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2010-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Fling 95.6%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Jewish Friend Finder 94.4%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Adult Friend Finder 93.9%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Mega Friends 93.3%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Catholic Mingle 92.2%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Senior Friend Finder 92.2%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Lava Life 90%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 College Party Dates 90%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Adult Life Style Network 87.8%
2008-04-07 Apr 7, 2010 Wild Match 86.7%

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Rating: 95.6%

The Liberal Side Of Fling.com
Fling.com is one adult website that literally stands out among the rest because it lives up to its name. Aside from literally embodying its name, this site has a very dynamic opening page. However, this opening page does not refer to the initial page that is more of a warning, but the next page that welcomes the visitors and initiates the commencement of ‘real action’ where the visitors are given a glimpse of what to expect at Fling.com. As mentioned before, this particular page is very dynamic, as it contains lots of moving pictures, particularly those found on its left side (the photos, of course, are those of men and women posing in for their accounts.)
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How to start a conversation

Are you new to the world of online dating? Online dating may mean meeting people in the comforts of your own home without having to dress up just to do dating. However, this also means that you have to exert effort to keep the conversation going since this is how you’re going to get to know the person. Knowing how to start a conversation is essential. After all, you won’t be able to establish good rapport with anyone if you don’t begin a conversation.
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My Experiences


In this blog section i will tell you all my dating stories, from the meeting on a dating site to… whatever spacer

Stay tuned !

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Tags:date, dating experience, dating life, my experience, social dating, social life

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College Party Dates

Rating: 90%

Innovated Collegiate Dating At Collegepartydates.com
For college fellows who are tired of meeting the same old blokes, Collegepartydates.com is a bright idea of setting up hot dates in steamy parties to beef up that busy school schedule. This site is definitely a place for party animals who are especially looking forward to relax after a week’s load from academic matters. It caters especially to college singles who love meeting people and socializing with them, but this is not solely a hook-up site where everybody meets everybody and eventually get on with what the site has begun.
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Tags:college date, college dating, collegepartydates, school date, school dating

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Senior Friend Finder

Rating: 92.2%

Dating Has No Age Requirement At Seniorfriendfinder.com
Everyone is entitled to his own happiness and that is what the Seniorfriendfinder.com embodies. This is where the not-so-young crowd and more experienced people are given the chance to meet exciting personalities that will beef up their ‘dry’, ordinary lives. As the site claims, this is the dating place ‘for people with experience’.
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Tags:old date, old dating, old personals, senior, Senior Dating, senior love, senior romance, seniorfriendfinder

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Ebony Amateur Match

Rating: 81.1%

EbonyAmateurMatch.com Is As Good As It Could Be
There are lots of dating sites out there. All of them claim to be the biggest or the best at what they do. Obviously, they can’t all be able to fulfill exactly what they claim to be.
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Tags:Black Dating, black romance, ebony amateur, ebony match, ebony personals, ebonyamateurmatch

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Ebony Love Line

Rating: 81.1%

Ebonyloveline: More Than The Sum Of Its Parts
An adult dating site, while not the biggest or most popular name out there, can be very good at getting you what you want. This is basically what can be said of ebonyloveline. While it doesn’t get as much traffic as, say, match.com, ebonyloveline.com is not as bad as it seems when you give it a shot.
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Gay Amateur Match

Rating: 85.6%

Be Happy And Gay At Gayamateurmatch.com
The gay online community has spread news about Gayamateurmatch.com for being its way through a fulfilling ‘in a relationship’ state. The reason behind this is the fact its members, aside from sharing the same interests, strive to keep the community as orderly as possible.
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Gay Date Link

Rating: 85.6%

Create Lasting Connections At Gaydatelink.com
One of the many free sites available that offer matching services for men looking for superb men that could be their short-time buds or partners-for-life is Gaydatelink.com. It has a wide array of members that interested clients can click away and choose from depending on their dating requirements. This extensive member search will help one go around the site and scan through its stable of members who are looking for men in the same wavelength.
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Rating: 86.7%

Jewish Singles May Want To Check Out JDate.com
One of the many recurring things that Fran Drescher’s character from the TV series, “The Nanny,” said was that she was a Jewish single woman looking for that nice, Jewish doctor she can marry. Now, while not every single, Jewish woman is looking to marry a doctor, chances are, they are looking for someone in their lives. They could do a lot worse than to drop by jdate.com during their search.
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