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How to handle seeing your EX with poise & confidence…

- ellie, 2/7/2012

Sure, the thought of seeing Mr. Wrong at this very second makes you a little sick to your stomach. That’s ok, you’re human. And, you may actually be one of the few women who never ever has to see him again in your entire life… but, I hate to say, that’s probably not the case.

So, instead of dreading it or avoiding the possibility or choosing not to be prepared, think again. but before you even think again, watch this:

Listen, you’re creating a brilliant new future for yourself. BUT ~ you have to keep in mind that your past might just creep in to your lovely new plan every once in a while. Don’t sweat it.

The goal is to recognize that this person had a big role in your life at one point, but now he doesn’t. Whether the breakup was your fault or his, whether you really want to punch him in the face, ignore him completely or beg for forgiveness, you have to realize that how you act is completely up to you. You can forgive him. You can move on. You can stop torturing yourself with what if. You can do anything you choose.

The conclusion? You have the power to be a total bombshell when you see him. So, what’s your plan?



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2 Responses to “How to handle seeing your EX with poise & confidence…”

  1. spacer Leticia says:
    February 7, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks for this, Ellie!! Very helpful! My ex & I have mutual friends so I see him every once in a while, especially lately with his new girlfriend. I never knew how to react & it would always get me down, remind me of the past, & be a setback for me.. So this video & post came at the perfect time & I feel a lot better!

  2. spacer ellie says:
    February 9, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Awesome, Leticia! I’m so glad it helps. Now, keep me posted on how it goes next time you see him!


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