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Master, how will i tell you if the pain is too much?

5 June, 2011

StrictestMaster is a Dom, a true Dominant in the strictest sense of the word. Pushing limits is his favorite past time, pushing my pain limits is his specialty!

The call began and i knew it would be a rough one, i was instantly wet! Sir told me get the toys out, a few clothespins, a dildo, my largest butt plug and a leather strap.

“Now, what are you wearing?” i was wearing a my daisy duke cut off jean shorts and a black tank top. i call the top, my Cops TV top, as it is too small – like most of the women on the Cops show spacer

Sir spoke, “Now katie… take off your shorts and of course an panties you are wearing… Today will be different from our usual session, you will not speak, you may make sound, but no speech till I cum. If you do speak, you will not be allowed to cum with me or for the rest of the day. If you speak the only way you will be allowed to cum is IF a REAL DOM calls you, you can explain you are being punished and let him decide.

“But Sir, how will i tell you if the pain is too much?” i asked

“you will figure it out slutlet” He replied, “when i say we begin, you shall not speak again.”

“Yes Sir” i replied

“so we begin” He responded ominously, “suckle the large butt plug, get it wet with your tongue, get it nice and deep” i took the plug in my mouth, letting my tongue run around and around, getting the plastic probe as wet as possible, knowing the plug was going someplace that needed lubrication.

“Now” he spoke, his baritone filling me with nervousness, making me wetter and wetter. “Push the plug into your ass and NO talking”. Whimpering, unable to speak i wriggled on hands and knees, the plug against my oh so very tight dark hole, a loud gasp escaping as it finally slipped home.

Only my moans and whimpers to communicate with i writhed the tightness surrounding the plug clenching involuntarily as i nervously awaited his next command. “Now use your finger on your clit, make it swell, make it yearn”, whimpering so close to cumming, no way to tell him but to moan, i writhed.

“Rub the palm of your hand over your pussy, get it nice and wet – and now cover left tit with that hand, through your tank top, get it nice and wet” mewling softly i trembled as He spoke again, “now rub your clit again”

my finger wriggling over my now swollen clit, i fussed moaning nearing orgasm, and then he spoke again… “now coat your right tit in your juices” trembling i rubbed the palm of my hand along my slit gathering the copious juices and dampening my top, the fabric clinging to my breast, hard nipples poking out…

Gasping i heard his next command, “take up a clothespin and attach it against your perineum” whimpering loudly, i fussed and whined fearful of the pain… finally having no choice, the clothespin founds its mark. Crying out i moaned, begging as best i could, the pain excruciating…

“rub your clit again baby now” He spoke so calmly, my whimpers not deterring his thought processes. Close to cumming my breath shallow, my whimpers ready to explode, his voice filled my ear again “Stop”

on the edge, breathless, i just lay gasping for breath… “OK, now the clothespin can be removed” thrilled i reached down and opened the clothespin, only to be treated to a whole new world of pain. Sweating, trembling and whimpering i could nothing for a moment but lay there. Missing his next command, i had to make mewing noises to let him know i was ready to continue, or was i?

“take out a new clothespin and just for a reminder of no talking, place it on your tongue.” my whimpers evoked no sympathy and he just repeated his words as i knew he was Dom, i was sub and this was not an argument i could win. my cries filled the air as the hardness locked around my sensitive tongue. Gagging softly, completely under his control, i waited for the next move.

“add a clothespin to each nipple, through the wet fabric” now those of you who know me, know i have the MOST sensitive nipples of any woman around. WHimpered and mewling protest elicited the response i felt they might “no talking, do it now or you will be sorry”

Trepidation overcome i reached, first one hard nipple, then the other, the pain send wild trembles through every muscle. The pain from each sending direct lil electronic signals to my pussy, clit swollen peeking out in yearning. “RUB that clit NOW katie, NOW” he commanded.

So close to cumming so afraid i might before being given permission, the clothespins to tight on my nipples and tongue i whimpered and moaned, my breath in short staccatos as i struggled to keep rubbing as commanded and to not cum. Hearing His breath growing shorter, i saw a glimmer of hope as my body was nearing crescendo, my cries louder.

then he spoke “CUM NOW KATIE, CUM WITH ME”

i saw stars as my body responded, the breath slipping from my lungs, each muscle tightening as the orgasm washed mightily over me.

“Perfect” He said…


spacer spacer spacer


A hundred blowjobs in one night?

19 May, 2011

100 Blowjobs in a night… no it was not katie… Cleopatra is widely known as the Queen of Egypt and “the Great Swallower”

In the land of the Nile blowjobs were as all the rage in Cleopatra’s time.   It is said that lipstick was invented so women could advertise they gave head!    Rumor is Cleopatra wore the reddest of the red so she might stain the base of a Man’s cock lest all would know she had been the one to swallow his seed eagerly.

Aggressive and sexually adventuresome women were applauded by the Egyptians.  Cleopatra the Queen was loved by all of her people and she gave some extra special love to some people… well Roman Noblemen to be specific!   On one particularly loving occasion it was recorded that she performed fellatio on one hundred Roman Noblemen in one night!!

