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"I owe the perfect timing to All it took was one month of charting with Fertility Friend and we had the days down right!"

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When trying to conceive, you need to know your ovulation day and your fertile days (the days intercourse can result in conception).

Since there are only a few days each cycle when conception is possible, focusing intercourse on these days dramatically increases your conception chances.'s accurate tracking and analysis tools helps you identify these days (they might not be when you expect!) and reduce your time to conception.'s unsurpassed tools are the result of more than 10 years of research and enhancements in fertility charting.

It works.

"I owe the perfect timing to All it took was one month of charting with Fertility Friend and we had the days down right!"

"WOW, this experience charting my fertility signs has helped me in so many ways. Not only am I more aware of what my body is telling me, but I have a sense of control over an uncertain time. I have had to find strength in so many places throughout this experience and this website is certainly a big one."

"Fertility Friend made charting easy. I actually enjoyed getting up to see my temps go up and down."

A few selected features:

  • Accurately identify and predict your most fertile days.
  • Easily record and interpret your fertility signs with a few simple observations.
  • Advanced analysis of your data, including ovulation detection.
  • Mobile Access: Mobile web access as well as Free Android App and Free iPhone App.
  • Advanced analysis of Early Pregnancy Signs.
  • Monitoring and predicting of your menstrual cycles.
  • Access to an active community including a story gallery, chart gallery and other community driven areas.

  • "The charting was invaluable, I would have never figured out that I ovulated later every month had I not done it and our timing would have been way off!!"

    "It's comforting to have a tool that lets you have a clear idea of what is going on with your cycle- it makes it a little easier to get through the month knowing I am doing everything I can!"

    " and its users have been an invaluable tool in learning about my fertility, charting, pregnancy, babies and more. I've renewed my membership several times over the last 4 years. My membership has never lapsed because I consider this community that helpful!"

    "I am so glad that I found fertility Friend!  The chart finally helped me understand my cycle and I found out I was ovulating four days later than I had thought! After two months of using Fertility Friend, I conceived!"

spacer Comprehensive Tracking data entry system has been designed to cover all aspects of fertility charting starting from recording your periods all the way to charting your temperature and other fertility signs. You can also document your treatments and other procedures as needed.

Registration is free and will give you immediate access to a large set of resources.

  • Personal: proposes services and information totally tailored to your personal situation. The analysis and information presented are not based on generic averages but are instead fully personal and relevant to you.
  • Private Access: Most of the data and topics covered by the site are private. Registration and signup for access are required for these resources.

"What a brilliant tool. My periods were irregular so I never knew when I was going to ovulate. Within 2 cycles, my knowledge had grown so much."

"I love charting! I feel like I am actually doing something to help us get pregnant when so much of it is out of my control. I have learned so much about how my body works and what is going on with me from charting. I used to chart on paper but really like Fertility Friend because I don't have to bring the paper with me when I travel and can access it anywhere on my phone. I also love the chart gallery to see successful charts!"

spacer Support and Assistance as Required
Depending on your needs you will be able to:
  • Read our extensive documentation
  • Consult our large database of members experience and success stories
  • Access the most extensive chart gallery available on the Internet.
  • Get support from our team to interpret your fertility signs
  • Get in touch with our vibrant and knowledgeable community in a privacy enhanced and ad free environment.

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