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Wednesday, 29 December 2010 00:07

Average Penis Size

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The Human Penis

The “phallus” or the human penis is the one of men’s greatest obsession. This fact has been proven in men throughout human history. Even the Bible, from the Book of Ezekiel, proves that penises can be the object of any man and woman’s attention. This kind of obsession on penis can either be a response a high self-esteem or can also be a product of physical insecurity. What makes men overly conscious about them having a penis is the way they measure up compared to others or a belief of some standard measure. This spawns the idea of an average penis size which has become the subject of different human sex studies.


Penis is the male sex organ which is used for reproduction and as a urine passage. The size of the penis reaches its normal fullness at the puberty stage. The penis is divided into two main parts – the radix (root part) and the corpus (body part). These parts possess a functional structure composed of the glans, corpus cavernosa, corpus spongiosum, and urethra.

The Glans of the penis is also known as the “head” which is covered with a moist tissue called mucosa. During circumcision, the prepuce or foreskin is removed and the glans mucosa dries up.


Corpus Cavernosa is what they call the two columns of tissues stretching on the sides of the penis. These tissues are the ones responsible for erection of the penis when they accumulate blood on the penis.


Corpus Spongiosum is a group of tissues that look like sponges which run from the penis front to the glans. During erection, these tissues are also filled with blood but keeping the urethra open.
Urethra is a tube-like passage inside the penis where urine passes out of the body from the bladder. This tube runs through the corpus spongiosum of the penis.

Facts and Myths about the Penis

According to a research in 2006 wherein more than 50,000 heterosexual samples are studied, it has been found that 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s penis. In the same study, they found out that 55% of male participants are satisfied with their penis size and only 0.2% of them wished they have a penis smaller than what they have. Here are other facts and myths that you need to know about a man’s penis:
A penis can either be a “grower” or a “show-er”. A penis which can lengthen and expand when erect better than its flaccid length is called a grower while the one which already looks bigger even when flaccid but grows only a little when erect is called a show-er. According to a survey conducted by a Men’s Health, 79% are growers and 21% of men are show-ers.
Smoking can shrink your penis. An erection involves excellent bloodflow into the penis which is attained with healthy blood vessels. Since smoking calcifies these vessels, blood circulation becomes unhealthy thus affecting the quality of erection. Penis can shrink by up to 1 centimeter through heavy smoking.
Ejaculation is not affected by the brain but by the spinal cord. But it is also a fact that it takes hours of extensive thinking and some help of alcohol for the brain to find vessels for ejaculation.
Did you know that the foreskins of circumcised infants can now be used as skin to grow for burn victims? Yes, one foreskin coming from an infant’s penis can produce 23,000 square meters of grown skin.
The prostate glands when enlarged can cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. If these cases were with unexplained cause, the doctor will surely check on your prostates.
When it comes to orgasm, women get 23 seconds compared to men’s which only lasts 6 seconds.
If you are not familiar with Colymbosathon Ecplecticos, it is the scientific name of underwater specie called Buck Naked armed with a hard shell. The Greek name literally means “amazing swimmer with a big penis” and it is the oldest known specie with a penis.
Reconstruction of circumcised penis is possible. Doctors usually move the penis shaft skin towards the tip securing it with a tape. Eventually, doctors use caps, weighs, or plastic rings to solve the issue.
Only 1 in 400 men can perform self blowjob and it has been proven that all of them have totally performed well.
According to German researchers, the average length for a sexual intercourse can last in 2 minutes and 50 seconds; although women usually perceive it as 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
Size does matter when it comes to semen displacement. This means that the longer your penis, the more semen it can scope. This is according to a simulation conducted by State University of New York researchers.
The most used penis recorded is the penis of King Fatefehi of Tonga. During his reign from 1770 to 1784, he had de-virginized about 37,800 women!
In a Spanish research, women were asked to pick the most handsome men from a set of photos where each man presented has good, average, or weak sperms. It turns out that better looking men may possess stronger sperm cells.
Masturbation is not only a pleasurable habit but it can also be the cause of penile rupture.
Penis size can be correlated to shoe size. This has been proven a myth after a research conducted by two London urologists, Shah and Christopher, in 2002 where healthy penises of men were studied. These penises were measured in their fully erect states and the shoe size of these men is recorded. The study resulted to an r-squared value of 0.012 which means that statistically, shoe size and penis size are NOT significantly correlated.
Most women care about the length of the penis is false. Yes, some women care about how long a penis is but according to studies, women would consider the girth or the circumference size of the penis to be more important. It is also a fact that men are more concerned about their penis size more than women are concerned about them during sex.
If you think you are unfortunate enough with your penis because you are not a Caucasian then think again. Penis size is not dependent on the race you are in. It doesn’t really matter whether you are Asian, Arab, or African. Anyone can have a big penis.

