Broke and Ready to Do What it Takes


When boys are in college they often run out of money. This one boy got his college tuition from his parents and then he spent it all on partying and now it is very late. So he’s got to make some money really fast! When he found out that he could get paid for being in porn videos he got really excited. Then he found out that he was going to have to get fucked by a dude! Well, he almost backed out but he needed the money so badly. Turned out that the guy that was going to be fucking him was one of the guys he always joked around with in his Psych class so he figured it wouldn’t be that bad.

He wasn’t sure what to do at first but once he got his mouth around that big cock he just thought about what he liked when he was getting a blogjob and did that. It worked. Pretty soon the other guy was groaning and his cock was twitching in his mouth. It was quite the feeling of power. He got really turned on by it and by the time it was his turn to get fucked he was so excited that he was up for anything.

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Posted on February 4th, 2012 by assistant
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Club Boys Random Pick Up


When it comes to the clubs these gay boys know exactly where they should be if they want to find a random pick up and they found each other very easily. The club was filled with gay boys that were ready to fuck but when they saw each other they knew they had found what they were looking for.

They circled around each other before they finally met at the bar for some chit chat. That didn’t last long and pretty soon they were in the bathroom making out in one of the stalls. They decided to go somewhere more comfortable though and headed off to one boy’s apartment.

Once they got there it didn’t take them long to get naked and get their hard dicks out. One boy quickly took the lead and pushed the other down to his knees and told him to suck him off. He was very happy to do so and took that long rod into his mouth all the way to the back of his throat. Once he had him good and hard he turned and presented that tight little rosebud to him and soon found his asshole filled with that big dick. Those two really went at it. You’re going to be stroking at your own cock soon as you see these two hotties fucking with wild abandon.

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Posted on January 8th, 2012 by assistant
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A Night of Partying Turns Wild


Sometimes a night of partying gets wild but the guys never expected it to get wild like this. They were out at some of the bars and clubs trying to pick up chicks but they weren’t having much luck. The bars were emptying out and they decided to call it a night and head home with a case of beer. They were all settled on the couch with their beer and the remote in hand when one of the channels that they turned to showed a gay sex scene. They were both glued to the screen watching two guys fuck the hell out of each other. Before they even realized what was happening, the boys were reaching for their cocks. And then they were reaching for each others’ cocks. And then they were kissing.

Well, there was no turning back from that and they knew it so they just kept on going. They were amazed to find out how much they enjoyed having their cocked sucked on by a guy and how much better it was than a girl. They kept going and before long one guy was on his knees with his ass cheeks spread and his friend’s poles pushing at his backdoor. It was way too late to stop now so he gritted his teeth as his buddy pushed past that tight ring and fucked his ass.

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Posted on December 31st, 2011 by assistant
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Latino Gay Orgy


There are a lot of gay men out there on the Internet, as I am sure you have already discovered. White guys, black guys, Asian guys, and Latino guys that are all horny and ready to show off what they can do. The cocks are raging hard and that means there is going to be a lot of fun happening. But when you get a bunch of gay Latino men and put them in the same room, you know that there is really going to be some dirty fun!

These Latino dudes are hot blooded and they crave cock like a woman craves chocolate. Some of them take them time sucking a cock nice and slow while others devour it, taking it deep into the back of their throats. Some dudes likes to slide their cock into and tight ass with slow precision so that they can feel every inch of that rectum wrapping itself around their pole. Other guys don’t hold back and they shove their cock in nice and deep on the first thrust and then continue to fuck the shit out of that ass until they fill it with a load of jism. You haven’t seen anything until you see this gay Latino orgy!

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Posted on December 24th, 2011 by assistant
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Pretty Faced Cock Suckers


There is nothing hotter than a young pretty faced boy looking up at you, as he sucks and strokes your cock with his tongue. This boy definitely has a face anyone would love to fuck. Whether it is his first time sucking a cock or his one-hundreth time, this young boy sure know how to make another boy’s balls tingle in pleasure. The best part, you can tell he loves to suck cock and does it very well.

A little shy at first, these gay boys soon find themselves in a win-win situation. One more aggressive than the other, these pretty faced boys soon found themselves kissing uncontrollably. He moves towards his neck and down to his nipples, teasing a bit. Slowly moving his way down to what he knew was a throbbing cock inside those jeans, wanting to come out and play. Boy was he right, this cock is rock hard. He strips off the boy’s pants so that cock can come out to play. He grabs a hold of it and starts sucking away. Sucking ever so gently at first, his lips get a firm hold on that cock and he wants to be face fucked. He isn’t sure how far or kinky this pretty boy will get. He wants to be sure he gets him good and worked up so he can get the fuck he is really looking for.

