This is a picture of a picture, lol, of me dressed up as an angel in the 2nd grade for our school’s annual bonfire. spacer

In case you missed the post with my exceptionally well-written intro:

Hi! I’m Keng. I’m a recently graduated (and therefore unemployed) twenty-two year old female (in case you were confused about that) living in Floridaland. I used to want to become a hermit (armed with my handy dandy rice cooker, of course) off in the English countryside, but I’ve recently reconsidered as I’d rather snorkel my life away and be friends with Marlin and Dory and Ponyo instead.



turbo-geek.org is named after an alternative title to the song “Sick Sad Little World” by my favoritest band in the whole wide world, Incubus. It has been in existence since April 2004, although I’ve been blogging around since 2002. I used to be into making my own layouts, but that well has run dry for quite some time now, much to my chagrin. So I made do with a pre-made theme I found and am somewhat satisfied with after a bit of tweaking.

I currently have a reseller with KnownHost, who I’ve happily been with (and highly recommend!!) since 2007. Before that, I was with a myriad of other hosts, in my quest to find the best one for my needs. If you happen to be looking around, I actually also highly recommend InnoHosting.

I offer hosting to any friend of mine who asks, and right now, that comprises of Anna, Harrison, Justine, and Kiel.

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