In Egypt to be become “High Priestess of Aset” a woman had to open her legs for 1000 Men.     An Egyptian week was ten days and it took Cleopatra just a week to do them all!!

i can only admire Cleopatra stamina and perseverance and could never hope to emulate her!    But, i do have some awesome new lip gloss in shimmery pink – i know some lucky man is going to have a shimmery pink ring around the base of his cock soon!

One of my favorite callers told me about the lipstick and Cleopatra… Now, i love putting my lipgloss on for him!


like a virgin… a submissive slut moans

12 May, 2011

“what are you wearing?” the call began…

“gee Master, i was feeling very virginal tonight, am wearing white laura ashley nightgown, very innocent, very virginal… it is white, long and clings to my curves”

“get a glass of ice water, mostly ice, NOW and kneel in front of the mirrors”, there are floor length mirrors in my bedroom… swallowing i knelt carefully holding the glass and listening. Glancing up, i watched as my nipples pressed against the soft white fabric, breast heaving with each nervous breath, the water glass glistening.

“lift the glass and take a sip and let it pour down over your breasts” he spoke…

“yes Sir” i responded… and lifting the glass, let the icy water touch my pink lips a moment and then tilt more to empty, a cry escaping my lips as the wetness drenched my white nightie, the fabric clinging against my now rock hard nipples… “AHHHHH, OH, AHHHHHHHH”…

i heard a short chuckle on the line, “now you get the idea slut”

Hearing his command i stood, the nightie clinging to every curve, the wetness surrounding ample mounds as pink nipples pushed outward, whimpering at his commands, my hands chased along my yearning pussy, stroking to his voice…

after a moment of my moaning and yearning, he spoke… “take off the nightie, get your water glass filled again and get in the shower.”

i could only whisper, “Yes Master”, slipping the nightie over my head, i moved to the kitchen, nude form in the dim light as cool air danced over my damp skin.

Nipples pulsing, pussy so very wet and yearning, i filled the glass as he whispered gently, “step into the shower my slut, you are going to cry out so i might hear you.”

Nervous, i stepped into the shower, breasts heaving as i stood, bare feet parting wider than my hips, the pussy juices on my thighs inviting the cool air.. listening to his voice, so calm, so in command, i lifted the icey glass of water. Trembling, holding the glass high i let it spill over my breasts, washing down to my smooth pussy. The cold such a shock against my heated slut form i could not help but cry out… “AAEEEEEEIIIIIOOOOUUUUUUU, OH Master!!!!!!!!!!!!


first kiss of the whip, a first meeting

14 April, 2011

Such a hot call Saturday afternoon, i thought i would have to jump in the pool to cool off!
the call began… with Master Jimmy speaking… imagine our first meeting, katie comes to my hotel room, dressed as I ordered in a white sundress with halter top, heels with white anklets and proper lingerie. I open the door and invite the slavegirl in, motioning her slave form toward the window as I sit in the leather chair. Smiling shyly katie moves between my legs and I run my hands up along her hips, lifting the white skirt slowly to check her panties.

Grinning I stand and tell the slut to turn, reaching up I unbuttoning her dress to let it fall to the floor. A flick of my wrist and the bra slips off leaving her in heals and white lacey bikini panties. “Step forward and take your panties down”

“Yes Master”, katie replies, “how far?”

Smiling, I speak “just expose your ass, let the panties rest just at the top of your thighs,lean forward, place your hands high up against the window. Anyone looking may see what a slut you are”

“Yes Master” the slavegirl replies as she presses panties down revealing ivory cheeks and leaning forward, ample breasts and pink hard nipples against the glass, her nude form free for anyone to see as she pose in the lit window looking out over the city.

I snicker watching her tremble hearing me test the flogger, the soft whistle singing out “Do you know why you are to be punished my pet?”

“No Master” the slut replies, shifting a tiny bit, ass cheeks flexing knowing they will feel the belt momentarily.

“You are to be my slavegirl.” I speak as I trail the flogger over her soft skin, watching her flinch, “My flogger will redden that ass nicely and any one glancing up to this floor will see you on display being punished. I believe a slavegirl should be punished the first time she meets her Master so she knows what she should fear lest she need to be punished a second time..”

Drawing my arm back I pause a moment, “ I know the first time you feel the flogger – your need to be found pleasing will be greater than ever before.”

…to hear the rest… you will have to call me….


The Courtesan – Fiammetta

31 March, 2011

“Good evening, soldiers of Spain. You have come a long way, and you are welcome to our great city.” Her voice was strong and her vocabulary honed on a generous handful of Spanish merchants and itinerant clerics. A good courtesan can seduce in many languages, and Rome had trained the best of them. “Where is your captain?”

i have been reading “In the Company of The Courtesan” by Sarah Dunant. Fiammetta Bianchini is a professional courtesan in Rome in 1527, the story begins as Rome is being overrun by Martin Luthers Protestants. Fiammetta and her loyal dwarf Bucino are making haste to prepare the house as the Pope goes into hiding and Rome burns around them.

