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This was so much fun!


My first rosettes made with the Vagabond, I’m so excited! I also did a sample of the pretty lacey boarder die as well.

The first one I made was the polka-dot one and I backed it with thin tape so it wouldn’t tear (see 3rd photo of the backs, which are ugly, but it doesn’t matter since they’ll be glued down), something I saw Tim Holtz do in one of his videos. It actually made it difficult to glue together because it was too thick, so the next one I made (the black one) I left off the tape and it went together just fine as did the white one.

For the centers of the first two I used buttons from my collection; a sticker button was used on the white one. They’re about 2-inches across, a good size for cards, scrapbooking or even hair clips.

I would highly recommend this die, it’s easy to use, was a lot of fun to play around with, and I’m looking forward to making a gazillion more!

P.S. My apologies for using such a busy tray to photographs these. I’ll work on finding a plain one.

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