Astray3 #1

by Eldon on 2008/09/21 at 12:13 am
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  • Chapter 1: The Typical

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  1. spacer
    2011/01/15 at 6:08 am | # | Reply

    If I may cast a vote, let the old ones be published somewhere online.
    I like your colorfull version more, I like the idea of new beginning even more so, but also like the old black/white version.

    Othervise: magnificent as usuall, keep going spacer

  2. spacer
    2011/01/09 at 9:25 pm | # | Reply

    You know..
    If you are off to fix things, the horrible grammar-nazi-tickling typo’s should be a first IMHO =p

  3. spacer
    2010/12/01 at 3:38 pm | # | Reply

    Nay. I’ve liked the previous version better. Man… I hope you drop that idea of revamping and focus on continuing the story! Why fix what’s not broken?! Seriously. If you really have to, just refresh the graphics so the fit to print requirements but don’t change it completely.
    To be honest you should leave the old versions. I like to go back to some pages to recall some facts and scenes. If you replace that all, i won’t be able to do that.

    Regards, honest fan,

  4. spacer
    2010/11/27 at 7:23 am | # | Reply

    You changed the beginning! How beautyfull!

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