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Top Secret Message

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First of all I wanted to say that this would be a cool experiment if I could actually spell or spell check before I write something.  This way I will be forever reminded that I should not be publishing anything without double or triple checking.  I could just redo the experiment but really who has time.  The twins will wake up anytime from their nap and start asking for some food.

This is an experiment that can be done just for fun or be a part of a scavenger hunt or science birthday party.  The secret message could be for something small like “please come downstairs for breakfast” or “the treasure (see I can spell) is under your bed.”    You can send these secret messages to anyone and the color change will allow your friend to see what is hidden on paper.


You will need: lemon juice, paper, iodine and a brush.


Get the lemon juice by squeezing out the lemon, or one of those fake plastic lemon containers.


Using a paint brush to write your secret message or code on the paper, let dry


Put a few drops of iodine into water.


Now dip a brush in a mixture and reveal the hidden message.  Make sure not to make the brush to wet and the paper watery or the original message may start running, like my mascara in the rain.  Which does not look good.

If you do want to get into the Science aspect of this, for all you mad scientists out there, the iodine makes the starch in the paper turn purple while lemon juice stops the color change from happening.  So the writing appears white.  You can use this trick to test for starch by adding drop of iodine to foods.  If they turn purple you have starch.  Try it on potatoes, bread, rice, pasta.  Make sure not to eat the food after, just throw it away.

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  1. spacer Sahara says:
    August 11, 2010 at 2:24 am

    My son would love this. anything secret is very fun for him. Where do you buy iodine?

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