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first, a warning


my blog deals with adult themes like, sadness, loss and death.

some of my blog entries actually contain bad words.

sometimes lots of bad words.

if you don’t like bad words, please turn away.


if you don’t like bad words and you still feel compelled to read, well, please don’t complain on your message board or blog (i can see these things and i don’t really care to read that you don’t like that i swear so much).

i’m not going to censor my writing.

you can censor your reading though.

click here instead.

that said, if you can look past a “shit” here and a “fuck” there, you may actually want to check this blog out.

despite my circumstances, there are plenty of uplifting moments.

oh…and for a nice little article about bad words and censorship, try reading this.

if you haven’t been here before

you may want to start here…

what happened?

and here…


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