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Cyber Gnome : A Faster and a Shorter Path to Get the Latest Tech News!

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On our happy new year card, we hid something behind the leaves! We asked you to guess it… In our anniversary post, we said that we are going to do something big… In the last week, I went missing and fewer posts came from me while Shanaka handled everything… You might be thinking… What’s going on?

Again, in our anniversary post, I said “Now its really solid and now its ready to…” and stopped… Let me complete it… Now its (Tech Hamlet) really solid and now its ready to re-produce! Now its ready to go to the next step… Actually, we are now planning to build a huge blog network. Currently, Tech Hamlet have a lot of stuff… News, Tutorials, Reviews, and many more… But this can be confusing for some people. Some follow only one topic and posts from many other unrelated topics will cause a problem! So, we decided to split Tech Hamlet and build a whole network of blogs, and here’s the first step… :


Whats so Special About Cyber Gnome?

News in Short… will only contain news. Latest news faster than ever. In Tech Hamlet, normally, we write several paragraphs for every article. There are some blogs which write huge articles! But, time is more precious than any thing else… We need to save time… Some people don’t have time to read lengthy articles just to get the news. Some never read news blogs because of this problem. But, Cyber Gnome is different. We put every thing in short. Most of the time, only one paragraph… So, you don’t have to spend much time to learn whats happening in the tech world!

Without Loosing any Details…

There are some people who write short news. But, most of them drop many important details just to make things short. But, we don’t… If there are a lot of details which need to be included, we put most of them in point form under one or many topics. So, its easy for you to scan the article and grab whats important. If the topic needs lengthy reviews, then they will be sent to Tech Hamlet!

More News, More Faster…

In Tech Hamlet, we wrote about 2 to 3 articles per day. Some times, 1. But in Cyber Gnome, we don’t have much to write… So, we can write more articles and also we can put them faster than ever. Don’t have to spend more time and worry about lack of details to write… So, more news comes more faster…


Tech Hamlet have a unique design based on the Thesis Framework. For Cyber Gnome I didn’t used Thesis because it haven’t been updated for a very long time and I wanted to try something new. So, I used the Genesis framework and made a unique design with it. The design is specially created to achieve our goal… No ads obstructing the post. Even the social icons are faded until you hover them so you can quickly scan the topics without being obstructed with those fancy buttons. The big circle on the left tells you how fresh the topic is and the whole design is very minimal without much fancy stuff.

In Tech Hamlet, we only provide a weekly newsletter. But on Cyber Gnome, there are two options… You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter or to the daily newsletter which keeps you updated everyday!

Like Tech Hamlet, I have also used latest CSS 3 styling and HTML 5 markup for the site. About code validation… When doing this, I was surprised to see what caused validation errors. There’s one error from Google’s Plus button code and a lot of errors from the Facebook open graph meta values. What to do… I did my best to make my markup valid and it is valid. I can’t worry about other plugins… I tried to solve them also but it looks like there’s no solution…

One more question….

Whats in that Logo?

Can’t guess? Its easy, on the left there’s the letter ‘C’ and on the right it’s the letter ‘G’. CyberGnome… Luckily the two letters combined in Maya made a nice clean logo! Like it?

So, that’s all I’m going to say about our new website… To learn more, visit it and use it! Last year, it’s the year of giveaways… This year, its the year of new products! New unique products… At this point, I should say something… Our goal is not only to create blogs… This is only the beginning! We are just trying to build up a community for……            To be continued…..


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