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Posted by brandonmitchell on February 10th, 2012


Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images North America

Here we go, another road game against a top caliber team. The Hornets are an astonishing 4-22 overall and 2-13 at home. While their record is absolutely terrible, the Blazers have struggled against these elite teams all year on the road (ex. Pistons).

There isn’t much to beating the Hornets but what I would like to see from the Blazers tonight…

  1. Elliot Williams
  2. Luke Babbitt
  3. Don’t play at Hornets level (Blazers tend to play at the level of their competition, no matter which team it is)
  4. Blow the Hornets out (hence Luke Babbitt #1)
  5. Felton to not commit more than 15 turnovers
  6. No Crawfulness tonight
  7. Wesley Matthews to not fail (or get blocked) when running the fastbreak
If the Blazers manage to lose… it’s time to freak out.
Jarrett Jack will not be playing tonight.
I love when we play New Orleans. It’s the only time I have PORNO on my tv
PWE Challenge:
Try not to mention Jamal Crawford in the comments tonight. I bet you can’t do it!
Talk it up!
Go Blazers!

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