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Today's doodle.


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Blogging Lulls



I’ve been a blogger for twelve years now.  I started with online diaries and now I’ve moved on to the grown up ranks with my very own space on the internet.  Blogging for so long changes the way you view the world.  When something happens, I often catch myself thinking “Oh! That would make a great blog post!”   In our house we have a saying “that was a blogworthy moment!”  It is a silly joke, but those incidents do make great posts!

I spent my twenties as a blogger.  It sort of conditions you to wear your emotions out in the open, where everyone can SEE, or more accurately READ.  Which is, I’m sure, what makes us so interesting to our readers.  What you are reading when you visit my blog isn’t the product of “Joni Rae the homeschooler” or “Joni Rae the mother”…  What you are reading is a product of Joni Rae the aspiring writer.  Writers write about interesting things. I write about the stuff in my life that I think my readers can relate to or find entertaining.  Of course no one wants to read about how I did three loads of laundry, grouted my tub and boiled a chicken last night.  But if I am having a knock down drag out fight with someone?   They might be interested in reading that, don’t you think?  If I have a really cool experience or an awesomely happy day- or on the flip, I am sad and hurt or something crappy happens- that is the stuff people want to read about.  That’s the good stuff.  It is stuff you can feel passionate about, stuff you can relate to.  So I write about the very good and the very bad, the middle stuff gets left out.

A blog is kind of like the cliff notes version of the blogger’s life.

I’ve noticed over the years that I will occasionally have lulls in my ability to churn out entries.  Either nothing exciting or thought provoking is happening, or, on the flip side, too much is going on and I just can’t produce the posts necessary to keep you’ll interested.  I’m going through one of those right now.  I’ve been painting, painting, painting and writing, writing, writing and there isn’t much room in my brain left to be interesting.  I don’t like to post unless I have something TO SAY.  I use my facebook page for the silly little things I’m thinking at any particular time, but this blog is for the meaty thoughts.  Or at least, I try to keep it that way.

So if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting as much, it’s because of those pesky lulls…  But I’ll be back in order soon enough!


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Balanced Meals?


So much for organic and homemade!



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