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The Road to 11 in 11: Game 6

31 Oct

Last week Knight and I were fortunate enough to attend Game Six of the 2011 World Series courtesy of my incredibly awesome and generous father. He secured four tickets in what are quite possible the best seats I’ve ever been in (3rd base side, down the foul line, seven rows back or so) that granted us access to a special club which to a girl always means nicer bathrooms and perhaps more important, a fantastic view of what turned out to be one of the most historic games in baseball.

The energy at Busch Stadium was electrifying, the noise was defeaning resulting in nearly total loss of my voice come Friday morning, everyone’s arms were in the air waving rally towels and perhaps a bit sore after a very long 11-inning game and when the Cardinals did something great complete strangers shared hugs, chestbumps, high-fives, “hell yeahs!” and more.

Some of the best parts of the game, apart from us winning and Freese being the new Cardinal all-star as far as I’m concerned:

* Getting to see my dad, brother, and Knight take in their first live World Series game together. I have always found it incredibly adorable how guys act like five year-olds, in a good way. Grinning from ear to ear, taking it all in,talking stats and players and reaching for foul balls.spacer

* Taking lots and lots of pictures.


* Realizing that Cardinal fans really are the best in baseball. I realize that heckling happens but the opposing team fans that were near us? Totally rude and inappropriate. I will give them this though: they had some kick-ass cowboy/cowgirl boots.

* Watching baseball at the end of October. That doesn’t happen for a lot of teams and it’s a long season until baseball starts so I enjoyed the last of the bearable (well, bearable if you count me wearing a long sleeved shirt, a short sleeved shirt, a cardigan and then an oversized sweatshirt, with the end result me looking kind of like a red marshmallow) outdoor fall weather and the sounds of the stadium.

* Sticking around after the win for a bit to chant for Freese, enjoy the win and just kind of be a part of the adventure.

* My brother who high-fived and chestbumped total strangers on our way back to the car. And taking pictures like this with my dad after we won!



We had an awesome time at the game and it was more than worth the crazy whirlwind trip it was to get there (and to get back). And on Friday night? While we watched the game from the comfort of our couch and in our Cardinal sweats, Jack was our cheerleader for the Redbirds:



Have you ever been to a championship/series/playoff game? What’s your favorite professional sport/team?

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Post-Move: Eight Weeks

2 Aug

spacer “It’s only been eight weeks!”

“It’s already been eight weeks!”

Interesting how time is relative to certain situations. Those are two phrases I’ve found myself saying since my move. EIGHT WEEKS. That’s all it’s been since I officially converged lives with Knight by packing up 80% of my stuff (some of my furniture I refuse to part with won’t fit in our little cottage-style home so my parents are using it/storing it until we buy a bigger home in the future) and traveling six plus hours north. {Photo Credit}

Somedays it seems like I’ve been there so much longer (in a good way) and other days it seems like hardly anytime at all. Maybe it’s because it’s been nothing short of a whirlwind, full of travel and running around and road trips. Maybe it’s been because we have been busy making the house our home, getting me adjusted to a new way of life (which I now love). Maybe it’s because we have actually had time together, not just weekends, but actual evenings, double-dates, walks along the lake. Whatever it is, it finally feels like home.

Here’s a short list of things I’ve learned in the last eight weeks:

* Men will eat almost anything. Even if they aren’t sure if they like it (or don’t like it). This also means you should be prepared for food to disappear from the fridge, especially if you wanted to eat it.

* Knight doesn’t leave his dirty socks on the floor. Instead, he will leave his clean clothes in the neatly folded pile for a few days before it gets put away.

* I’m evidently a really light sleeper. Knight gets up reaalllyy early a few days a week for work and without fail I wake up with It’s done very interesting things to my sleep habits and patterns but I’m trying to get used to it.

* Don’t walk around the house barefoot when little kids are around. You will inevitably step on some tiny toy made of sharp, painful plastic and then spend the next five minutes hopping around the house until the pain goes away.

* Kids wake up early. Really, really early. They could go to bed two hours later than their normal bedtime and still wake up early. Not only am I a light sleeper, I’m also not a morning person. It’s been an adjustment. Thank goodness for cute voices and morning hugs otherwise I’m not sure I’d make it.

* I am now a person who says “I’m going into town,” and “I’m going to shop at The Pig,” (that’s a Piggly Wiggly for those of you who are wondering). Every once in awhile I catch myself saying one of those phrases, chuckle and then smile at just how much my life has changed in the last few months.

