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Do You Know What Makes People "Tick" Online?

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How These 3 Small Tweaks Lead to Lasting Results (with Timothy Wilson)

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here


No matter what you do, you’re in the business of changing behavior.

If you’re looking to sell products and services, you’ve got to get your target customers to switch from their trusted brands to your brand.

And if you’re looking to improve yourself on a personal level, you’ve got to change your own behavior.

Question is what’s the secret to changing behavior?

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How A New Blog Brought In $2,000 in Revenue—and Attracted 800 Readers—In A Single Day (case study)

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here


The brutal truth of blogging is this:

It’s hard to get readers.

And it’s even harder when you follow some of the fluff marketing advice you see these “experts” put out.

But the fact remains that you need readers—more readers equals more business.

That’s why I want to show you how one entrepreneur used my drafting technique to flood her business with hundreds of new readers in just one day.

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Social Triggers Insider Now on iTunes

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here


Ever since I released the Social Triggers Insider series, people asked me to add it to iTunes.

I’m no magician, but BAM! The wish has been granted.

Get Social Triggers Insider on iTunes here.

If you’ve enjoyed the Social Triggers Insider series thus far, please rate and review it on iTunes.

It takes like 10 seconds, and it will be a HUGE help. Thank you. spacer

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How to Gain 2,281 Subscribers—and Increase Traffic by 69%—in 27 Days

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here


Today I’m going to show you how I slapped a jetpack on my blog’s growth.

And more importantly, I’m going to tell you exactly what I did so you can model it.

What’s better is this:

Even though I used this simple strategy to increase my blog traffic, you can use this framework to grow anything, from raw traffic numbers to loyal customers.

You ready?

Let’s do this.

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How People Make Decisions (and How it Helps You Grow Your Business)

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here


What makes people buy one product over another?

Why is discounting HORRIBLE for your business?

Or, more broadly speaking, how do people make ANY decision?

The answer lies inside your brain…

…and to help you understand how it works, I’ve got the New York Times best-selling author Jonah Lehrer on the latest edition of Social Triggers Insider.

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