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Island Fever Part 2 - What's around the bend...

April 1st 2009 06:12
Island Fever What's around the bend...Well, Id scaled the big rock only to find that it wasnt a single boulder at all, it was actually the beginning of a long coast of rock that went straight down deep into the water. It was great. I manoeuvred over the rocks fairly easily. I was just kind of happy climbing the rocks and not really thinking about how far I was going. I just enjoyed the adventure of it I guess. It reminded me of the fun I had as a kid climbing over rocks at the beach, when we would search in rock pools for little fish and crabs, watching water shoot out of little blow holes as the waves crashed in. The challenge of judging the distance between rocks to jump to the next one ahead, getting your footing right so you dont slip. Those were good times, I have always loved to explore.

After going along for about 15 minutes I stopped and sat on a flat ledge and just enjoyed the view and the calm of the place. Deep blue ocean as far as I could see, birds playing over the water swooping and diving to get little fish, the sound of the water lapping against the rocks below. It was nice. I turned to my left and looked back where I had come from and then to my right where I couldnt see around the bend ahead and I was curious as to what lay beyond.

I kept going. In those moments while I ventured across the top of the rocks to see around the bend is when I made the fateful decision to go all the way around South Molle Island the unconventional way around the perimeter on foot. I had no idea how long it would take or what I would find.

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