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Photography at its most glamorous



Melanie Acevedo, a New York based photographer responsible for the following images, is a talented artist who frames her shots just right.  The elements behind creating a gorgeous photograph are strikingly similar to creating an inviting room.


Create dimension by layering elements such as rugs, throws and pillows, adding architectural details like crown molding or simply having an interesting detail at every height in the room.


Pops of color draw the eye and excite the mind.


Use accessories that accentuate through personal style. It creates the personality and vibe of the room.


Keep in mind, furniture an accessories should never overwhelm the room. The appropriate ratio allows for movement easily throughout the space.



Filed under: Design
Tagged as: artist, bedroom design, color, Design Accessories, Design Fabrics, Dimension, furniture, home decorating, interior design, Interior Design style, inviting space, living room design, Melanie Acevedo, photography, Pops of color, Room Ratio, staging,

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