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Internet Marketing

Digi Donkey specializes in creating and managing robust Internet marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

We create and manage Internet marketing campaigns

We will put together and manage an Internet marketing campaign for your business on a quarterly basis.

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We offer low cost Internet marketing packages

Digi Donkey offers a variety of Internet marketing packages at set prices for those who need Internet marketing at affordable rates.

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Digi Donkey promotes and drives traffic to websites

A website is useless if no one ever sees it. If you need more traffic, we can help.

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Our Internet Experts help websites achieve higher search engine rankings

If your website is not showing up when using a search engine then something is usually wrong with the way your website was built. Our team can fix the problem and get your website ranked as high as possible.

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We help businesses use social media effectively

Is Facebook or Twitter a good fit for your business? What about Foursquare? Could you be using these platforms to generate more business? Our Internet Experts can help you figure it out and give you strategies for using social media effectively.

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Digi Donkey helps businesses brand themselves on the Internet

With the plethora of online devices out there today branding your business online can be more cost effective than print, TV and radio. Speak to one of our Internet Experts today to see if online branding is right for you.

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Our Internet Experts consult businesses on Internet marketing strategy

All the platforms and options for promoting your business online can be confusing. Do you really need to be on Facebook? Do you need one website for all your locations or would each location benefit more from their own? Which website will you get the most bang for your advertising buck USA Today, ESPN or The New York Times? Our consultants will guide you through all your questions and help put together the most effective campaign possible.

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Digi Donkey
315 Brevard Ave Suite 7
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