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Pinteresting Giveaway (Hump Day Wednesday)

Posted by gmirage1 on Feb 9, 2012 in Blogging, Giveaways | 5 comments


It’s time for Hump Day $50 Giveaway and today’s event is for following on Pinterest . But wait, this week, you can win $50 and a bonus entry for $10! You can win both if you’re really lucky today, or at least have a chance at $50 or $10. This week’s event is composed of the 25 wonderful blogs listed below so feel free to check them out after joining.

My Tots Exactly | Sonya’s Happenings | Coupon Queen of Texas | Life’s Cheap Thrills | One Proud Momma | My bric-a-brac | My Sugar Free Sweet Life | Charming Junkie | Totally Temberton | Building Carpenters | Frugal Experiments | Lakwatsera Me | Stitches of Life | Happy Mothering | Mirage | Retail Therapy Lounge | Experience of a Super Mommy | Money Saving Mindy | Bambie’s Turf | Extreme Personal Measures | Fabulicious Diva | It’s all about me, Mommy Kat | My Tummy Calls | The Blogger Hub | Travel Unravels

A note though in joining: You can only join this on one blog/page. There will be a maximum of 32 entries ONLY. If you have more than 32, I reserve the right to delete duplicate or fraudulent entries. May I request that you use only one name and email address for quicker validation of entries. Also, make sure you do the mandatory entries otherwise if you win using an optional entry but DID NOT COMPLETE the mandatory entries, you will be disqualified and another winner will automatically be drawn.

On the first mandatory entry, please do not forget to write Mirage referred you since it is a mandatory entry. You must complete the first 2 tasks before the others are enabled, and for all your other entries to count.

Thank you very much and good luck. By joining this giveaway, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the form. Contest is open all-day Wednesday, from February 9th, 12:01am EST to February 9th,11:59pm EST (February 9th, 1:01pm Philippine time to February 10th, 12:59pm Philippine time).

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Winter Unhappy

Posted by gmirage1 on Feb 6, 2012 in Weather issues | 2 comments


In my ten years in this city I’ve never experienced the cold that the region is sweeping now. Ok, my neighbors would say they have up to -30° when they were younger and if it was me, I’ve probably frozen while walking. It’s -11°C but I’m really not used to it…so I wonder how can I survive much colder regions?

It’s dressing up in layers this season, doesn’t mean though that dawty can’t wear dresses…she didn’t properly pull her dress on this shot so it’s not visible much but she’s wearing a red dress, her striped legwarmers over another thick stocking and her knee-high boots. That padded jacket is sure to keep her warm along with her beanie and gloves. Little boy was also in layers, long johns, long socks, padded pants skijacket, bonnet and gloves…but what’s missing? Ninja masks…as they call it. Would buy those masks where there’s only a slit around the eye area for visibility (lol).



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Teach Kids About Money

Posted by gmirage1 on Feb 4, 2012 in Money matters | 2 comments


As early as now, saving up will be beneficial not just for you but for your kids too.

Here are some tips on how to Teach Kids About Money:

1. Use money as a means to learn subtraction and addition. As soon as children learn how to count, introduce them to money but not in the sense of making them love it, just making them aware of it. Make use of paper money in teaching them subtraction and addition. This way, they will find it easy adding up the prices of things they buy in a store.

2. Tell the children the values of money. This includes how to save, how to make it grow, and most of all, how to spend.

3. Introduce children to the importance of saving versus spending. Give them piggy banks where they can put a coin or two from their daily allowance. By the end of the month, allow them to use 2 or 3 coins as a reward, just a bit from all the money they saved.

4. Be an example. When spending for groceries, make sure that you buy what you need not what you what. Making kids realize the importance of a need and a want will be a big step for them to prioritize on what to spend on.

5. Say no and mean it. Kids are often pointing this and that, wanting a toy, a candy and whatnots. Learn to say “no, you can’t have it.” Explain why…it’s like reminding them of the need versus want again and again. If they are insistent, tell them to save up for it and buy it by the end of the month….when they are allowed to spend.

6. Take kids to your trip to the bank and make them observe, talk to the teller and let them know the importance of having a savings account. Allow them to open their own account and actually withdraw from it and spend from it too. Not having to spend something might discourage them  to save at all.

7. Reward them with another coin or two if they were able to save more than spend by the end of the month. spacer


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Vanity Bathroom

Posted by gmirage1 on Jan 28, 2012 in home comfort zone | 0 comments


Among the many things I’d like to redo at home is our bathroom lighting and mirror. Not that vanity lighting sounds better, well, such fixtures looks way better and elegant too.

At the moment, our bathroom looks as though an old couple lives in it. It has brown tiles, wood panel ceiling that made it look gloomy and lighting embedded into the panel. In short, it’s not my ideal bathroom. I’d definitely have it redone soon!

