American Football: How it All Began

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Every year, millions of people around the world anticipate watching Super Bowl Sunday but don’t know anything about its origins. Most Americans consider it a “holy day” where families and friends unite to support their favorite teams. While the teams huddle up and the fans booed and cheered, food merchants, especially the pizza parlor owners, are enjoying a boost in sales all because a tackle game with an inflated cow bladder evolved into one of the most-loved American games of all time.


If you travel back to 11th century England, you will find hundreds of men clashing over this primitive ball just to deliver it into their goal post – the middle of their opponent’s town. The physical aggression of the game was much worse back then that injuries and even deaths were common. Today, even with clear rules and the wearing of improved protective clothing, lasting injuries from this smash-mouth game are still common. In fact, there is a very rare chance for a quarterback or a running back to make it through the entire season without injuries. Sadly, helmets which are supposed to protect the players from getting a concussion have now become deadly weapons. Moreover, players are also in danger of dehydration since the season starts early September when it is still too hot and humid.

Despite the dangers, lockouts and the changes in the sport itself, American football remains a people’s favorite. Walter Camp, the Father of American Football was the first man to make modifications in this rugby-like sport. From the original 15 players, he lowered it down to the 11 players known today. He was also the reason why there is quarterback and a center player as well as the existence of the line of scrimmage. In the past, the possession of the ball is just like in a soccer game. Now with the line of scrimmage, the offensive team will maintain possession as long as they don’t commit any violations. In addition he also created the safety, penalties, interference and the neutral zone. Other relevant names in football include Knute Rockne, Gleen Warner, Eddie Cochems and Amos Alonzo Stagg. The latter created the popular football huddle, the T and punt formations and the end round. With Stagg’s number ranges, you can now easily tell which one of the players are quarterbacks, linebackers and whatnot.

American Football has changed over the years. In the past, you can never run the ball with your hands as it is strictly played with the feet just like soccer. Tackling the opponent as low as the knee was not even permitted until 1888. There was even a time when you can only hit, dribble or kick, but never throw or run the ball to make a touchdown. But with the addition of forward pass and the modifications with the rules and regulations, you can now enjoy a sometimes bloody but worthwhile sport.  So the next time you watch Super Bowl Sunday and a child next to you ask how it all began; do you have the right answers?


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American Football: The Defense and Special Teams

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In a rough game where the only goal is to get the ball to the other side, knowing how to play your role in the defense team is a must. Here are the key defense positions:

  1. Defensive End- They position themselves at each end of the defensive line to prevent offensive runs. Their main goal is to tackle the quarterback before he can pass it to any of his team members and prevent the luminess air reviews halfback from passing through. Mess with these men and you’ll get broken bones.
  1. Defensive Tackle- These men together with the two defensive ends complete the lineup of the four man defense lineup. They are more popularly known as the nose tacklers as they are can almost touch noses with the offensive team’s center. Their primary role is to stop running plays at the middle of the line of scrimmage.
  1. Linebacker- The number of men that comprise this second line of defense varies according to the team’s defense strategy. The most common is a 4-3 defense which means the defense has one middle linebacker and two outside linebackers. These men are to stop offensive team from advancing. They should tackle the speedy Running and Full Back and the Tight End during short-yardage situations.
  1. Cornerback- These two players must prevent the wide receivers from getting passes from the quarterback. In order to do so, they must swat or catch the airborne ball.
  1. Safety- Considered as the hard hitters, they make up the last line of defense. There are two of them who aid the cornerbacks in pass coverage. The strong safety is generally much stronger and gives added defense against running plays. The free safety on the other hand is smaller and thus faster player who gives the team extra pass coverage.

Finally, although few points can be accomplished with the special teams, it is a great impact on how the offensive team can score. Here are the members of this specially drilled team:


Kick Returner- As their name suggests, they must kick the ball to return to their side of the field. Return kicks can be performed by cornerbacks and wide receivers.

Kicker- He is to kick the ball through the end zone and make a three-point field goal. If the team manages to get a touchdown, getting the ball through the end zone earns his team an extra point.

Holder- He is the backup quarterback who picks up the motorcycle auctions snap and places the ball at a good kicking position for an easy field goal.

Punter- He catches long snaps and kicks the ball as far back as the defense team’s field as possible.

Long Snapper- He is a specialized center who is an expert at making long snaps so that the holder and the punter can have a clear aim at field goals.

Punt Returner- He catches long snaps and brings it back to the other team’s end zone.

Gunner- This player is often double teamed by blockers as he interferes with the punt returner or kicker.

Upback- He helps defend the punter for a successful team punt. He often makes a great diversion in fake punt situations.

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American Football: Meet the Offensive Players

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In American football, you can substitute as much players as you want as long as all your team members will equal to eleven. That is why it is important for you to know which ones to have when your team is playing as the offense or the defense team. Gridiron is a rough sport. So being a two-way player is not only impractical but inefficient too. The offensive team is the set of players who will try to make a touchdown. And when they do, they can try to earn extra points using their special teams. If you are in this team you could be:

