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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Advocacy Coordination of the Python Advocacy Effort
Archiver-dev Development of email archivers
Arkansas [no description available]
BangPypers Bangalore Python Users Group - India
Barcamp [no description available]
Baypiggies SF Bay Area Python group
capi-sig Mailing list for discussing the Python/C API
Catalog-SIG Discussion of an index of Python resources
CentralOH Mailing list for Central Ohio Python User Group (COhPy)
CentralVA Local user group for Central Virginia USA, based in Charlottesville.
certification Discussion list for a PSF certification program
Chicago The Chicago Python Users Group
ChiPy-announce The Chicago Python Users Group -- Announce Only List
Compiler-sig Discussion of Python compilation
concurrency-sig py concurrency sig
Conferences Open discussion of Python conferences, worldwide, existing and planned
Core-mentorship Python Core Development Mentorship
Cplusplus-sig Development of Python/C++ integration
Csv Discussions about CSV support in Python
cython-devel Core developer mailing list of the Cython compiler
DB-SIG SIG on Python Tabular Databases
DCPIGgies Washington DC Python Interest Group
Distutils-SIG Python Distribution Utilities
Diversity Promoting diversity in the Python community
Diversity-SIG Promoting diversity in the Python community
Doc-SIG Python Documentation Special Interest Group
docs Mailing list for maintenance of the Python documentation
Edinburgh Python Edinburgh
Edu-sig Python in education
Email-SIG SIG for designing and implementing email 3.0
EuroPython Planning the European Python community conference
EuroPython-announce EuroPython announcements
Europython-improve Discussion list for the EuroPython organisers & active volunteers
europython-volunteer-announce EuroPython volunteer announcement list
EuroSciPy Planning the EuroSciPy conference
Grants-discuss Public discussion of PSF Grants applications
Group-Organizers Support and Mentoring of Usergroup Organizers (Current or Wannabe)
Healthcare Python community healthcare SIG
I18n-sig Python internationalization and localization
IDLE-dev IDLE development
Image-SIG Image Processing with Python SIG
Import-SIG PEP 382 and other import machinery improvements
Inpycon Mailing list for the PyCon India conference
Ipss Indian Python Software Society
Ironpython-users Discussion of IronPython
Jython-checkins Check-in messages from the Jython maintainers
Mailman-announce Announce-only list for Mailman releases and news
Mailman-checkins Check-in messages from the Mailman maintainers
Mailman-coders Mailman list for bug and patch messages
Mailman-Developers GNU Mailman developers
Mailman-docs Coordinating the Mailman documentation project
Mailman-i18n Mailman Internationalization Effort
Mailman-Users Mailman mailing list management users
Medusa-dev Asynchronous programming framework
melbourne-pug Melbourne Python Users Group
Meta-sig SIG on SIGs and mailing lists
Multiprocessing-sig [no description available] NCR Python Users Group India
NeedForSpeed Reykjavik Sprint
New-bugs-announce List for new Python bug reports
Newsletter A mailing list for the Python Newsletter Editors...
Omaha Omaha Python Users Group
OPy Oklahoma Python User Group
oscon Python/PSF planning for OSCON
Outreach-and-education PSF Outreach and Education Committee
Patches Mailing list for submission of patches to Python
PEPs Python Enhancement Proposals (only PEP Editors can subscribe)
Playground A playground for Mailman 2.1 testing
Portland Python Users Group -- Portland, Oregon USA
Psf-redesign RFP Redesign
PSF-sponsors Discussions among PSF sponsor members
PSF-Volunteers Volunteer pool for the PSF
Pycon-announce [no description available]
PyCon-AV [no description available]
PyCon-de Discussion and organization of Python events in Germany (in German)
Pycon-interest [no description available]
PyCon-organizers planning PyCon, the annual US Python conference
PyCon-Tech Development of PyCon conference software
pyconuk Mailing list for the PyCon UK conference
pydotorg-www Public list for maintenance
Pygui PyGUI Developers and Users List
Pyiran-organizers [no description available]
pyop Python On the Peninsula (SF Bay Peninsula)
Pypi-checkins [no description available]
pypy-commit commits to pypy development
pypy-dev development of the PyPy Python implementation
pypy-issue [no description available]
Python-announce-list Announcement-only list for the Python programming language
Python-authors For authors, editors, reviewers of writings about Python
Python-bugs-list List which receives bug reports on Python
Python-checkins Check-in messages from the Python maintainers
python-committers Mailing list for Python committers
python-crypto Cryptography with Python
python-de Die Deutsche Python Mailingliste
Python-Dev Python core developers
Python-es La lista de python en castellano
Python-greece Mailing list for Greek Python User Group.
Python-Help Expert volunteers answer Python-related questions
Python-HPC Python for High Performance and Scientific Computing
Python-ideas Discussions of speculative Python language ideas
Python-ir Iranian Python Users
python-ldap Discussion around development, usage etc. of module package ldap
Python-list General discussion list for the Python programming language
Python-mode For issues concerning python-mode for X/Emacs
python-muc Mailing list for µPy, the Munich Python User Group.
Python-Nigeria Nigerian Python Users Group
Python-nl Dutch Python developers and users
Python-porting Discussion about porting Python code (mainly 2.x -> 3.x)
python-uk UK Python Users
python-win32 Python on win32
PythonCAD Mailing list for PythonCAD development
PythonCE Python programming on Windows CE
PythonDotNet A list for users and developers of Python for .NET
Pythonmac-SIG SIG on Python for the Apple Macintosh
PyVault-devel Package development issues
PyVault-users For users of the PyVault RPM Repository.
sapug South Australian Python Users Group
Shtoom Discussion about Shtoom - a Python VoIP softphone
Soap SOAP libraries for Python developers
SoC2010-General [no description available]
Soc2011-General [no description available]
SoC2011-mentors [no description available]
SpamBayes Discussion list for Pythonic Bayesian classifier
Spambayes-announce Announcements related to the SpamBayes project
Spambayes-bugs SF Bug tracker mailing list for SpamBayes project
Spambayes-checkins Check-in messages for the spambayes project
spambayes-dev Development of the Pythonic Bayesian classifier
Speed [no description available]
Sprints [no description available]
stdlib-sig Python standard library development list
Sunpiggies Python Users Group -- Flagstaff/Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona USA
Texas Discussion list for the Texas region Python community
Tkinter-discuss [no description available]
Tracker-discuss Discussion/coordination of the issue tracker used for Python development
TriZPUG Triangle (North Carolina) Zope and Python Users Group
Tutor Discussion for learning programming with Python
ULS-SIG Ultra Large Scale Systems with Python
Web-SIG SIG for Python support for the Web
Winnipeg Winnipeg Python Users Group
xml-sig Python XML Special Interest Group

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