This photo is our corner cabinet by the bathroom. I was supposed to hang that mirror but since it wouldn’t match the colors inside and the built of the bathroom cabinet hubby installed, I’m left with having to put it on this cabinet along with a photo of the kids, some flowers and candles. It’s part of our mud hall and I occasionally use it as paper corner — for all our lots of paper and bills!

Aside from elegant lighting fixtures, any of those big vanity mirrors is on my list of “to buys” for our bathroom. We  have one that we bought just for the sake of having a mirror – it has a small panel where we can put the basics; handwash, toothpaste, comb but it’s too small and stuff tends to fall into the sink if I am in a hurry. A total vanity bathroom would be really nice. Like complementary colors of the wall, sink, mirror and other small details.


This is typically how I would want our bathroom to look like. Contemporary and elegant in black and white. Since the bathroom cabinets are wall-mounted, it’s easier to clean the floor, one of least I enjoy cleaning.

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Baby Language

Posted by gmirage1 on Jan 12, 2012 in Babies | 1 comment

If you’re a mom you’ve definitely experienced those moments when your baby/babies cry or gibbers and you don’t know what to do. You’re pretty sure they’re telling you something you just don’t know what. In 2006, Priscilla Dunstan released a DVD set called The Dunstan Baby Language which covered five universal words babies use.

According to her, the five words (or sound reflexes) used by infants are:


I’m hungry - An infant uses the sound reflex “Neh” to communicate its hunger. The sound is produced when the sucking reflex is triggered, and the tongue is pushed up on the roof of the mouth.


I’m sleepy - An infant uses the sound reflex “Owh” to communicate that they are tired. The sound is produced much like an audible yawn.


I’m experiencing discomfort - An infant uses the sound reflex “Heh” to communicate stress, discomfort, or perhaps that it needs a fresh diaper. The sound is produced by a response to a skin reflex, such as feeling sweat or itchiness in the bum.


I have lower gas - An infant uses the sound reflex “Eairh” to communicate they have flatulence or an upset stomach. The sound is produced when trapped air from a belch is unable to release and travels to the stomach where the muscles of the intestines tighten to force the air bubble out. Often, this sound will indicate that a bowel movement is in progress, and the infant will bend its knees, bringing the legs toward the torso. This leg movement assists in the ongoing process.


I have gas - An infant uses the sound reflex “Eh” to communicate that it needs to be burped. The sound is produced when a large bubble of trapped air is caught in the chest, and the reflex is trying to release this out of the mouth.

Amazingly, as shown in the video above when Dunstan guested on Oprah, different babies make same sound reflexes. With a group of moms and their babies, we were shown that knowing these reflexes helped the mothers determine what to do when they hear any of the words.

There are still moms who claim that this language recognition is not effective for them…Dunstan explained that yes, maybe for 1 out of 10 moms, it may be different. Anyway, I surely hoped that I’ve known this years ago, when I was starting out as a mom.

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Features of Children’s Easels

Posted by gmirage1 on Jan 2, 2012 in Learning | 1 comment


Parents, teachers and others who care for children often seek ways to encourage creativity in their little ones. Children’s easels can inspire them to draw, paint and let their imaginations soar. When shopping for children’s easels, there are several features from which to choose.

For instance, some artist easels have large rolls of paper that hang above the top. Kids can draw, paint, write or scribble to their hearts’ content. When their masterpiece is complete, Mom or Dad can simply snip or tear the paper above the artwork and then pull down enough clean paper for them to start again. Other easels use large pads of paper that clip to the stands. After a child has finished sketching or doodling, he can tear off the page and access a fresh one with ease. Still other children’s easels use a single sheet of paper at a time that connects to the top of the frame. This prevents paint or markers from seeping through and marring other pages.

If you hate the idea of having to purchase and throw away paper again and again, there are other types of children’s easels that you might prefer. For instance, you might opt for a chalkboard on a tripod. Provide your little ones with a variety of colored chalk and an eraser for hours of unlimited creativity.


Likewise, dry erase easels are available as well. Kids can draw, practice writing and play games such as hangman. When they are done, they can wipe off their work and start anew with very little effort. These easels do have a couple of drawbacks, though. Young children might not be ready to use dry erase markers, which can stain clothing, furniture and walls. In addition, if a child accidentally uses the wrong type of marker, the easel may be ruined as well.

Since there are many features available, selecting the best children’s easels can be tough. One way to go is to choose a double-sided children’s easel. Not only will these allow two kids to draw or color at one time, but they provide different features as well. For instance, one side might be a chalkboard and the other a whiteboard, allowing little ones to sketch with chalk while an older sibling doodles using dry erase markers. Some easels are magnetic on one or both sides, offering three features in one. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.