Here are answers to some of the questions I get asked most often.  :-)

Is this really you?


How do I know its really you?

I guess you can’t really know for sure, but it is me!  If you want you can login to my site, there is a private messaging system there and you can send me a message and cross reference everything I say here with whatever you want to ask me in there!

Why do you say certain words a lot?

You must mean when I am typing a blog post.  I’ve been told by the company that helps run my site that I need to use a lot of keywords when I write stuff to help with the search engine results.  They said use a lot of relevant words like “amateur”, “asian”, “baileysroom”, “baileys room”, “free pictures” and so on.  Believe me, its as weird for me to type “free BaileysRoom.com pictures” as it is for you to read them coming from me.  But I gots to get my traffic on!  ;-)

Do you like cheese?

I freaking love cheese!

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