Introducing Born To Move


Me and My Sweetheart

The name came to me during a car ride with my husband 4 years ago.  I was dreaming out loud about this space I wanted to create that showcased all the things that inspire me to move and enjoy being healthy.  I imagined rows of yoga mats, physio ball, spinning bikes, a massage room, a library full of my favorite reference books, oh and I was going to finally write my cookbook.

As most dreams do, mine has evolved.  I am grateful to be home with my 2-year old sweet heart, so why not create a blog to store my dream.  There is no better inspiration than a glowing child full of endless amounts of energy.

We were all born to move, born to stretch our spirits and expand our minds.  It’s not just about exercise, it’s about finding the things we love and making sure they are front and center.  Those things for me are fresh air, watching my dog smile as he runs through a field, listening to my daughter sing, hearing my sneakers hit the pavement early in the morning, creating a meal out of ingredients that were grown a few miles away, and experiencing a massage that eases my mommy neck pain.

I invite you to stay for a while.  Being a mom is tough work and we all need a little reminder to treat ourselves kindly.

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