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    Upload RecipeOur favorite recipes are tried-and-true favorites from kitchens just like yours. They've made lasting impressions at potlucks, picnics, and parties. They're shared over coffee and passed from neighbor to neighbor.

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      Appetizer Recipes

      Whether used as a meal starter or a complete party menu, appetizers put everyone in a good mood. Serve hot appetizers at your next tailgate party. Choose fruit appetizers for as light and refreshing part of a summer party. And everyone loves dips and spreads with crackers, bread, or chips.

      • Cold Appetizer Recipes
      • Fruit Appetizers
      • Vegetable Appetizers
      • Dips and Spreads
      • Fondue
      • Cheese
      • Hot Appetizers
      • Pastries
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      Beef Recipes

      Lean, flavorful beef is more than a versatile and delicious main dish. It's also high in nutrients like protein, iron, and B vitamins. Beef is excellent in soups and casseroles, and ground beef. Watching your diet? You'll find plenty of healthy beef recipes to enjoy.

      • Beef Soups & Stew Recipes
      • Beef Sandwich Recipes
      • Beef Casserole Recipes
      • Beef Main Dish Recipes
      • Hamburger Recipes
      • Beef Stir-fry Recipes
      • Beef Sauces & Gravy Recipes
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      Bread Recipes

      Homemade bread is one of the great treats of cooking. Making your own bread allows you to control your ingredients, avoiding excess salt, preservatives and artificial colors and dough conditioners. But none of these advantages comes close to the basic truth that home-baked bread is a glorious treat.

      • Cornbread Recipes
      • Sweet Bread Recipes
      • Biscuits and Roll Recipes
      • Bread Machine Recipes
      • White Bread
      • Whole Wheat Bread
      • Quick Breads
      • Muffins and Scones
      • Banana Bread
      • Yeast Bread
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      Breakfast Recipes

      Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but it's often the most taken for granted. However, homemade muffins take less than an hour to prepare, and can be frozen and ready to enjoy for weeks to come. Likewise, plain oatmeal sprinkled with blueberries provides a warm start that fills you up.

      • Breakfast Pizza Recipes
      • Healthy Breakfast Recipes
      • Pancakes and Waffles
      • Easy Breakfast Recipes
      • Diabetic Breakfast Recipes
      • Low-Fat Breakfast Recipes
      • Eggs
      • French Toast Recipes
      • Breakfast Casseroles Recipes
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      Cake Recipes

      Homemade cakes are almost as easy as opening a boxed mix, but your flavor options are much wider.If you're new to baking, consider looking for a recipe that allows you to simply add all of the ingredients to a mixing bowl, then combining. Whatever type of recipe you choose, you can be confident of good results if you simply follow the instructions carefully.

      • Creamed Cake Recipes
      • Angel Food Cake Recipes
      • Pound Cake Recipes
      • Birthday Cake Recipes
      • Chocolate Cake Recipes
      • Cupcake Recipes
      • Easy Cake Recipes
      • White Cake Recipes
      • Yellow Cakes
      • Sponge and Chiffon Cake Recipes
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      Chicken Recipes

      Everybody loves chicken, and we have a world of delicious options. Besides its status as America's favorite entree, chicken is a flexible main ingredient. If you need to get dinner on the table in minutes, search for boneless chicken breast recipes. Want to minimize after-dinner clean up? Fix chicken in the crock pot.

      • Chicken Salad Recipes
      • Chicken Soup Recipes
      • Make-Ahead Chicken
      • Chicken Glazes & Rubs
      • Chicken Sandwiches
      • Grilled Chicken Recipes
      • Chicken Stir-Fry Recipes
      • Chicken in 30 Minutes
      • Baked Chicken Recipes
      • Mexican Chicken Recipes
      • Chicken Casserole Recipes
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      Christmas Recipes

      We have a wide range of Christmas dishes to try. For the kids, you'll want to browse our collection of Christmas cookies. You'll also find many desserts and side dish recipes that you can make ahead of time. If you're planning an open house around Christmas, appetizers are an easy way to feed a crowd.

      • Christmas Candy Recipes
      • Christmas Dinner Recipes
      • Christmas Cookie Recipes
      • Christmas Dessert Recipes
      • Christmas Fudge Recipes
      • Christmas Cake Recipes
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      Cookie Recipes

      Cookies fresh from the oven -- is there anything closer to heaven on earth? We serve up hundreds of kitchen-tested cookie recipes of all kinds, from easy drop cookies to holiday cookies to sophisticated bar cookies. We even have a cookie collection tailored for kids.

      • Cookies for Grown-Ups
      • Cookies for Kids
      • Bar Cookie Recipes
      • Cutout Cookie Recipes
      • Drop Cookie Recipes
      • 50 State Cookie Recipes
      • Brownies
      • Chocolate Chip Cookies
      • Make-Ahead Cookie Recipes
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      Crock Pot Recipes

      The crock pot -- or slow cooker -- is an amazing time-saving utensil. We have scores of crock pot recipes for chicken, pork, beef, chili and vegetables. You can even create casserole style crock pot meals that combine meat, vegetables, and gravy that make clean up a snap.

