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Who’s the Pinup Girl?

I’m the pinup girl. Both the one in my header and the one that’s my avatar. In my imagination, of course.

I really like to see a blogger’s About Me page, but whenever I go to write an About Me page, it sounds either goofy, lame, boring, or a combination of all three. And I think, “Would I want to read this blog after reading this About Me page? Umm…NO.” So I’m stuck. Either I don’t tell you about myself and you don’t read my blog, or I tell you about myself but it comes out sounding dumb and you still don’t read my blog. A conundrum, no?

So here goes. I’d recommend closing your eyes for this ride.

I like to read and so I blog *mostly* about the books I read. If you like to read, even a little bit, please stay! I’d love to get to know you, so leave a comment and let’s talk. In addition to discussions about books, I review books I read, I interview authors, I have authors do guest posts, I talk about meeting authors, I talk about book festivals, and I talk about anything else remotely book related.

…but I don’t blog solely about books.

I’m funnier than some and not as funny as others.

I’m definitely chatty.

I don’t like my food to touch.

I’ll often end my sentences in a preposition, but apparently that’s okay now.

I like to talk about life. I like to connect with people on the basis that we’re all quirky and we have that in common.

I’m married to a fantabulous guy named Dave. We got married on June 7, 2008.

So, with that said, hang out, poke around, and please subscribe to the feed so you don’t miss a single gosh darn thing.


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