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Masturbation-Sex.com is a blog dedicated to authentic accounts of amateur orgasms and masturbation using stories, video and photos. It’s all about stroking, fingering, dildos and of course, the almighty orgasm. It’s about people who love to get off, people who live for their next orsgam, and people who love to share their stories with the world!

Because if you don’t share your stories, then no one will ever know. If your willing, share your masturbation stories with us. We’d love to hear them!

We want to hear about how you got off, who you masturbated with, and what you used to get off… Did you use your fingers to get yourself off? Did you use a dildo? A pocket pussy? Did you have a friend help get you off? Did you lover stroke your cock or finger your pussy until you got off? These are the stories we want to know. We – and the world – want to know how you get off masturbating!!!

Enjoy as you watch and read and be sure to check out Yanks.com for Real Women and Real Orgasms (now shooting in HD) and ClubStroke.net for hot strokin studs.

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  • Getting Off In Women’s Clothes
    First, I want to tell you how much I loved finding your site. I am a frequent masturbator and love reading others techniques and stories... […]
  • My Sis Was A Great Teacher
    I had just got home from school and went to my bedroom. I was just sitting putting away my stuff when i heard my sister yelling. I guess she didn't hear me get home or something. Anyway I went into her room to see what was the problem, finding her completely naked lying on her bed breathing heavily... […]
  • An Experience To Remember
    one night after dark, i went to close up our barn. upon walking back to the house, i noticed jan's bedroom light on, and a gap in the curtains. very curious to what i could see, i had to take a look. i quietly peeked into the window, and there was jan, wearing nothing but panties... […]
  • Ahh, Those Swedes!
    Hello, my name is Steve (that is not my real name). I wrote this because for a long time I have been reading these stories and I felt I should contribute my stories. I also wrote summer of '98. This story is about me and a friend of mine named Jake... […]
  • The Volcano Burst!
    The ultimate self satisfaction is the stroking and directing sensation to your whole penis. In preparation, like personal foreplay, which is important to me, is to take a shower with a "hand shower" and work the spikes of water up and down my penis, down to my scrotum and up to the helmet. Repeat this a few times, boy what a sensation... […]
  • Having A Great Time At Camp
    Last summer I went to a baseball camp with my friend John, we had been friends for a long time but what would happen the first night there would change our friendship. It was about eight o'clock at night and we were both laying in our beds when we started talking about what girls we wanted to screw in our school, and I noticed that he was getting hard u […]
  • Mutual Masturbation on the Interstate
    I will stop at a rest stop and remove my trousers and briefs while parked, then get right back on the road. As I drive along I'll stoke my cock with one hand while driving with the other. My wife will recline the passenger seat and begin by removing her jeans and panties, as well. Since we do this in the nighttime, the only illumination is the dashboard […]
  • Camp Show-off
    I'd like to share a true experience that has been the source of many erotic thoughts for me. Last summer I went camping with some friends. We are all mid to late twenties in age and good looking people. I am 6'1" and 180lbs. I keep in decent shape by playing hockey and working out. I have always been faithful to my girlfriend, but I can't […]
  • Here’s How You Can Screw Yourself
    Hi. My name is "Runs with Sysors" […]
  • The Summer of 1962
    I had engaged in sex play with other boys all my life, but until that summer of '62 it was limited to touching each others cocks with our hands or rubbing the heads of our little boners together. Sometimes at night I awoke with a hardon and felt it throbbing with a pleasurable feeling.... […]
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