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Tactical Theorems 2010 eBook

A Comprehensive Tactical Design & Match Strategy Guide for Virtual Football Managers

Get your team playing exactly how you want in Football Manager!

Are you tired of creating Football Manager tactics that seem to work one match and not the next?
Do you feel you need a degree in “slider speak” in order to produce tactics that are actually effective?

Then this eBook is definitely for you! Explore the tactical side of the game like you never have before!

  • Over 60 pages of hints, tips and in-depth tactical insight you will not find anywhere else.
  • Fully explains the new FM tactics creator, written by the authors who helped develop it.
  • Learn to play any formation you can dream up! Even emulate tactics you see in real-life!
  • Covers every touchline instruction; when exactly to use them and why you do.
  • Easy-to-read format; no technical speak – completely understandable to any football fan.


“It was immediately obvious that TT ’10 was written by guys who were genuinely passionate
and knowledgeable about both football in general and Football Manager in particular.”

Brand new for 2010, Tactical Theorems is back and bigger than ever! The fifth edition of the most popular Football Manager tactics guide on the web (over 200,000 downloads last year alone!) will lead you through the tactics creator and show you the basics of football tactics theory. This will help you build good, solid tactics without the need for a degree in the classic “slider” system.

With the new Football Manager tactical interface inspired by the authors of last year’s Tactical Theorems and Frameworks ’09, this edition is in a unique position to explain every facet of the new system. This does not just mean the nuts-and-bolts manual guide to what each drop-down menu can do for you, or how to switch formations. It means trying to explain the basics of football management, how to respond to in-match situations and learning to read a match using the tools the game has provided.

Tactical Theorems ’10 is therefore a real break from previous versions of this guide at FM-Britain. It will concentrate on explaining the thinking behind the new tactical system, how this is interpreted via the match engine & how you can use this knowledge to better your Football Manager game experience.


*** Giving you a better understanding of sound tactical theory and how it applies to Football Manager ***

  • Introduction to the new creator: choosing a formation, philosophy, playing style, roles, duties, strategy.
  • Formations: how formations are constructed, common formation types.
  • Philosophies: the purpose of philosophy, from very rigid to balanced to very fluid.
  • Strategies: the definition of strategy, fundametals of standard, breakdown and extreme strategies.
  • Playing Style: concepts that cover the effectiveness of a chosen style of play.
  • Player Roles: detailed breakdowns of each and every possible position from goalkeeper to centre forward.
  • Duties: assigning duties to players, balancing overall team play in attack and defense.
  • Opposition Instructions: identifying and dealing with a threat, detail of every OI usage including combinations.
  • Touchline Instructions: explanation of each and every “shout”, when and why to use these commands for superior control.
  • Using Match Stats: identifying and fixing tactical issues with clear solutions.
  • The Analysis Page: utilizing individual player statistics to further tweak tactical performance.


*** Experience and knowledge of the Football Manager series is virtually unmatched by anyone else in the FM community ***


RICHARD CLAYDON (a.k.a. wwfan) is one of the primary match engine testers and research analysts for the Football Manager series. A moderator on the official Sports Interactive forums, his name goes hand-in-hand with the word ‘tactics’ and he has helped tens of thousands of FM users with individualized strategic advice. In 2006, he originated the document series “Tactical Theorems & Frameworks” and its source concepts serve as a primary influence in the programming of the tactics creator by the game developers.


GARETH MILLWARD (a.k.a. Millie) is one of the core members of Sports Interactive’s “dream team” beta testing group for the Football Manager series. The tactical forum moderator on FM-Britain, he has been a collaborator, editor and organizer for “Tactical Theorems & Frameworks” since 2007. A master’s level historian, his specialty revolves around the the development and progression of tactical theories in real-world football over the course of this past century. He has also co-hosted the Get Sacked! FM Podcast and is one of the most active and recognized persons in the FM community.

Contributing authors include Matthias vom Brocke and the entire Tactical Think Tank team at FM-Britain.

Tactical Theorems ’10 doesn’t stop there though! This year, more than any other, we are actively encouraging our readers to participate in the upkeep of this book. We want criticism and fresh ideas to help expand upon the basic framework we have provided for you here. In time, the upcoming Tactical Bible and Communication and Psychological Warfare book releases will supplement the advice and help more advanced users get the most out of their tactical strategy.

As Ov Collyer states in the foreward:
“My hopes now that the system is out there is that the great tactical debates in the Football Manager community can now encompass even more people. People who perhaps found the ‘Classic’ tactical interface a little overwhelming and become as much about “who should I play in this role?” or “when should I shout this to my team?” as about “which slider position should I use to achieve this?” It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Tactical Theorems ’10 as the perfect starting point for this debate.

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