  1. Quarterback- He is considered to be the field general who briefs the team of the offensive strategy while they’re in a huddle. The game ball begins once the quarterback receives the snap from the center player. Quarterbacks are assigned with the numbers 1-19.
  1. Running Back- The fastest players in the field which makes them very useful in a running play. However, due to this important role, he is more prone to injuries than any other player. That is why it is very important for the Insanity Workout review to find holes in the defense to avoid having knee injuries when they run into a defense line.  They can be easily spotted with the numbers 20-49.
  1. Full Back- Most today’s formations seldom use this player but he can be a great aid for a running back. He is speedier than them so he can be a substitute to run the ball and score. If not he can be a short receiver or take the block of the first linebackers.
  1. Center- Positioned between two offensive guards, this player will start the ball through a snap. He can also act as a team leader who can pull together or instruct the other players of the offensive line.
  1. Offensive Guards- They are two of the biggest team members who are to block running and passing plays and mainly to tackle the defense’s quarterback.
  1. Offensive Tackle- These players can only handle the ball if they got it through a fumble. Otherwise, they can only guard or tackle speed rushers of the defenders. These players are numbered from 50-79.
  1. Wide Receiver- His role is to primarily catch the passes of the quarterback. There are two of them in common formations who position themselves at certain points in the field to make an opening for a pass. They can also act as chihuahua training blockers. However, most wide receivers plainly act as possession receivers, the one that catches the ball, or speed receivers the one that stretches the field coverage.
  1. Tight End- They are extra linemen who can be wide receivers by catching passes or act as blockers near the tackles. Tight ends are very useful substitutes for wide receivers during short-yardage.

Know your strengths if you plan to join the offensive team. Bear in mind that it is not only the quarterback that gets all the fame.


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American Football Tips for Beginners

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American football remains a crowd favorite no matter how rough and nasty it gets. The players alone already make the game so exciting. Some have brute strengths while others are so small you can’t believe they can run around the field like mice. Yet, no team can win the cup with pure strength and speed. Each of the players must possess agility, skills and of course- brilliant minds. The game sometimes gets too complex the spectators are utterly surprised at the outcome of events. The field lines alone can already get a newbie fan confused. But with these no-brainer beginner tips, good old American football can be understood with no sweat. Here’s how to get started:

The Basics. The game is started with a coin toss to determine who plays offense or defense. Each team should have eleven members. The composition of the offense and defense teams depends on the team’s strategy and the game situation. Like during short-yardage, the coach can choose to replace wide receivers with tight ends. If you notice the frequent change of players, that’s because each player is to perform a single special role. No one can play quarterback and offensive tackle at the same time. Thus, when the game plan changes so do the team players. Moreover, there is no limit in the number of substitutions which gives each team a chance to come up with different tactics.

The Teams. The offense will have four attempts (downs) to get the ball at least 10 yards towards the end zone. If the ball never advances after four downs or the offensive team manages to get a touchdown, the ball will change possessions.  The defense team will have to try its best to tackle and block the player carrying the ball. They must figure out when and where the snap will occur so that they could easily sack the quarterback.  However, as the other team is also equally able, a game of football becomes a chess-like team sport.

Scoring. Since football has its roots in the English rugby, the ab circle pro reviews manner of scoring is almost the same. The touchdown is still the highest single score which is equal to six points. After a successful touchdown, the offense can gain extra points through a field goal where the ball is kicked at the opponent’s two-yard line. But if after the fourth down and a touchdown can’t be achieved, the offense can aim for a field goal which is equal to 3 points.


Quarters. Each quarter is equal to fifteen minutes. There is a 2-minute break at the end of the first and third quarters and a 12-minute break during half-time. If the no no hair removal reviews teams are tied after initial playtime, they will be given a 15-minute overtime. The scores will go back to zero and the team that manages to get the most score wins.

See, football is easy like one, two and three. You can also try to read more about regulations and penalties. But in the meantime, why not get yourself a pizza and drink and have a grand time?


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The Top American Football Terms You Should Know About

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Getting crazy about football but can’t grasp what those 4-4-4’s coffin corners, jumbos and Hail Mary’s mean? Then research no longer and comment like a pro when the next season starts. Here are the top American football terms you should know by heart:


Gridiron- If you’ve watched Gridiron Gang, gridiron is not just a cool name for Kilpatrick Detention Center’s Football team. Gridiron is in fact the game of American football itself. It came from the crisscrossed lines or griddle which you see in a regular American football field. This term separates the game from other football games like soccer, rugby league, and rugby union.

Hail Mary- Yes, religion is also involved in football. In fact, some services are totally cancelled on Super Bowl Sunday while others are praying fervently for their teams. However, this term has nothing to do with religion. Hail Mary in football means a last resort to get a touchdown when there is not much time. Roger Staubach pioneered the hair removal throw in his comeback victory in 1975.

Coffin corner- This area is where punters kick the ball out of bounds so that it can be pinned back near their end zones.

Face Mask- While injuries are common in this rough sport, there are certainly no medical operations going on in the field that requires the wearing of face masks. Instead, this term is to mean a foul when a player grabs his opponent’s helmet while making a tackle. Its 5-yard penalty was abolished early in 2008.

Birdcage- Even if nasty and rough players have inflicted serious injuries over the years, none of them were imprisoned in a birdcage so far. Rather, this term describes the extra vertical and horizontal bars in linemen’s facemask.

Fumble- This occurs when a player accidentally loses the possession of a ball. Offensive tackles who rarely hold the ball can legitimately run with them in case of a fumble.

Icing the Kicker- Of course you can whack the face of the kicker with an icing during celebrations, but not in the field. This term is to mean calling for a timeout when the tria laser hair removal kicker is about to get the ball snapped. This is an ancient tactic that can get most kickers nervous.

Jumbo- Love eating hotdogs to a football game? However, you will most likely drop what you are eating when faced with this offensive package. Would you want to run over a full back, two tight-ends and a half back? I thought so.

4-4-4-The numbers represent the number of players. However, you cannot do this on NFL since the players on each team are only 11. But if you are in Canada, go ahead because you can have as much as 12 players.

Now, does it make sense? So, if you hear someone saying about Hail Mary’s you won’t think of him praying to the Virgin Mary for his team to win. There are so many football terms out there but you can start memorizing these by heart. Who knows one day, you will be lucky to be in the podium and start commenting like John Madden on NBC Sunday Night Football?


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