Penis Erection

Erection of the penis happens when blood flows through veins into corpora cavernosa of the penis. An ample amount of blood is needed in order to attain full hard erection. In order for an erection to start, a physiological stimuli or sexual stimulation is needed. In other words, it is known as sexual arousal. In this condition, the corpus spongiosum is also affected by the blood flow which controls ejaculation containing the urethra where semen will pass.


Erection is needed to attain a successful sexual intercourse. Natural reactions around the penis happen during erection and this includes retraction of foreskin or prepuce, glans exposure, and scrotum tightening. Erection and ejaculation is also attained during masturbation. After ejaculation or when the sensational activity stops, the erection gradually ends depending on penis size or blood outflow.

Measuring the Penis

Men can have different ways on measuring their penises and becomes the reason why some statistics in penis size varies. Researchers have developed some standard ways on how they measure penis size for their samples. Medical experts and highly-experienced people in penis enlargement have created some popular ways on how to measure penis which has become useful today.

Guide in Measuring the Penis

Some men are very anxious to measure their penises but sometimes they do not know how to start simply because they are not sure if they are doing the right thing of measurement or not. In this case, measurement in size varies and some men may even cheat and measure in a way that their size appears longer or thicker.
There are two factors considered in measuring the penis size – the length and the girth. Length involves how long the penis is and the girth involves the thickness or the so-called “girth” of the penis. In measuring the length, a ruler is commonly used while in measuring the girth, a tape measure is the most appropriate.
In order to have the same methods of measuring, here are the accepted methods that are approved by many men today.
How to Measure Penis Length

Flaccid Length
In order to have the right penis measurement in its flaccid (or soft) state, you have to consider how hot the situation you are currently in is. In short, you have to make sure that it is really flaccid and not semi-erect. To be accurate, you have to avoid stretching it before measuring. Get the ruler and position it with the penis parallel to the floor (penis lying horizontally) slightly pressing it against the pubic bone about half an inch.


Erect Length
To be accurate, you need to attain a full erection which may require you to get some aids such as porn images or videos. The erection quality must be 100% but you must avoid becoming too excited or you may ejaculate in no time. Once fully erect, hold the penis in the head and make it as parallel to the floor as possible. Place the ruler on the penis side slightly pressing to the pubic bone about half an inch and start measuring.


How to Measure the Penis Girth

Flaccid Girth
Most men are not sure on which part of the penis will the girth be measured. But this time, you will know that the agreed standard part will be the middle part of the penis. Again to measure, your penis must be completely flaccid. Hold your flaccid penis, get the tape measure and make sure that you completely wrap the circumference of the center part of the penis body. Do not wrap it too hard or you will just squeeze the penis having inaccurate result.


Erect Girth
Make sure that you achieve a full erection and start wrapping the tape measure around the center of your erect penis. Same with measuring the length, see to it that your penis is always parallel to the floor when measuring girth or circumference.



Abbreviations Used in Penis Measurement

Bone Pressed

The penis measurement method used by doctors and researchers. We use it in PE to measure our progress. Measurements are taken from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis.
Bone Pressed Erect Length

In an erect state measure from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans.
Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch Length

This is the preferred measurement to track gains. In a flaccid state stretch your penis straight out in front of you. The measurement is taken from the public bone to the tip of the glans.
Bone Pressed Flaccid Length

In a flaccid state press the ruler to the pubic bone while the edge rests against the side of the penis. The measurement is taken from the public bone to the tip of the glans.
Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch Length

This is the preferred measurement to track gains. In a flaccid state stretch your penis straight out in front of you. The measurement is taken from the public bone to the tip of the glans.
Erect Girth

Measurements for EG are usually taken mid-shaft although some advocate that it should be taken at the widest point of the penis. Others maintain girth should be measured at the head, middle and base.
Erect Length

The erect penis is measured by using a ruler at the side of the penis.

