shares a four-step process for anyone looking to live out his or her values and passions in a career. Combining real life stories with advice from other entrepreneurs, attendees will learn how they can first discover their passion and then turn it into their profession.

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