* Knight and I both own a lot of clothes. Closet space is a premium and we have big closets. I may or may not have a box or two (or four…) in Belle’s closet. There is also a permanent shortage of hangers in our house somehow.

* It’s evidently acceptable to wear a swimsuit top, short shorts and cowgirl boots inside Target.

* I wouldn’t have gotten through this move or adjustment without Target, Jimmy John’s and wine.

* Always budget extra money for  moving, no matter what.

* You may not be homesick after awhile, but peoplesick? That’s a whole different ballgame. I’m still peoplesick even though I love my home, the area I live in and am glad for the move.

* I’m tired of traveling. I know I’m blessed to be able to travel for work, to see friends and family but I have had only five weekends in my new home. It’s exhausting my mind, my body and our wallets so for the rest of the year, Knight and I are kind of reining in our travel; apart from one four-day weekend we booked eons ago, we are going nowhere until Christmas unless it’s for business. After traveling non-stop to see each other for nine plus months, I/we need a break. I’m looking forward to more home improvement projects, getting to know more of my area, finally attending some of the events that I’ve been hoping to get to and so much more!

* Adventures are far more fun once you are actually IN it rather than just preparing for it. They are also a lot less scary.

What have you learned from a big life change, move or adventure?

(Also, super random side note & shoutout: it’s VEDA- Vlog Everyday in August. If you want to watch my videos, check out my YouTube Channel. I’m attempting double duty this month with both blogging and vlogging, so we shall see how it goes! Bring on the challenge!)

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On Being Engaged

22 Jun

Within 24 hours of being engaged everyone was asking when the date was (October 6th, 2012). Where the wedding will be (St. Louis). Who will be in the wedding (we’ve asked our friends informally but have things we *still* need to send them.) What kind of dress I want. What the colors will be. And you know what? I didn’t have an answer. I wanted to bask in the joy that is being engaged.


In fact, I still do.

We have made some big decisions as it relates to our wedding and the rest of it will come in time, likely after the bell strikes midnight on New Year’s eve later this year. I’m not stressed, worried, concerned about any of the wedding planning process at all. Instead I’m focusing on the things I love about being engaged. Like engagement photos (yes, I’ve peppered some throughout this post).



Or how people “ooooh” and “aahhh” over my ring. Or buying thank you cards that represent us as a couple to send to those kind of enough to send us engagement presents. (Clearly I take the picking of cards very seriously, but I don’t like boring old cards, you know?) I love looking through bridal magazines, making lists and ideas. I love that my family is just so excited for us and that my mom gets teary-eyed almost every single time we talk wedding stuff.  


I love that Knight and I have this extra time to get to know each other even more, to make plans, to dream big, to fall even more in love (I know, total schmoop but it’s true). I love thinking non-traditionally about our wedding, as in the event, and how we can make it  100% us (more on that in the future). I love planning save-the-date cards with our amazing designer. And most of all, I love that everyone once in awhile Knight looks at me, smiles and when I ask him what’s on his mind he says “Just thinking about you being my wife, that’s all.” My heart melts every time.


Part of the reason we chose a date in 2012 is so that we could enjoy this time of being engaged (and ok, also not stress too much with the move, the possible selling of the house at some point in the next 18 months, adjusting to being a family and all that jazz). And you know what? It’s so worth it.


All photos & editing provided by David Kovaluk, our fabulously fun engagement photographer. We have over 350 pictures, all of them amazing. I’ll share more in the near future but the ones above are my favorites (well, at least for today).

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Lakeside Observations

15 Jun

I already have a Monday night ritual. Well, every other Monday night that is.

Knight works late every other Monday night so I treat myself to an evening of me time. I head into town (I’m still not used to that phrase, “into town.), park the car, grab a drink at Starbucks, and walk along the Lake. If I’m lucky I can snag a bench in front of the library, facing the water. My purse is backed with books, my journal, music, the cell phone. For awhile I just sit. Then I write. Sometimes I read, or talk on the phone. But mostly, I sit. Observe. Write. Let myself be alone with my thoughts. {photo credit}

spacer The last time I did this it was a particularly lovely day and while it was well after 5pm, the beach was crowded, people were everywhere and there was some very interesting people watching such as…

* Apparently it’s back in to have one of those dangly belly button rings, you know the kind that extends a good inch past your navel? And if you’re going to wear one of those, you better be sure to roll your jean shorts down, unbuttoned of course.  Modesty is optional when it comes to bathing suits as well even if you’re still in middle school.

* No matter the age, girls still squeal when boys splash them in the water. And the guys? They welcome it when the girls gang up on them, attempting to dunk or splash them back.

