You Dream of Colors That Have Never Been Made

by Keng on August 6, 2011 in awesomeness, photos, picspam!, television

When I was a freshman and first got my hands on copious amounts of money (thanks, financial aid! spacer lol), Etsy was one of those sites that I found and decided to squander my money around in. Brands were of no importance to me then (except maybe when it came to backpacks. And sneakers), and I would go around buying purses and pouches I didn’t need in the most interesting of fabrics. I remember when I first got this piece of handmade beauty:


I thought it was glorious, and it became my purse of choice whenever I’d go out. It didn’t hurt that it had the unkempt look going on, so whenever I had my backpack and suddenly had the need for more space (like, say, when buying groceries and my only mode of transportation were my feet and a bus or two), all I had to do was fish it out from some small pocket because it was foldable and amazing and oh-so-compact.

Eventually, though, I decided that Etsy was a bit too unhealthy for me and my wallet (I used to spend hours just browsing around and looking at the pretty stuff over there), so I did some self-imposed ban on the site (which I am actually quite surprised that I was able to stick to). It was only recently that I remembered all about it, while I was hunting around for a pretty case for my Kindle. After checking my emails, I found that I hadn’t bought anything from there since 2008.


That was 3 years ago.

Holy snaps, where did that self-control of mine go to???
(You know what, I’m pretty sure it ran away and met up with my old pal, Creativity.)

Anyways, it brought back my appreciation for handmade things, so I decided to share some awesome stuff that I’ve either a) already spent my money on, b) plan on spending my money on, or c) thought were aksjdnalsdansdlasdknalsd and would gladly spend my money on if I had more of it.

Go on! Let’s go see this list, then!


The Sun’s Gone Wibbly

by Keng on June 10, 2011 in photos, rants, television


My Doctor-Hoo tee arrived from Threadless the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~*~*~*~*~

Hahaha. Yeah, I’m definitely pretty excited about it. I mentioned my newfound love for the awesome British TV series Doctor Who1 in a previous post, and as a relatively new Whovian, getting Doctor Who-related stuff makes me giddy with glee. spacer Next on the list will definitely be my very own sonic screwdriver2. I’m going to have lots of fun pointing it at my brothers while it lights up and makes its timey wimey noise, hahaha.

Despite my love of the design (it’s the eleven Doctors! As OWLS! alsnadjksndaksdnaskdjnaksdnajk), I am pretty disappointed with the Threadless shirt itself. I used to buy a ton of shirts from them whenever they’d have their $10 sales, so much so that when my floormates saw my closet one time during freshman year, they thought it was hilarious how shirts and pants were basically all I ever had. And at least 90% of those shirts (ZOMG THEY USED TO BE ALL BLACK, TOO, LMAO. That was probably part of why it was funny. spacer ) were from Threadless. But yeah, I can definitely tell that there’s a huge difference in shirt quality from my old shirts to this new one, which I find kind of sad. I know I got it during their recent $12 sale (and I only got it for $2 thanks to street team points spacer ), but their non-sale shirts are $20 now! For $5 more, you would’ve been able to purchase a Threadless Select tee that was made of thick, can’t-be-ripped-with-your-bare-hands material that was oh-so-soft at the same time (oh hey, apparently they’re $39 now). This new one is too thin, really, that I don’t even see it surviving more than a few months of normal wear. spacer I guess we’ll see. And hopefully I’m wrong and was complaining for nothing. spacer

On a non-ranty side note, I finally got myself an Amazon Kindle last week! spacer spacer spacer I love it and wish everything else that I read can be done on it instead of a shiny LCD screen3. I even set up my own way of formatting fanfics4 for Kindle screen optimization, bahahahaha. I’ll talk all about it later, though, once this super adorable sleeve I ordered from Etsy arrives. I like blogging better when I have pictures to share. spacer


Adolescents, You and I

by Keng on May 26, 2011 in family, photos


That is my younger brother Dominik, from when we went to TWWOHP1 last year. Today was his last day of high school ever.

