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Being able to see which of your posts attract the most subscribers to your blog can be a powerful tool. You can use it to find out what sort of content your readers & prospective readers really connect with.

Unfortunately the functionality doesn’t come “out of the box” with Google Analytics, it takes a little bit of tweaking. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to set up Google Analytics to track your Feed Subscriptions as a Goal which you can then see in your reports.

Add the Goal to your Profile

Select the edit button on your main profile page:

Then select edit again on Goal 1 the Conversion Goals & Funnels area (you can set up multiple Goal points if you have multiple feed points):

Choose head match (this matches the /feed/ in the URL) then give the goal a name. You can enter a value for the goal, I normally count feed subscriptions to be worth $1 initially:

Add the Onclick Tracking to your Feed buttons

Now we need to add the tracking to all the instances of your feed you have on the blog. Typical instances include:

  1. Feed in the sidebar
  2. Feed after every post
  3. Feed in the top Nav or header

To do this you need to modify the href code of the link to your feed.


Analysing the Data

Click on the goals tab in the left navigation in Google Analytics gives you an overview of the total number of goals during the selected time period, including total value (indicated by the value your gave the goal) & also the overall conversion rate:

The reverse goal path will show you the most popular pages that actually led to someone triggering the goal you’ve set up:

Going to all traffic sources & clicking on the Goal tab will allow you to see which of your overall traffic sources have best attributed to your overall Goal number during the time period you set:

Final Note

This method is not 100% accurate as it does not track people clicking the Firefox URL bar Feed icon (which many people use to add a feed). However the method is great for tracking the performance of different RSS placements on your site.