* It never fails, a guy dressed nicely and wearing quality cologne will turn heads. I saw one young kid dressed nicely with the appropriate hipster touches of course, walk down the boardwalk and I think ten girls turned to stare at him. They all burst into fits of giggles too.

* If you’re playing frisbee at some point that frisbee is going over the fence. It’s inevitable. And then some super tall guy will try to be all macho and climb the fence but not without getting shouted at by the lifeguard.

* Sunscreen is seemingly optional; that or everyone is just unusually tan up here.

* The mothers/ladies of leisure or whomever do not spare the bling for a day at the beach. I was quite literally blinded a few times when the sun caught their stones. Wowzers.

* Babysitters or nannies, can’t quite tell which, are allowed to be distracted by their boyfriends while watching a gaggle of children. Or, rather, they should be watching the gaggle of children but usually aren’t.

*I’m old. Or felt old as I watched all the young kids running around, flirting, splashing, relaxing. Made me long for the days of summer vacation and trips, beaches and bikinis.

Are there any trends or behaviors you’re noticing that are different (or the same) from when we grew up in your area?

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8 Jun

It’s been just over a week since I moved.
I could tell you it’s been all fairytales and unicorns, rainbows and smiles. Which, for the most part would be true.
But at the same time it’s been hard.
Like cry-your-eyes-out-want-a-hug-from-your-mom-hard.

The move itself was great. Knight and I were busy for three days and four nights moving furniture, reorganizing cupboards and closets, re-arranging the living room with our new furniture to our liking, making Target lists and grocery shopping lists (again and again and again). We weren’t (and haven’t been) together every single second of every single day (which is good cause I’m still pretty darn independent) taking time out for errands on our own or exercise time or just being in separate rooms.

The transition from office life to remote working has been good. I still talk to my coworkers every day via phone and email, I’m in touch with customers, I’m getting my job done and am for the most part, much more productive than I am in the office. Apart from a few of my colleagues saying the office is less bubbly without me there, I’m pleased with how it’s going. In fact I kind of love it.

The adjustment to living in a town of 850 people? That’s been the hard part. I lived in a city of one million plus people for over 17 years. I’ve never been a “country” girl. Appreciate it? Yes. Been one to live there? Not so much.

There’s a lovely lake town of 7,500 people about 10 minutes away from me where there is (thankfully) a Target, fun grocery store, Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, boutique shopping, a library nestled in front of  the lake and gorgeous walkways and trails. There is no good Mexican food (or Italian food for that matter). There is no Barnes & Noble or equally awesome book store. I went from living in the suburbs of a metropolitan city where I had numerous restaurant, entertainment and grocery shopping options within minutes to realizing that for a trip to Trader Joe’s it’s going to be about an hour one-way. Ditto that for Barnes & Noble and Chipotle which were two of my weekly staples at home. Add to that that my darn cell phone service has been complete crap since I moved here due to a “known service issue in the area,” with no expected resolution update. (Editor’s note: I now have cell phone service. And an iPhone. And I love it.)  And the whole not knowing anyone who lives close by (my definition of close is 20 minutes) thing. Not to mention having the girls for five nights of my first eight here, with a side of crazy ex-wife. What do you get? A Nora who felt incredibly alone and isolated last week.  A Nora who cried anytime her parents sent her an email sending her their love. A Nora who felt incredibly frustrated and pent-up despite her excursions into the city and walks with Jack and pouding miles out on the treadmill. A Nora who wasn’t sure if moving was the best idea in the world, despite loving being with and near Knight much more than before.

After talking to Knight about all of this, because bless his soul he does his best to understand where I’m coming from, I did what I do best. I resolved. Resolved to learn where the heck I am (which I’ve done): back roads, side roads, way around town, where the hair salon is, where the good sales are, where the nearest Barnes & Noble is (still a good 45 minute drive, if not more). Resolved to appreciate (a work in progress, but I love it more than before): I am learning to appreciate the serentity of our home, the quiet, the gorgeous trees, the small neighborhood feel (everyone is nice and waves here). Resolved to get out of the house at least twice during the work week, even if just to the lake after work for a walk along the trails, a quick drink at Starbucks, or to sit on a park bench and read or write in my journal. Resolved to make friends: I joined a book club in the area; Knight and I both joined a 20/30s couple group that’ s kind of in the area (meaning it’s still about an hour away but we can afford the  time for a once a month meetup). We are reaching out to our friends in the area, his coworkers, and anyone else we can think of to expand our social circles. (Side note: We both have best friends who live anywhere but here, so we are no strangers to having to make new friends, find new friends and etc.)  Resolved to have dates: Knight and I are committed to have two dates per week, one at home and one out. This means we have located and found a babysitter that we’ll be utilizing when we have the girls as need be which I think will be much needed on occasion.