      • Crock-Pot Chicken Recipes
      • Crock-Pot Dinner Recipes
      • Crock-Pot Meat Recipes
      • Crock-Pot Dessert & Snack Recipes
      • Crock-Pot Soup & Stew Recipes
      • Crock-Pot Vegetarian Recipes
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      Dessert Recipes

      Homemade desserts are always a welcome treat. Cakes and cookies lead the popularity parade, but pies and puddings aren't far behind. Find the perfect dessert, from healthy fruit desserts to kids' favorites like dessert pizza and candy. And when it's too hot to cook, try a no-bake dessert.

      • Custard & Pudding
      • Frozen Dessert Recipes
      • Ice Cream & Sorbets
      • Pies & Pastries
      • Fruit Dessert Recipes
      • Dessert Pizza
      • No-Bake Desserts
      • Candy Recipes
      • Cheesecakes
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      Diabetic Recipes

      This collection of member-submitted recipes addresses the cooking challenges of real life members who have diabetes, care for someone who does, or who wish to adopt eating habits that will make them less likely to be affected by this chronic condition.

      • Main Dishes for Diabetics
      • Diabetic Dinner Recipes
      • Diabetic Soup Recipes
      • Diabetic Dessert Recipes
      • Diabetic Breakfast Recipes
      • Diabetic Recipes for Kids
      • Diabetic Side-Dish Recipes
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      Drink Recipes

      Beverages provide much more than simply hydration to a thirsty body. At a party, drinks help to create a festive mood. On holidays, themed drinks set the stage for fun. And enjoyed before or during a meal, beverages stoke the appetite and complement the flavors of the food. As you plan your meals and gatherings, check out the drink recipes available on Better Recipes. You'll find plenty of options and idea starters.

      • Coffee Recipes
      • Martini Recipes
      • Mixed Drink Recipes
      • Smoothie Recipes
      • Tea Recipes
      • Punch Recipes
      • Ice cream drink recipes
      • Nonalcoholic drink recipes
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      Easter Recipes

      Take the stress out of preparing the family feast by choosing easy Easter recipes.The classic Easter ham is a flavorful main dish that is both easy to prepare and more healthy than some other options. Of course, if your family loves traditional Easter cooking, don't overlook lamb and pork recipes.

      • Easter Pork Recipes
      • Easter Main Dishes
      • Easter Side Dishes
      • Easter Breads
      • Easter Desserts
      • Easter Kids' Recipes
      • Easter Ham Recipes
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      Easy Recipes

      In the time it takes to order takeout, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal that's healthier, less expensive, and delicious. Even if a recipe isn't specially marked as easy, you can look for signs that point in that direction. Generally, recipes with 7 or fewer ingredients can be considered easy. And recipes that have only two or three instruction steps won't bog you down.

      • Easy Pasta Recipes
      • Easy Sandwich Recipes
      • Easy Beef Recipes
      • Easy Seafood Recipes
      • Easy Chicken Recipes
      • Easy Pizza Recipes
      • Easy Salad Recipes
      • Easy Soup Recipes
      • Easy Vegetable Recipes
      • Easy Bread Recipes
      • Easy Dessert Recipes
      • Easy Snack Recipes
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      Grilling Recipes

      Ensure that your grilled foods are as good as they can be by turning down the heat and checking for doneness regularly. Next, add flavor before you start cooking. A rub or marinade lends a deeper flavor than something that's slapped on at the end of cooking. Finally, pick the right cuts of meat. Thin, tender cuts are much easier to manage than roasts or large cuts of poultry.

      • Grilled Burgers & Brats
      • Grilled Kabob Recipes
      • Grilled Dessert Recipes
      • Grilled Beef Recipes
      • Grilled Fish Recipes
      • Grilled Pork Recipes
      • Grilled Vegetable Recipes
      • Grilled Chicken & Turkey Recipes
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      Halloween Recipes

      Spooky decorated cupcakes are a welcome treat, but Halloween-themed cookies are also popular. We have dozens of Halloween party food ideas, from Halloween Pig in a Casket to spider cupcakes. Adults will enjoy heartier fare, like Butternut Squash Halloween Soup to shrimp-filled Gory Bloody Brains.

      • Halloween Party Recipes
      • Pumpkin Recipes
      • Spooky Drink Recipes
      • Halloween Snacks
      • Halloween Treat Recipes
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      Healthy Recipes

      Everyone wants to eat healthier, and we make it easy to prepare nutritious meals that you'll really love. Our healthy recipe collections include meat, fish, poultry, side dishes, breads, and even snacks and desserts.

      • Healthy Meat Recipes
      • Healthy Vegetarian Recipes
      • Healthy Snack Recipes
      • Healthy Bread Recipes
      • Healthy Dessert Recipes
      • Healthy Fish Recipes
      • Healthy Poultry Recipes
      • Healthy Side Dishes
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      Italian Recipes

      Italian main dishes are famous for their pastas, but healthy ingredients like chicken, fish, and vegetables star as well. And in many homes, a holiday meal must include an Italian dessert like tiramisu or a plate of festive Italian cookies. For everyday cooking, consider making your own Italian bread.

