recycle on your doorstep

Nine out of ten of us have kerbside collection schemes, so if you don't already have a recycling box or bag provided by your local council, it's worth you calling them up and checking that you haven't been missed out!



TIP: Keep your recycling bin next to the main bin so you can take out the rubbish and recycling at the same time

find out what you can recycled

Different councils collect different materials although most collect cans, glass and paper.

Enter your postcode to see what you can recycle from home and where your nearest recycling drop off point is...

Or visit the websites for
London | Scotland | Wales

TIP: Make recycling part of your weekly supermarket trip and "drop when you shop" at supermarket recycling centres

sort your rubbish

Now that you know what items you can recycle, find a handy place to store them. Make sure you encourage everyone in your house to think whether items can be reused or recycled before they're thrown away.




TIP: Some things need to be washed before you put them out for recycling - use your old washing up water to give them a quick rinse

check the date

Find out from your council what day your recycling will be collected. In some areas recyling is collected every week and in others it's collected fortnightly.



TIP: Mark the date on the calendar or request a recycling calendar from your council
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Have you thought about recycling at work?

It could save your company money, as well as help you and your colleagues make a difference.

Start recycling at work
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Request a recycling container from your council

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