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Meet Katie Fetish Seven: Gor

7 February, 2011

check this out… my friend Holly has the coolest blog, she is much better at keeping up… check out what she wrote about me!
Uncollared Katie is a fellow submissive but of a different bent in the bdsm world as I am. She is into a much stricter form of BDSM enjoys observing protocol of the Old Guard but has a particular interest in the Gor variety of servitude.”

read the rest at on Holly’s Blog


Want to advertise on Submissive Phone Sex Girl?

31 January, 2011

katie takes limited paid ads – sponsors must be appropriate.    Ads are not accepted from other phone sex or cam sites that compete with Niteflirt.   For more details email katie at advertising{AT}submissivephonesexgirl**DOT**com


katie kums! katie's signature breathless orgasm

24 January, 2011

two clothespins, one rabbit and…
katie kums!!

listen now for katie’s signature breathless orgasm!!!
i was horny today and playing all alone… so i recorded it!!



girls call phone sex lines

17 January, 2011

so a lil myth is that most callers to phone sex lines are Men… there are more than a few wome who call!!    Calls from women are mostly either women calling for advice on how to be submissive or women calling to get off

Casey calls me a few times a week for her “release” and she is one wild Hotty!!   the call starts each time with Casey licking my pussy just enough to get me warmed up and her own interested piqued….  Casey then moves up, sucking my nipples her legs wrapping around my hips while her pussy (which is bare also) moves against mine, clit to clit, our wetness mixing as she writhes…    my hands move first to her nipples, tweaking them and twisting as her breath begins to quicken… i love hearing her lil stacatto murmured moans, tiny gasps growing quicker and quicker as she wriggles over me…   my hands reaching down and sliding around Casey’s hips pulling tighter brings her so close to the edge that her moans grow quicker together, though almost struggling to reach her crescendo….   then i press her ass cheeks open, slipping two fingers deep in her dark star, filling her and  pushing her clit tight against mine…   gosh… i just love to hear her CUM….


The window and the Whip Master

10 January, 2011

had a very erotic call the other day….. Master Larry likes to use the whip a bit on a girl and our roleplay on the phone was sooo very erotic, so very wild it invaded my dreams the other night so i thought i would share it with y’all…

the scene begins and a girl is told to stand in the middle of the room, only her heels adorning her nude form… very high heels.    a belt is added and soon her wrists are pinned tight above her curved hips, a collar is added and a leash and the girl is led into another room… the leash discarded and the collar attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling, katie sways gently long legs stretched in the high heels, her hands fluttering uselessly.    Then  SWISSHHHHHHH the whip sounds out connecting to her bare breasts, the pain searing through them, tiny thin lines of excrusiating pain form sharp red welts on her ivory skin…    SWISSHHHHHHH – the whip sails out again, this time connecting with her bare bottom, the screams of pain erupting from her red lips.

Ivory form dancing in pain, she writhes at the end of the chain whimpering softly as she is dragged to a the fuck table, perfectly sculpted to fit her lithe form she is stretched widely open, the pain in her bottom meeting the wood as she pants softly, her pussy gaping open so wet to his touch that he just smiles to see how so very excited she is.    A cry escapes her red lips as he enters her, his smooth cock filling her oh so tight wetness, pussy lips parting widely around his shaft, her body tremoring as his hands move over the angry red line that snakes over ample mounds.    her cries ringing through the air to push him to the edge, his cock throbbing and filling her tight wetness as he fucks harder, exploding deep inside filling her.

He regards her laying there, spent, his slave and smiles – giving her a moment to catch her breath.    katie pants a moment, watching him, her thin red lines from the whip still stinging as she notes the twinkle in his eye and knows much more is to come…

He pulls katie from the fucking table and leaving her collar on drags the bare girl from across the room to the next, her hands momentarily released as she is bent at the waist near the window.    Watching curiously as he tells her to stay she doesnt dare to move, almost still as she balances on the heels.     In horror watches as he opens the window just enough for her head to fit through and she sees the cut out to the ledge and sash bottom.

A soft whimper escapes her red lips as he pushes ivory form forward and her neck rests against the cut out in the ledge, the cool outside air licking at her lips.    Trembling she tries to pull back as he draws the window down her head captured, she reaches up to try to stop it only to have him push her hands against the dual smaller openings and SNAP… she is captured, her head and hands outside, bare ass wriggling as long legs teeter a bit on heels, her nude form unseen from the backyward behind the shaded window.

