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Saturday, 11 February 2012

ootd: leather trousers

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Jumper - Urban Outfitters • Shirt - Topshop • Trousers - Zara • Wedges - Nelly.com • Bag - Mulberry

I wore this outfit the other day, loving a lot of leather at the moment but who doesn't? I also got some new wedges from Nelly.com (can't find them anymore though!) which I am insanely in love with, so of course I had to throw them on for the purpose of an outfit shot. Excuse the slightly awkward posing but I wanted to show off the boots, cause I know you guys really want to see them. They are nicely comfortable so I think I'll definitely be wearing them for my next night out. Wish I could be one of those people who wears ridiculously high shoes during the day but they make me so tall I don't think I could. Le sigh.

The trousers are also a new love, they are a great fit and super comfy. But, I bought these trousers in a rush and I thought they were black... Definitely dark brown though. Fail. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

ootd: power shoulder blazer

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Blazer - Forever 21 • Shirt - Topshop • Jeans - H&M • Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Lita • Bag - Chanel • Necklace - Topshop

Everyone enjoys a good power shoulder right? With a firm nod to the 80s, I absolutely fell in love with this blazer when I saw it (but I guess I say that a lot). I love the blush colour and the sharp pointed shoulders, and it was just over £20 in Forever 21 - something I was quite pleased about. Honestly I just love throwing a good blazer on with any outfit. I'm also firmly dedicated to my shirt and collar fascination, as you can probably tell from a lot of my outfit posts - so when I saw this collar necklace in Topshop I knew it had to be mine. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I love the simplicity of the gold band and I think it adds a nice pop to any outfit.

Finally paired the outfit with my beautiful new Litas which I got from Nasty Gal for just over £80 including shipping, something I just couldn't resist. They may have been a ridiculous choice considering the snow but I hadn't pictured them yet... Ha. They are honestly quite comfortable and easy to walk in considering the size of them, even Mother agreed and she is terrible at walking in heels! They do make me way over 6 feet tall which I don't really mind that much, perhaps I just need some new tall friends...

P.S. Apologises for the lack of posting at the moment, I've just started working in London and full time work + an hour commute = tired old me. I haven't really worked out a blogging pattern yet, I was just so used to having all day every day to myself but I guess I need to change that soon!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ootd: leather skirt, denim shirt

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Shirt - Topshop • Bow - beauxoxo • Skirt - Oasis • Belt - New Look • Bag - Mulberry • Boots - Acne • Watch - Guess • Bracelets - Cambodia

So my leather skirt is already making another appearance but I am utterly in love with it and it's been a few days since I wore it. I seriously love the figurrrrrr it gives me and although I probably do need a size smaller, I like it. I felt the need to pair it with my denim shirt, which I haven't worn in quite some time, but I really struggled with which belt to complete the look with. I do really need a belt as it is a touch too big, so this plain black one seemed like the best option. Maybe an excuse to go shopping for some more...

The bow I bought after seeing Michelle's post; bows that are glittery? I knew I had to have one (and so I bought two)! Being ever the traditionalist I decided to wear it on my shirt as a dickie bow type thing instead of as a hair bow. May not be to everyone's taste but I quite like it and in my mind it's on par to wear a glitzy statement necklace. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

ootd: spots, polka dots and riding pants

Blazer - Zara
Top - Ever Ours
Riding Pants - American Apparel
Boots - Acne
Bag - Chanel

Apologises now for the slightly special looking photos; the wind was really determined to ruin all my photos so hence why my hair is a bit all over the place and my facial expressions are a bit errrrm weird. I got some riding pants from American Apparel, a bit of a different one for me to be honest. The disco pants really did not appeal to me as I think the shiny material makes them quite hard to wear, unless you have a nice figure that is, but I saw the riding pants which are thicker and kind of look like cords close up. I decided to brave them and I am so glad I did, yes I think I do have to be careful how I style them but I love how high waisted they are and the material does actually do a lot for my figure in terms of pulling it in and giving it a nicer shape. I definitely don't think these kind of trousers are for everyone, likewise with the disco pants, but I guess it's each to their own in the end.

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