I’ve never been big on my age. I’m one of those people who constantly forget how old they are (seriously, lol; I’m always having to calculate it in my head because I truly believe that there are more important things to remember) and think it’s a bit silly when others freak out over their birthdays and having that ‘dreaded’ number increase. But when my youngest brother2 gets done with school, is graduating in a week, and is moving off to university two hours away in a couple of months, well, realizations about time and life and age just suddenly came up to punch me in the face. Repeatedly.

It’s funny how time has a way of being slow and fast at the same time.


Ate Yayi

by Keng on May 21, 2011 in family, photos


The lady in pink in the photo is my cousin, Ate1 Yayi.

She passed away today. spacer spacer spacer

She remains as one of the kindest, most joyful, and most positive people I’ve ever met in my life, in spite of the hand that was dealt her (she battled brain cancer before, won, and last year, it came back). I love you, Ate Yayi, and truly hope that you’re in a better place, where you can continue to bless others with your smiles and songs and overall awesomeness. spacer spacer spacer

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We Live, We Learn

by Keng on May 20, 2011 in hello world!, television

I’ve been trying to come up with an appropriate blog post for the better part of an hour now, and all I can seem to do is end up with neverending blankness. spacer I’m pretty sure Tumblr is to blame for all of this. I don’t know how to properly compose my thoughts anymore unless it’s a) in bullet form, b) in tag form, or c) because of one of my numerous fandoms. Hm.

(Speaking of fandoms. I recently got into Doctor Who, and oh em gee, I have most definitely been missing out! I adore that show to death now–in a span of one week, I ended up watching Series 5 THRICE. First time was for me, second time was to get my younger brother into it, and third time was to get my other younger brother hooked into it as well. The following week, I got one of my older brothers to watch it. spacer I’ve been able to finish Series 3 and 4 (and I’ve been keeping up with Series 6, of course), but I’ve only managed to watch half of Series 1 before I stopped because I absolutely cannot stand the sight of Billie Piper’s face. spacer Other shows I’ve recently gotten into are Parks and Recreation (I NEED A LESLIE KNOPE IN MY LIFE) and Sherlock (I’ve been Cumberbatched spacer when I watched the Criminal Minds season finale, I kept wishing Sherlock and his amazing powers of deduction were there instead–it’s pretty bad, lol). I definitely plan on adding more to that list, hahaha.)

(ETA: Did you notice how that previous paragraph about shows-I-recently-got-into just exploded? I mean, before I added that sucker, this post consisted of two measly paragraphs that sounded awkward and made it look like I was trying waaay too hard! Which I was. But whatever. spacer )

Oh well. I guess I’m posting just to let you guys know that this site will still be here until next year (it turned 7 back in April spacer ). Haha. I’ll, um, try better at keeping this site updated! spacer


perlas ng silanganan

by Keng on August 26, 2010 in picspam!, super best friends, travel

as some of you may or may not know, i was born and raised in the philippines until 5 years ago, when i was brutally snatched from the cusp of adulthood and whisked away to an unfamiliar and evil land where rice was not part of every meal.


kidding aside (or am i?), ever since my family left, i had never been able to go back. mostly because i couldn’t afford a plane ticket. and i was scared of taking a 27-hour flight all by myself (that whole leaving-the-philippines-for-good thing? it was the first time i ever rode on a plane. and i hadn’t been in one since. so yeah). so at the beginning of my senior year in uni, i resolved to do something about this by planning a 2.5-month grand awesomesauce-filled vacation back to my homeland. after graduation.

and so i went.

these are just some of the thousands (harhar) of photos i took. spacer (naturally, this will be picture-heavy; clicking on the photos enlarges them, by the way!)




today was a day just like any other

by Keng on August 21, 2010 in hello world!

i finally did it. at connie‘s behest, i’ve resurrected for the 1273619231728938nth time from the catatonic state its been in for more than a year. only this time, i’m starting from scratch (because i can) and using some pre-made theme i found online (because i’m too lazy. and because i can). go me!

since i can’t figure out what else to talk about (and we all need intros): hi! i’m keng. i’m a recently graduated (and therefore unemployed) twenty-one year old female (in case you were confused about that) living in floridaland. i used to want to become a hermit (armed with my handy dandy rice cooker, of course) off in the english countryside, but i’ve recently reconsidered as i’d rather snorkel my life away and be friends with marlin and dory and ponyo instead.

how about you?

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