Biting her lip, katie holds her breath, trying to not catch the attention of the boys playing nextdoor, they are mean bullies who whistle and name call, the last thing she wants is their attention…  Lips tightly pursed she wriggles unseen behind the window, eyes growing wide in horror as his hands move along her ankles.    Teetering on the heels, she desperately begins to kick at him only to be slapped hard, her ass cheek now stinging she still as he cuffs her ankles and the spreader bar she knew was coming presses her legs wide.

Helpless now, trying desperately to be quiet, she can only hope he will be kind as his fingers slip between her pussy lips, she knows he can feel her wetness and can almost see the smirk on his lips…    Then she feels nothing, gasping softly realizes too late that she has now caught the boys attention…

Curious the boys wander over, laughing and pointing up… “you look like you have been mounted up there like a deer, what are you doing”, they ask…

“oh nothing” she says, wincing as something clamps onto her right nipple and sways tugging at it…

Laughing the boys jostle each other and one reaches up to touch katie’s chin… poking at it…   “are you stuck there” they ask as she winces once more, my left nipple now pulsing wildly as katie’s nude form wriggles her lithe form tottering behind the shade away from their eyes… Master’s hand resting casually on her back and then moving away.

Tears fill her eyes as suddenly a paddle hits HARD against the curved cheeks, sending pain searing through out and then again and again….   The boys just laugh as she fights not to scream and bites her lip.    Elbowing each other they pick up the garden hose and test the sprayer just as the spanking stops.    He once again slides a finger through her wet pussy lips and she can imagine him grinning to find her so very wet, he wipes the wetnes along the cleft in her ass cheeks and sending each weight swaying moves away… leaving the girl to wonder what torture will hurt her next as the water hits her in the cheek…

“no, please stop”, she whimpers, “please” she pleads as they laugh and she gasps as the spreader bar moves further open, knowing something truly worse is coming she bites her lip as the water sprays hard over her face and hair.

He doesnt make her wait long…  taking up the sandpaper, he holds the sheet in a neat wide v and begins…  eyes wide she shakes her head no, against the water,  biting her lip so she doesnt cry out as he uses the sandpaper upon her…., her pussy lips pulsing the sandpaper grates agains the tender tissue, the soft skin exposed as tiny tiny abrasions like a 1000 pin pricks against the most tender of nerve endings…   shaking her head, the water pulsing against her cheeks, tears slip down to unseen in jets of water….

gasping she feels him near her legs behind her, throbbing cock brushing her tender ass cheeks as he reaches around both hands tugging on the clamps adding weight so they sway wildly as she trembles, moans of pain escaping, the sound lost against the water sounds and the boys laughing…

the boys tire and drop the hose, walking away as his cock slides up between her pussy lips, the new pain sending stars to her vision as he lines his throbbing manhood up…   the boys turn to give her one last glance curious glance as he fills her wetness with his hard cock, the pain excrusiating as his pleasure is complete…

posted with permission of Master WhipMaster Larry


Home alone on a weekday!! – yummy pussy pics or erotic lesbian loving pics, or assfilling toy pics!

3 January, 2011

as a treat to myself i am playing a lil hookie today from the day job… and home all day!!! As treat to you… i created a special extension for today ONLY! Any calls will get Free Pics… yummy pussy pics or erotic lesbian loving pics, or assfilling toy pics!! Call today and the pics will be in your email tonight!!

You must call using this button
or extension 01818161

kisses… katie

PS…. here is a preview…



cumming on cue

27 December, 2010

i am extremely horny and need to cum often, no secret there!!   You all give me lots and lots of opportunities to cum hard in a great variety of ways, sometimes callers make me cum many times a day and i love it!!     You all know, i follow your instructions to a tee, and ~blush~ when i cum i cant help but cry out sooo loudly.

Callers make me cum so many ways -

Sometimes we play with the toys and you have me slip that rabbit in my soaking wet pussy, letting the lil rabbit ears rub against my clitty, stroking it hard as the length wriggles around inside, the rabbit can make me cum so fast, the danger is if you make me keep the rabbit on after i cum and i loose all control, cumming again and again till i have to beg to turn it off.

