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When we started this site, we looked for an online job source that provided legitimate telecommuting/work-from-home and online jobs without a bunch of scams or bogus ‘business opportunities’. We were just about to give up the search and create our own site when we ran across one we trust with real jobs at a fair price.

You should never pay for a job (scams abound that make you pay), but a subscription to a bonafide, reputable job listing service that is honest and will help you find the kind of job you want is definitely worth the money.


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Here’s the scoop:

  • FlexJobs has the integrity and professionalism that we were looking for in a work from home job site, including a great staff and a proven track record of helping people find jobs.
  • FlexJobs offers excellent customer service and a money-back guarantee.
  • Flexjobs has a broad range of work from home jobs – over 50 different job categories, from freelance to full-time, contract to employee, entry-level to executive.

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Before we recommended FlexJobs to you, however, we signed up ourselves. We followed it for a few months. We checked out some of the work from home jobs on our own, we even emailed the contact person on some and asked if the job was legitimate. Finally we contacted the web site owner and got to know her.

Sara Sutton Fell, the web site owner, shares our passion for delivering the truth about making money at home. She also hates work at home job and business scams. FlexJobs has been featured on NBC, CNN, The Today Show,, CNN Money, and

The idea for FlexJobs came about in 2006 when Sara was pregnant with her first child. She had started looking at flexible work from home arrangements for herself, and discovered how challenging it was to find something that was legitimate and utilized her skills as a high-tech entrepreneur. Prior to launching FlexJobs, Sara co-founded an entry-level job service called JobDirect which she sold to Korn|Ferry International.

Empowered by her passion for the idea and her previous experience in the job services industry, Sara decided to create what she had been looking for – a clean, professional, well-designed job site dedicated to providing only the best, most legitimate work from home, telecommuting and freelance jobs.

While FlexJob’s listings include some jobs that employers post with them directly, the majority of their listings are sifted off of dozens of online job boards. The value-added is that FlexJobs weeds out the work from home scams and other junk, so you don’t have to.


Click here for recent job posts. Use code 'SUCCESS' for 30% off subscription.

Best of all, FlexJobs is offering a discount of 30% for readers. That brings your cost to $9.95 (for a month, instead of $14.95) or only $34.95 for a year (down from $49.95)! Just enter the promo code “SUCCESS” when you sign up at

FlexJobs staff does their best to police the work from home jobs they post, but nobody’s perfect. Don’t hesitate to give them a yell if you run across a post that’s expired or questionable in any way. They really do want to know.

We think you’ll agree that it’s the best work from home job resource for telecommuting around! Let us know what you think so we can continue to make the most trusted work-at-home job site on the web.


Full disclosure: We earn a commission on signups at FlexJobs, but we absolutely would not recommend them if we didn’t think they weren’t the best place you could go.