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WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool provided by WebAIM. It is used to aid humans in the web accessibility evaluation process. Rather than providing a complex technical report, WAVE shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility of that page.

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If you have files that are not publicly available on the internet, you can upload the files for WAVE evaluation. Simply using the form below.

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NOTE: Images, media, styles and other elements may not display for uploaded code. To fully analyze local files, please use the WAVE toolbar.

Install the Firefox toolbar

The WAVE Firefox toolbar allows you to evaluate web pages directly within your browser. Because no information is sent to the WAVE servers, the toolbar allows you to evaluate password protected, secure, or otherwise sensitive web content. The WAVE toolbar evaluates content as it is rendered within Firefox. This allows dynamically created, modified, or scripted content to be evaluated in real time.

Learn more about or download the Firefox toolbar

Install the WAVE Dreamweaver Extension

The WAVE Dreamweaver Extension allows you to evaluate the accessibility of content using the popular WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool directly within Adobe Dreamweaver. The Dreamweaver extension gives additional flexibility and speed to Adobe Dreamweaver users by integrating WAVE directly into the Dreamweaver environment.

Download the WAVE Dreamweaver Extension

Implement WAVE into web pages, browsers, or other tools

There are numerous ways you can implement WAVE into your web pages via links or WAVE buttons, create quick links and bookmarks for automatically processing pages in WAVE, or implement WAVE into other tools, such as Dreamweaver or the Google toolbar.

Read more about implementing WAVE into the web pages and tools you use


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