Some of you prefer the plugs, knowing a girl feels soooo very owned, so possesed with her bottom filled.  You also know the plug is not my favorite, but a favorite of many of you!   The biggest plug is sooo big, almost 4 inches long and so fat at the base i cant wrap my fingers around the widest part if i make a circle with my thumb and pointer finger.     once lubed it still needs so much work to push it into that oh so tight spot, most times i need to work it (or fuck it) in and out and in and out, pushing it deeper each time till it takes my breath away and slips home, so very stretchy and deep.   Cumming with the plug deep makes a girl feel it soo intensely, makes me know you are in control.

Many of you know how sensitive my nipples are and you use the nipple clamps and make my nipples ache and pulse sending lil yearnings deep, adding clothes pins and teasing them more, then tugging the chain or making them bounce to  tug them more.    Cumming from just my nipples aching and pulsing is a challenge, sometimes i am so close, just a light feather touch to my clit puts me over the edge!!

With all the great ways you can make me cum….why do you guys make me beg over and over and over again before you let me?


Two Slave Girls, One Master… a Harem

20 December, 2010

spacer Much is written about Turkish Harems, Roman Slave Girl Dorms, Gorean slavegirl Kennels, even Brothels.   So the concept of multiple slave girls serving one Master is not recently thought of delightful concept.     Multiple slavegirls all focused and serving one man is a time honored tradition.    The total power exchange between a Master and his slavegirl is multiplied exponentially when another slavegirl enters the picture.    The power a Man feels when slavegirls answer in unison, “Yes Master” has throughout time been overwhelming to all except the strongest Man.

The ability to Master one  girl to Dominate her fully is not something every Man possesses.     Master Jimmy is one of those rare men, who can so fully make a girl feel her submission, that taking on a second girl only makes the submission deeper for both.

Master Jimmy has been playing with this girl for a few years, and honestly it never gets old.    Each encounter is deeper than the last.     But, as you know sometimes katie travels, so wanting to fully cover Master’s needs this girl recommended her friend Holly as a sort of back up girl spacer

This was not easy at all, sharing is something few of use relish, though most grown ups put on a happy face and share to be polite.    But sharing something as personal and close as a girls deep relationship with her Master is frankly – difficult.    But, like any good submissive I had to step back and focus on what would please Master, what would make him happiest and I knew a back up girl would make him happy.    I just hoped not too happy – that I would somehow end up as the back up girl.

I prepped Holly, explaining his preferences…  For example Master Jimmy prefers girls in pretty panties and heels, he loves for a girl to wear red lipgloss and most of all he loves for girls to obey fully.    “Yes Sir” is his favorite expression.

Well last night after some planning, a bit of cajoling by Master Jimmy and some coordination on our part.   We did a long call with Master Jimmy, Holly and this girl!    WOW, it was HOT!!   Master Jimmy says he is “a deviant pervert” and I would agree!    He orchestrated a twisted 3 way call, having us girls take turn ordering each other taking our submissive bellys so very deep.

A highlight was when Master Jimmy ordered Holly to make me straddle her lap and fuck myself bouncing up and down on the big strap-on that she wore, the firm hard cock impaling fully!

Was two hours of bliss…   cumming hard, begging harder and Master Jimmy taking us both deeper.      I think we all set new records for cumming hard.    I truly hope we can repeat this again soon!!

*two girl calls only available by pre-arrangement, please contact katie to arrange time and other girl.   two girl calls are 45 minutes minumum, each girl at regular rate+50cents minute premium


pain for a slavegirl

18 December, 2010

“do you have a doormat?”…   Master Randall’s calls are usually pretty intense, he has pictures of all my toys and uses them all, plus some – but when the call began with “do you have a doormat”, i knew it would be very intense.    After retreiving my front door mat and loosing my robe i proceeded to the kitchen to get a bowl of ice…    assembling the ice, the doormat and the toys before me…. now i Master Randall was ready to start!

the ice cubes were used on my nipples hardening each to an exquisite bud, aching from the cold, they screamed out in pain as i attached the clothespins…    solid spankings and whippings ended with me begging relief…   thinking i had a bit of a reprieve to my now glaring red cheeks, i shook nervously as he told me to lean forward… the door mat was not for greetings!!….   my tender breasts tight against the rough mat i squirmed and begged till finally Master Randall let me kneel up, only to feel the spoon once more…

oh myyy…. what a lesson learned… props can look so innocent…. door mat all cheery and welcoming,  ice so refreshing… oh my…


She is the most obedient, submissive, cooperative sex slave I could imagine

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