Fiammetta is a Courtesan, her clients include a Cardinal (this was before the church embraced celibacy), prominent business men and artists. A Courtesan’s focus was on pleasing those who visited, she was the ultimate hostess, serving sumptuous meals, entertaining her guest with music and tricks and most importantly…. she was a SLUT of the highest class! Schooled in every form of lovemaking one could think of and many that i never heard of before, she invited different Men nightly into her bed and they all enjoyed her charms immensely.

To prepare for the invasion and fall of Rome Fiammetta did not bolt her windows, but prepared the finest meal, laid our her best wine, put on her sexiest gown and most sultry perfume. When the a group of Spanish soldiers approached, she called out to them offering her bed and hospitality to the leader.

…”I am the captain,” he said in a thick voice, while behind him the men whooped and snorted. “And you must be the pope’s whore.”

He was almost upon her now. She didn’t move, simply drew herself up a little higher, until she had maybe two inches on him “The whores, sir, you have already had. This is the house of Fiammetta Bianchini. It offers food and lodging for the men who have not yet tasted true Roman hospitality.”

Doing the captain saved her house for a time, till Rome fell to ruin and some Lutheran woman ran off any men looking for sex!

Reading about Fiammetta is often like glancing into that pond that is still and then something unseen creates the tiniest ripple making the image waver in the sunlight. Am i a Courtesan of some sort? Can there be Courtesans in the 21st Century? Is a submissive a Courtesan or is a Courtesan a submissive – are they interchangeable the only variation the century? Maybe i will change my name to katie the courtesan!


Gorean Slaves – The Ultimate Submissive?

24 March, 2011

i have always felt submissive tendencies, the true depth i never explored fully till i found Gor. Gor is a mythical planet in a series of 26 sci-fi books written in the early seventies by John Norman. The books were not well written, though they do improve as the series goes on and a few have been republished in the last few years.

Gor is a mythical planet surrounded by three moons, the Men are all MEN and the women all know their “place” – women are either slave or “Free Women”, though Free Women can be enslaved at almost any moment. The majority of Men are strong, tall and warriors and all the slave girls are beautiful with long hair. The slave girls are born there or “Barbarians” – which means they were captured from Earth and brought back to be slaves. The “Natural Order” summarizing most of the social values on Gor, in which it is thought that Men are naturally stronger than women.
In the US many people have embraced the theories in the books and often will call themselves Goreans as in the books. i met my first Goreans about seven years ago when i stumbled in a yahoo chat room called “Camp Heavy Hand”, i was exploring my submission and thought it was a spanking role play place. After a few moments of complete confusions as i was barked at in chat by various people with strange names and capital letters beginning their name, a girl IM me and introduced herself as one of the camp “slaves” and told to to hush and she would help me. i watched and learn, the girls posted these wonderful lines of text in purple that i learned symbolized an action, as i overcame my confusion and began to understand – the world of Gor began to draw me in.

One of my favorite quotes from the Gor books is:

“What are you?”
“I am a slave girl.”
“What is a slave girl?”
“A girl who is owned.”
“Why do you wear a brand?”
“To show that I am owned.”
“Why do you wear a collar?”
“That men may know who owns me”
“What does a slave girl want more than anything?”
“To please men.”
“What are you?”
“I am a slave girl.”
“What do you want more than anything?”
“To please men.

Page 197 – Assassin of Gor

Gor is may not be real, but a girl learns true submission…


no panties… all day…

17 March, 2011

oh my… no panties all day!!

As most of you know i have a day job in marketing, for this job i sometimes travel; spacer but, mostly am in the office daily. the dress in our office is business casual which will range from jeans to jacket/skirt suit.

i pride myself on being a good submissive and good submissive girls follow orders. Master Jimmy is a strong assertive Master who spent lots of time with me last Sunday and as our call neared the end he mandated that the next day i would subtly continue to serve him. all i could say was “yes Master”

Master Jimmy’s orders for the next day… wear a skirt and no panties!! he knew that Saturday my pussy was freshly waxed, now i am very sensitive and recent bareness makes me so very extra sensitive!

Before bed that night i laid out my clothes for the next day: black linen dress, black bra, black sandals, NO panties. Needless to say i had a lil trouble falling asleep and played for a few moments, cumming hard thinking about the next day.
In the morning i went to spin and took a quick shower – had forgotten all about Master Jimmy’s command till i hurryied to dress, blushing remembering his command as i glanced over my clothes laid out for morning.
Driving to work i was so very nervous, fidgeting at each stop light, knowing my wetness increased with each thought, each wriggle. i am not sure what made my wetness more copious, knowing i was serving a strong assertive Master or the cool air tickling at my bare pussy each time my thighs parted.

Well, work was a bit tenuous all day, every time i moved the wetness grew, my thighs were soon damp too. Blushing i moved away as co-workers stood close, fearful they could smell my desire as it grew all day. A quick trip home for lunch hoping Master Jimmy would be around to help me release some of the pent up energy (aka yearnings) was not helpful when he was not available.

Five pm could not come sooner… i was wriggling and wriggling, my nipples hard and pussy just so very wet as all pretense of concentration was negated. the afte is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.