      • Italian Appetizers
      • Italian Bread Recipes
      • Italian Cookie Recipes
      • Italian Dessert Recipes
      • Italian Dinner Recipes
      • Italian Lasagna Recipes
      • Italian Pasta Recipes
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      Low Carb Recipes

      Low-carb recipes aren't just for people with a chronic illness or those who are overweight. In fact, controlling your intake of carbohydrates like sugar can be a very healthy change in anyone's diet. Many low-carb recipes are also low in fat and calories. We have carb-controlled recipes for main dishes featuring meat, poultry or for desserts and snacks.

      • Low-Carb Dinner Recipes
      • Low-Carb Breakfasts
      • Low-Carb Desserts
      • Low-Carb Poultry
      • Low-Carb Beef, Pork and Lamb
      • Low-Carb Vegetables and Sides
      • Low-Carb Snacks
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      Low Fat Recipes

      By preparing more meals at home, you can control your fat intake and discover a world new flavors and textures. And thanks to the real world experience of members who upload their recipes to Better Recipes, you can be sure that our low-fat recipes are as delicious and practical as they are healthy.

      • Low-Fat Side Dishes
      • Low-Fat Cookies
      • Low-Fat Breakfast Recipes
      • Low-Fat Cakes
      • Low-Fat Desserts
      • Low-Fat Dinner Recipes
      • Low-Fat Pies and Tarts
      • Low-Fat Recipes for Kids
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      Mexican Recipes

      Try a Mexican chicken soup or pastries for dessert. There are even great choices for breakfast. You and your family might also enjoy a break from the usual beef, so consider substituting tender pork or succulent seafood.

      • Mexican Salsas
      • Mexican Dishes
      • Mexican Dessert Recipes
      • Mexican Appetizer & Drink Recipes
      • Mexican Rice, Beans & Eggs
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      Pork Recipes

      While there may be some question about calling "white meat," there's no denying that today's pork can be as lean as any white meat chicken, and still be juicy and flavorful. It's also a versatile ingredient that's found in many cuisines around the globe.

      • Pork Chops
      • Pork Roast Recipes
      • Sandwiches
      • Ribs
      • Main Dishes
      • Ham
      • Pork Stir-fry Recipes
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      Salad Recipes

      Try a vegetable salad with a little protein -- in the form of cheese, beef, chicken, soy, or nuts -- thrown in for flavor and aroma. Or check out our collections of potato salads, egg salads, or pasta salads. Finally, don't forget about dessert, where fruit salad is one of the healthiest ways you can end a meal, especially if you opt for a light dressing.

      • Dressings
      • Dessert Salads
      • Green Salads
      • Layered Salads
      • Pasta Salads
      • Vegetable Salads
      • Fruit Salads
      • Bean Salads
      • Main Dish Salad Recipes
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      Seafood Recipes

      Versatile and healthful, seafood deserves to appear on home dinner tables more often. Fresh, unfrozen seafood should appear moist and firm, with no "off" aroma or excessive "fishy" smell. In many parts of the country, the freshest seafood, ironically, is frozen. Seafood that is quick frozen right after being caught maintains its freshness all the way to your table.

      • Salmon
      • Shellfish
      • Shrimp
      • Main Dishes
      • Seafood Salads
      • Fish
      • Seafood Sauces
      • Seafood Stir-fry Recipes
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      Soup Recipes

      Create your own gourmet quality soups at home. You'll find soups for every taste, from simple broths to complex cream soups. And because they are from America's most dedicated home cooks, you know these recipes have withstood the test of time.

      • Vegetarian Soup Recipes
      • Chili Recipes
      • Noodle Soup Recipes
      • Stew Recipes
      • Bean Soup Recipes
      • Creamed Soup Recipes
      • Vegetable Soup Recipes
      • Chowders, Bisques, and Gumbos
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      Thanksgiving Recipes

      To enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner, plan ahead. Look for recipes that you can make ahead and freeze. We have plenty of traditional Thanksgiving turkey recipes as well as glazed and baked hams. Find sides that offer contrasts in color and flavors, like candied sweet potatoes and green bean casseroles.

      • Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes
      • Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes
      • Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes
      • Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes
      • Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes
      • Thanksgiving Leftovers
      • Diabetic-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes
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      Vegetarian Recipes

      Better Recipes is a great resource for committed vegetarians as well as those of us who are looking to eliminate meat from a couple of meals a week. The best advice for would-be vegetarians: start slowly and use only the freshest vegetables you can buy. That way you'll enjoy the best flavors and the highest levels of nutrients.

      • Vegetarian Stir-Fry Recipes
      • Vegetarian Recipes for Two
      • Vegetarian Dinner Recipes
      • Vegetarian Crock-Pot Recipes
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