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The Scrum Study Guide - The Best Tool for New ScrumMasters

The Scrum Study Guide is meant to be the perfect tool to help any new ScrumMaster.

Imagine that you have just become the ScrumMaster for a project. You've never done the job before, and you might have been given a couple days of training, which was great, so you set up the team, you helped prepare a Product Backlog, your team has gotten an overview of Scrum that you did in a half-day presentation... but... You have a Product Owner that is not doing his job - he canceled attending the first Sprint planning meeting. The team is confused about estimating, PBIs and the Sprint Backlog and seeking guidance from you. Management is breathing down your neck because of course the project is urgent, critical and has been started later than it really should have been. You're struggling!

What do you do first? Who will help you? How do you stay organized? How do you fix it all?

You could buy many different books. You could scour the web for help. You could spend days waiting for replies on online forums. You could struggle with hard-to-use software. You could pull all of your hair out... OR

You could invest in a powerful tool designed just for you!

Use the Scrum Study Guide as your personal assistant to:

  • Keep track of the rules of Scrum
  • Find tons of concise how-to guides for common steps and activities in doing Scrum
  • Keep structured notes or a journal on your job as the ScrumMaster
  • Maintain a list of online reference material
  • Assess the progress of your team
  • Organize the obstacles you are working on
  • Modify and update the Scrum reference material based on how you are actually doing Scrum
  • Look up answers to the problems you're having with your organization

The Scrum Study Guide is the premier, comprehensive, all-in-one tool for ScrumMasters who are new at their jobs.

The Scrum Study Guide is a perfect combination of well-organized how-to guides, reference material, and case studies, all organized in a software tool that allows you to easily annotate, edit and add your own material.


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