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There are a number of hosting companies that offer Windows 2003 Servers.  At SecureWebs we do not distract ourselves by offering anything else - which means we understand better how to support your business on the web - and that makes your life easier and more productive. We understand that if we take care of our customers they will take care of us too.   We will even guarantee your satisfaction - if you are not pleased you don't have to pay.  Simple and risk free.

Windows 2000 is an excellent server - Windows Server 2003 is even better.  Our Windows 2003 servers start at $249 per month and range up to $785 for our most expensive standard server.  And all our servers have no setup fees! Windows 2003 includes all the functionality customers expect from a mission-critical Windows Server operating system, such as security, reliability, availability, and scalability.  For more information on .NET you can visit Microsoft at" and their Windows Server 2003 Server site.  In addition SQL Server/MSDE database hosting is available.

We should confess right now, if you need UNIX hosting, we are not the best choice - that is the simple truth. If you need Windows 2003 dedicated - you will find SecureWebs has an excellent reputation and has been around since 1996.  (Please note PHP, mySQL and Perl run fine on a Windows Server for those that want to migrate their sites to .NET.) 

Windows Server 2003 is bundled IIS 6.0 offer superior performance when compared to their predecessors. In almost all cases performance has been doubled or more. Reliability has been greatly improved by a fault-tolerant architecture and IIS 6.0 provides significantly improved security for Web servers.  


  The DEVELOPER server is great for developers, small companies and personal servers - even small hosting companies. 

The LIGHTFOOT server includes 10 IP's, three 40GB hard drives and is an excellent choice for a strong fast web server.  This server features Windows 2003 Server.



The BUSINESS server is for customers that want to minimize downtime and features hot-swap trays and hardware RAID.

Our CORPORATE server is our flagship machine -  it can run circles around the common variety server found on the Internet today.  It is a powerhouse, yet it's priced right for a smaller businesses.

To see the complete feature list for all of our dedicated
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