The Average Penis Size
Every male who is conscious about the size of his penis wants to know the average penis size or the size that is considered as normal. Of course, any man wants to know if he measures up or not which will somehow give some kind of relief or a need for improvement. Being in the average level makes these men crave for more length or girth while some have been satisfied for what they have. In fact, men with average penises experiences small penis syndrome (SPS) where they thought they have a small penis when they are not really suffering from micropenis condition. Thanks to research and studies that we now have an idea of what a normal penis length and girth measures.

Studies on the Average Penis Size
Over the years, various research and studies have been conducted by independent medical and academic groups with a goal to get the average penis size as the result. But though these studies may have varying results since there are too many men in the world to get samples from, the results considerably have close figures. In short, the results of those studies fall into an acceptable range for the average size of the penis. Therefore, the average penis length ranges from 5.5 inches to 5.9 inches.
Here is an example of legitimate results of a study by The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, wherein white college men are the samples and penises are measured in erect state.

Penis Length (inches) Percent of Men
3.75 0.2
4 0.3
4.25 0.2
4.5 1.7
4.75 0.8
5 4.2
5.25 4.4
5.5 10.7
5.75 8
6 23.9
6.25 8.8
6.5 14.3
6.75 5.7
7 9.5
7.25 1.8
7.5 2.9
7.75 1
8 1
8.25 0.3
8.5 0.3
8.75 1
9 1

In this study, it is therefore concluded that the average penis size of these white men is 6.6 inches for length and 4.84 inches for girth.


World Average Penis Size
It is just logical that we take into consideration multiple races when studying average penis size. Thanks to Dr. Eduardo A. Gómez de Diego, the founder and General Manager of Andromedical that he collected these reliable and valid research studies on different country’s average penis sizes. By using this statistics, we can come to calculating the most accurate world penis size in average.


United States 5 3.4
Germany 5.6
Spain 5.3
France 6.2 4.7
Japan 5.1 3.1
Brazil 4.8
Italy 5.9 3.9
Venezuela 5 3.7
Mexico 5.87
Greece 4.8
India 4
Saudi Arabia 4.8
Chile 5.5
Colombia 5.4 3.5
South Korea 3.7 2.7

Based on this collection of studies coming from different medical experts and institutions from 15 different countries, we can come up with the world’s average by adding all up the results and then dividing the total by 15. The world average penis size in this case will be 5.1 inches.

Women and Penis Size
It doesn’t matter if your penis is short or long during sexual intercourse because the vagina of women can accommodate any size. The vagina has the ability to extend and even during arousal, it can only extend up to 4 inches or 10cm. Most men worry about their penis size more than women does on the man who owns the penis. This means that you can still satisfy a woman unless you have a rare problem called “micropenis” wherein the penis have an erection length of less than 3 inches.

Increase Penis Size
It has been proven that most men suffer from small penis syndrome or SPS even if they don’t have a micropenis. Most men with average penis size want to add more length and even girth to their penis believing that it can give better satisfaction on their partners. Men who are not happy with their size and want to add more can have many options to choose from to increase penis size.
Surgery – also called “phalloplasty”, this method of increasing length and girth to the penis is considered to have successful results. But in most cases, many reports show that some patients experience some unwanted side effects after having penis surgery operations.
Penis Extenders – also referred to as penis extenders, these devices are used by post-surgical patients who underwent phalloplasty. However, manufacturers have made these devices visible and accessible in the market where anyone can have this as a personal penis enlargement device. This has been proven to increase penis size permanently and treat erectile dysfunction.
Penis pumps – using the vacuum technology, this device have been used as penis erector or a sex toy. People with erectile dysfunction can use this to temporarily give them hard erection before sexual intercourse.
Penis enlargement pills – these pills taken orally can have many variations according to ingredients and effects. Most safe penis pills are made of natural herbs and minerals which can improve sexual health.
Penis enlargement exercises – are different methods of working out the penis tissues in order to have the ability to accumulate more blood and expand. Advanced variations of these penile exercises have the ability to add permanent length and girth to the penis.

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