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Most viewed articles on SpringerOpen

SpringerOpen makes use of article download statistics in several ways, since they are a useful (though by no means perfect) way to identify articles that may be of broad interest.

List of most viewed articles on SpringerOpen

A list of the most viewed articles published by SpringerOpen is available: last 30 days / all time.

List of most viewed articles for a specific journal

Each journal also has its own most viewed articles pages: e.g. for Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice: last 30 days / all time.

Institutional member pages

Each SpringerOpen institutional member page offers the option to view the list of articles in order of how many times they have been accessed e.g. articles from Stanford Universitiy authors: last 30 days / all time.

Highly accessed articles spacer

The 'Highly accessed' graphic appears on journal table of contents and search results to identify those articles that have been especially highly accessed, relative to their age, and the journal in which they were published.

Articles must be at least 14 days old in order to acquire the designation: 'Highly accessed'. Once an article has qualified as 'Highly accessed' it will remain permanently flagged as such, and so authors may make reference to this designation when listing their publications.

SpringerOpen authors

Log in to the My Manuscripts page (part of My SpringerOpen), to view the latest access statistics for your own articles.

NB If you are a co-author on a paper, but it does not appear under My Manuscripts, check whether you are logging in with the same email address as was given in the article. If not, contact SpringerOpen customer services listing both your current email address, and the previous email address, and they will resolve the problem.

Safeguards against abuse

SpringerOpen operates stringent safeguards to identify and remove 'suspicious' accesses which attempt to artificially manipulate access statistics. SpringerOpen's terms and conditions strictly prohibit such manipulation.

Submit a manuscript

Go directly to the fast and easy submission system.

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Find out more about SpringerOpen's next steps.

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