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Tapping Blog Networks for Personal Brand Building

30.01.2012 Author: Hannah In: Blog Network Tips, Promotion

spacer Joining blog networks is one way you can go about building your personal brand. By joining blog networks though, I don’t mean simply commenting on everyone else’s post and being super active in a blog network community. Sure, active participation in that way is good, especially since people do appreciate (useful and relevant) feedback. However, if you really want to look more than just a fan boy that’s trying to get your foot in, you have to become a regular writer/poster for the blog network.

The problem with this scenario is that in most cases the reputable blog networks will only allow those who are already pretty well know in their niche to guest post. Because of this you either have to look for a lesser known blog network that is more lenient in their guest poster criteria, or join huge networks that accepts blog posts from all their members but only chooses to move up a few (Think SEOmoz’s YouMoz section).

Whichever kind of blog network you decide to latch on, what your primary concern should be that the blog network you join is in the niche you specialize in or are interested in. Remember, if your goal is personal brand building it is more than the links that goes with blog networks that you are after. It won’t do you any good to guest post in blogs where your lack of expertise will shine a bad light on you. Not only that, but it’ll be a waste of your time because the audience is not your target audience anyway.

Image via TechTipsforCatholics


Why Google Translate Can Work For Your Blog

23.01.2012 Author: Amanda DiSilvestro In: Blogging, WordPress

spacer If you have something to say, it’s important that everyone hears it. After all, you did not spend hours writing that brilliant article just so people could look at the letters on the page. You want people to be able to read your content, but many take this for granted. Not everyone can read the great blog you have created because not everyone speaks the same language.

Fortunately, it is extremely easy to fix your blog so that more people can read it. It’s also worth noting that many people in America speak English as a foreign language. For this reason, translation of a blog becomes important.

Read the rest of this entry »

  • Tags: blog translation, foreign lanugage blogs, translation

Why Branding is For Everyone

15.01.2012 Author: Hannah In: Branding

spacer What do you think of first when asked about brands?

If you’re like most people, big name brands will probably come to mind. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll think of some relatively obscure product or company, no matter how often you use their product or service. This isn’t surprising since it’s exactly how branding is supposed to work. The very purpose of branding is, after all, to get people to remember the brand (and the business/products behind it) and remember it in the way they want us to remember. With big name brands putting millions of dollars into branding, it is no wonder that their brands are among the first that pops into mind when thinking of brands at all.

What you should realize though is that branding is for everyone. No matter how small your business might be, it is still important to invest your resources in branding. The same is true for personal brands. As a publisher, you cannot afford to neglect your personal brand. Yes, your reach might never that of the conglomerates, but it will matter for the audience that you reach. Your business may be small now and your name may not be known, but if you have plans of growing your small business, then by not investing in branding now you’re missing out not only in establishing the kind of reputation you want with you present audience, but a way to get out a POSITIVE image about you to your target audience. Not only that, but you’ll also end up having to start from scratch in the future, when you could have started all the hard legwork right now.

So if you think that branding is not for you, think again, because branding is for everybody.


Image via Under30CEO


Productivity Tips for Work-at-Home Parents

18.12.2011 Author: Hannah In: Productivity, Tips

spacer One of the best things about the internet boom is that it has opened up opportunities to work from home that otherwise would never have existed. As a work-at-home mom with two small kids, being able to stay at home and see to the kids while earning enough money to help ease the financial burden at home is a huge deal. However, the set-up is quite frankly less than ideal if your goal is maximum productivity at work.

When it comes to working at home, any parent knows that no matter how well you plan out the day something is bound to happen to disrupt your schedule. It may be something trivial like spilled milk, or something more important like a trip to the emergency room. No matter what it is, the point is that the small things can add up leaving you wondering at the end of the day where all the time went, and having to scramble to finish your work.

If you work at home and have kids, here are some tips that could hopefully help increase your productivity:

Set aside a work space for you – The work space may be an entire room, or just a small corner at the kitchen. The point is that you should have a place where you can put your laptop and the rest of your work stuff that the kids will know are off limits. Having a work station will also help you not just in having a place to dump all your things, but help put you in the zone once you start working.

Establish your kids’ bedtime – This is not only good for your kids, but will also give you a more predictable time of the day when you can catch up on work without any interruptions. The few minutes you spend putting them to bed might will earn you hours of “you time” and plus points in the bonding department.

Pre-post – Every time you have a chance to do work ahead of time, do so. Publish posts ahead of time so that the next time some emergency arises you won’t have to worry to much about unfinished work because you’ve already done them ahead of time!


Photo via Charlotte Fire Dept Credit Union


Look to the Past in 2012: How to Put Referrals Back on the Table

14.12.2011 Author: Amanda DiSilvestro In: Branding, Communication

spacer Many companies are focusing on the 2012 trends and new developments in business, but some should be thinking more along the lines of a New Year’s resolution. In other words, the New Year is a great time to improve upon what your company is already doing (or should already be doing). Many of those old marketing tricks still work just as well, but companies have slowly been pushing them to the wayside. While methods like social media and QR Codes are great, my advice is this: Make improving your older marketing methods your New Year’s resolution.

One of my favorite “classic” marketing tricks is the referral. Getting a referral is so important to a company because it has a very good chance of actually bringing in a profit. This is the case for because a referral means that your company is being talked about on a level of trust. The person getting the referral trusts the person giving the referral. This yields better results than if someone was just looking at a website.

If you think your company could benefit from more referrals, it’s time to start making this a priority. Consider a few of the ways your company can increase its number of referrals in the New Year:

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Number of Referrals in 2012

1. Co-Marketing – Part of a co-marketing strategy is giving referrals. For those who are unfamiliar, many companies create partnerships with other, complementary companies for marketing purposes. For example, if you work at a day care center you may want to have a partnership with a pediatrician. If you refer customers to his/her practice and they refer their patients to your business, you will have an entirely new audience very quickly.

2. Social Media – You don’t need to resort back to traditional phone systems if you’re hoping for a referral. Contrary to what some may believe, old marketing tactics can coincide with new age methods. If you love social media, be sure that you have sharing buttons for all of your readers. This makes it easy for customers and clients to send an online referral to all of their friends and family.

3. Compensation – Even though giving a referral is very easy, people will be more likely to do so if there is an incentive. If you can give someone five dollars off their next visit or a free consultation just for bringing in a friend, your referrals will skyrocket. This is probably the easiest way to bring in new customers and clients (while making your existing clients happy).

4. Simply Ask – It’s never a bad idea to remind existing customers and clients that referrals are appreciated. This can be as easy as reminding them when they leave—just put it into your “goodbye” spiel. If you have a good relationship with a specific customer, ask them directly if they know anyone who may be interested. You might be surprised how something so little can go such a long way.

5. Testimonials – Gathering testimonials is great because it allows those who want to help to do their part. Many customers will tell you they simply do not know anyone in the area or anyone who would need your products or services. The solution to this is to ask for a testimonial for your website or brochure. Have them sign a document saying you can use their words on your website, and you’re good to go. This is an indirect way to give a referral, but a referral nonetheless.

In the end, people will not blame your company for trying to step up its referral statistics. It’s an inexpensive and successful way to grow a brand. In other words, looking to the past may benefit your company more than looking to the future in 2012.

Photo Credit: servicebusinessreinvention.com, mylot.com, blog.marketamerica.com

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics ranging from social media to telemarketing. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including customer referrals to small businesses and entrepreneurs for Resource Nation.

  • Tags: branding, communication, networking, referral

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