This past weekend I ventured out, learned the area, became a citizen (aka I have a library card now), trekked around on my own, and started to fall in love with the area more than before. The result? This week I’m in a much better place. Smiling. Loving it, all of it.

My adjusting is far from over and I’m sure there will be more adjustments to come (like getting used to being a Bonus Mom 50% of the time), and sucking it up and making the hour trek for some of my favorite stores because right now they are still my source of comfort. But the wheels are in motion to make this little slice of America a place that I can and will call home. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.

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Breaking it Down

20 May

In the next eight days, I will:

* Have moved out of my parents house. Not just across town like I did after college, but to an entirely new State. An entirely new home. One that is not yet mine though I have hopes it will, in time, feel like our home.

* Join the remote workforce 100% of the time. Well, except for conferences and the every eight weeks I’ll be back in the office, but still a big change from now where I see people every day. Don’t worry, I’ll go to Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, maybe even with Knight to his office here and there.

* Officially be a Bonus Mom 50% of the time. Probably will be a post or series of posts to come on this in the future.

spacer This means that since this past Monday when I emptied out an entire closet and sent it home with Knight (I highly recommend moving in pieces if at all possible) my brain has been a lot like this: AHHH! OMG!!! I’m moving. Must buy bluetooth phone. Don’t forget to pack X,Y,Z. Why did I send my good movies with Knight? I only have seven more nights of sleeping in my bed. Meal planning, I’ll have to be good at that soon. 6 am wake-ups due to kids? Yikes, not sure that I’ll be very good at that. Wedding. We need to get our wedding planning a bit more situated. Do I have time to have dinner with this friend or that friend before I leave? Engagement photos! This weekend!  This is a little scary. Ok, now I’m excited, no more long distance! What if remote working is awful? At least I can run during  my lunch hour now. Ahhh. OMG. {photo credit}

It also means that I have had total breakdown moments, complete with *the* ugly cry while hugging my mom telling her that I’m going to miss her so much, that it will be so weird to really move out of the house (I’ve lived on my own countless times, but before it was always an option to return home), not sleep in my bed anymore. That as excited as I am for everything, I’m a little scared and sad at the same time. I’m a fully-fledged adult, going off to share her life with her love. That’s a little intense.  Her response? “Sometimes I’ll probably call you and just cry.” At least we are on the same page with that, eh?

There have been other days where I feel totally numb, kind of ignoring the big change that’s coming, not packing a single thing (though there isn’t much left since Knight is taking another huge truckload this weekend. Bonus: I only have to fill the boxes and help load them. He’s a doll and unloads them/unpacks them when he gets home), curling up with a good book or spending far too much time outside of the house at dinners or seeing ridiculously hilarious movies like Bridesmaids.

I have moments of doubting my ability to be a Bonus Mom 50% of the time, or worry if I’ll be good at cooking dinners on a regular basis and keeping a clean house, freak out a little bit about adjusting to life in a new state, in a new house that has some remnants of Knight’s past (all the obvious, physical ones are gone, of course…), wondering if I’ll make a good live-in fiancée and eventually wife, how Jack will handle the move.

Wedding planning has been rather abandoned and up in the air at the moment: we haven’t asked everyone to be in our wedding, there is talk of changing the entire vision for our special day, the guest list for our engagement party in July is far from finished, and I have a huge stack of bridal magazines I’m dying to look through but can’t possibly handle another distraction at this point. The only thing we are doing as it will be insanely fun is taking our engagement photos tomorrow.

And still despite the feelings of freakoutness and overwhelming emotion of every sort, I bound out of bed in the morning (well, ok, not bound, cause I’m so not a morning person) ticking off another day in my head because it means that I no longer have to talk to Knight only on the phone or via text. When something comes up with the girls, ex-wife, work or whatever, we can handle it face-to-face. We can have actual week night dates, go for walks with Jack after dinner. We won’t spend $400 in gas each month traveling to see each other. We can finally start to be a normal couple, go on double dates and shop at the grocery store, make lists and  have silly fights over dishes in the sink or socks on the floor.

I know that for our planning and talking this move is still going to be a fabulous, crazy, amazing, intense shock. I know that it’s going to be hard. But I also know it’s going to be great, it’s just what we need and it’s the next, very exciting, very amazing step in my life.

So, if you need me, I’ll be busy attempting to wrap m is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.