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Laser Micromachining

Since 1982, Potomac Photonics has been setting the standard for Laser Micromachining Services.

Laser Micromachining Services:


Laser Micromachining of Stainless Steel Tube

Potomac Photonics offers a broad range of cost-effective and highly repeatable laser micromachining capabilities that are available for applications ranging from prototyping through production manufacturing. With a variety of laser sources from deep UV excimer to Nd:YAG lasers, we can micromachine most materials (eg. polymers, metals, ceramic, glass).  Our Engineers will choose the most appropriate laser system to micromachine your parts, based on feature sizes, tolerances, volume, and material.

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We are continually developing new laser micromachining capabilities and have been recognized by many of our customersfor developing processes to manufacture their parts where others have fallen short.  Our laser micromachining systems are equipped with some of the most cutting edge optics configurations, motion systems and parts handling fixtures in the world.  We take pride in pushing the limits of laser micromachining technology from a process, quality and cost perspective.


Laser Micromachining of Cermaic

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Laser Micromachining of Channel in Nylon Wire

Laser Micromachining Polymers:



Laser Micromachining of custom Nitinol washers

Laser Micromachining Metals:

Laser Micromachining of Stainless Steel, Copper, Nitinol, Tantalum, Gold, Aluminum and other metal materials.

Our laser micromachining systems are driven by CAD to FAB technology and do not require costly masks or tooling options.  All that is needed to get started is a drawing to get started.

In addition to Laser Micromachining, Potomac has MicroCNC and 3D Printing capabilities.

Laser micromachining can be a very cost-effective way to manufacture custom parts in both prototype and production volumes.  Call us today to discuss your next project.  Lead times can be as fast as 24 hours in some cases.


Precision Slits in Stainless Steel


Micromachining Small Polymer Tubes


 Laser Micromachining Brass

 Laser Micromachining Ceramic

 Laser Micromachining Copper

 Laser Micromachining Glass




Laser Micromachining of 15-mil thick stainless steel.


Laser Micromachining Bioabsorbable Materials


 Laser Micromachining HDPE

 Laser Micromachining Kapton

 Laser Micromachining LDPE

 Laser Micromachining Metal




Laser Micromachining and Welding


Microfluidic Channel in Ceramic


Laser Micromachining Nitinol

 Laser Micromachining PCB

 Laser Micromachining PEEK

 Laser Micromachining PET




Laser Micromachining Service - Stainless Steel


Laser Micromachining Service - Precision Cutting


 Laser Micromachining Polycarbonate

 Laser Micromachining Polyimide

 Laser Micromachining Polymers

 Laser Micromachining Polystyrene






Laser Micromachining: Small holes in polymer material.


Small holes in copper substrate with minimal wall separation.

Laser Micromachining Silicone

 Laser Micromachining Silicon Wafers

 Laser Micromachining Stainless Steel

 Laser Micromachining Tantalum




Laser Micromachining of small slits in stainless steel


Laser Micromachining of microholes in glass


Laser Micromachining Titanium

 Laser Micromachining Services

UV Laser Micromachining

Green Laser Micromachining

IR Laser Micromachining




Laser Micromachining of Stainless Steel


Laser Micromachining and Fill with Conductive Material


 Laser Micromachining Cirlex

 Laser Micromachining ITO

 Laser Micromachining Rubber

 Fiber Laser Micromachining








Laser Micromachining in Stainless Steel


Laser Micromachining Kapton
















































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