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Posted on December 18th, 2011 by assistant
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Horny Gay Ass Lickers


When it comes to horny boys there is nothing hotter than a pair of fresh young faces with hot bodies that just love to bury their tongues in a hot ass. And these two fit the bill. They were hot for each other the moment they caught sight of one another. Each of them looked the other up and down, focused on the ass, brought their eyes back up and smiled. They knew they were going to have a good old ass licking fun night. And that is exactly what happened.

These gay boys weren’t shy at all and stripped down immediately. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. They were kissing, sucking at each other’s nipples, and then at their cocks and balls. And of course, once they were down that far they had to get a little taste of some ass! Watching these two going at it was awesome. First one would rim the other and then they would switch places and the rimming action just went on and on. These gay boys were hot and some of the best ass lickers I’ve ever seen. When you see these two going at each other’s asses you’re going to be stroking your pole and getting ready to shoot a load all over the screen!

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Posted on December 10th, 2011 by assistant
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Hot Boys Discover True Lust


These two boys have been best friends forever. They never went anywhere without each other and everyone knew that if you invited one to a party that you had to invite the other one, too, because they’d show up together anyway. They were trouble makers sometimes – drank too much, drove too fast – but only because they were hiding their lust for each other and had to take out their frustrations somewhere. But that could only last so long. You know that with lust like that it is bound to come out sooner or later and that is exactly what happened.

One night they were crashing at one boys house. They’d been to a party and it had been really wild. A fight had even broken out and they were still filled with adrenaline from it. They were laying there on the bed laughing about it and kind of play re-enacting the fight when they suddenly lost control. Before they could explain what happened or even think twice, they were all over each other. Cocks came out hard and they took turns sucking each other off. But you know it never stops there. These two were hot and horny and filled with adrenaline and it was only a matter of time before they got down to some seriously hardcore gay ass fucking.

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Posted on December 3rd, 2011 by assistant
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Horny Boy, Hard Cock


This young guy is always horny and when he was approached about showing off a little bit for this site he was more than eager. He was told a little bit about the people like you, who like to come to the site to wank off and I swear he got hard just thinking about it. In fact, he jumped up on to the kitchen counter and dropped his pants right away.

As the camera snapped he talked and told us a bit about himself. He said he was saving money for school and that he wanted to be an engineer and that he couldn’t wait to get to college so he could find the right guy. Meanwhile, he was just having some fun fucking around. He started to tell us about his last sexual encounter and his dick started getting hard. As he was telling us how he got his dick sucked in a back alley, we were pleased to find that he had a nice thick pole and we could just see him stuffing that guy’s mouth and giving him a face fuck with it. He said he really enjoyed anonymous sex – like fucking in a back alley or in a van in a parking lot or in the bushes at the park – because he wasn’t really into commitment at the moment. He figured when he found the right guy, he’d know it and then he’d stop. But meanwhile he loved sex of all kinds and then he gave his dick one last stroke and jizzed all over the floor.

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Posted on November 25th, 2011 by assistant
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Halloween is the Best Time for Anonymous Gay Fucking


When Halloween comes the gay men know this is their holiday. What better excuse to come out in droves dressed as zombies, dirty mummies, or their favourite pin up girl? It’s the holiday when everyone can maintain their anonymity and still get fucked like crazy! When all the goblins and ghoulish get together with their cocks looking for a good time you know damn well that it is going to be a fucking awesome Halloween night. And because you’re in costume, no one needs to know who you really are!

This Halloween party in particular got really wild. At first it was just a bunch of gay dudes eyeing each other up but things started to get heated and pretty soon guys were pairing off and heading into bedrooms to fuck each others’ brains out. Well, the bedrooms filled up and the noises from inside were making everyone horny so pretty soon there was cock sucking in the corner, ass fucking on the couches, and fisting on the bar. It was wild. This picture of the two zombie boys making out is one of the more erotic pics from that party but trust me when I tell you that there is much hotter pics to be seen!

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Posted on October 31st, 2011 by assistant
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Boys’ Sleepover Turns Naughty


These two cute gay boys were having a sleepover when things got rather naughty. They were just sitting there talking and goofing around when one of them noticed that his friend had a hard on inside his pyjama bottoms. He couldn’t just look away. He had to reach out and touch it. And before long, both of them were naked and he was down between his friend’s legs with his cock in his mouth. His friend didn’t complain though. Just like he didn’t complain when his friend suggested that he bed over to be fucked up the ass. These two sexy boys were really worked up so when his friend slid his cock into his tight ass he didn’t hold back and he got a good ass fucking. It turned into a night long event of laughing, cock sucking, and backdoor activities that left the boys ready for a nap after their sleepover.

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Posted on October 28th, 2011 by assistant
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