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Female Masturbation

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Hot Blonde Sucks Finger

February 23, 2012

This hot blonde from The Female Orgasm isn’t masturbating with her fingers yet… But you can bet she sure will be shortly!


And we can’t wait to watch her finger fucking herself!

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Lesbian Fingering

February 23, 2012

Sometimes when it comes to fingering… No one does it better than a girlfriend!


These two lesbian hotties are from abbywinters.com, and they are about to get each other off just by fingering each other!

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Vibrator And Dildo

February 22, 2012

Jenny from Ron Harris started off by fingering her snatch, but her fingers just wasn’t enough today… She needed more! When she pulled out the sex toys she remember why masturbating with her fingers didn’t cut it; It’s good to get her started but when she really gets into her masturbating she needs a bit more than her fingers!

Which is why she likes to masturbate with her favorite dong, joined by her small battery powered pocket rocket – you know, just for the vibration!


It might be an odd masturbation habit but it’s working for her!

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Big Red Vibrator

February 22, 2012

No fingering today…. Just Shayla from FTV Girls with her red vibrator!

We’ve seen a lot of vibrators in our time, but never seen anything like this before!


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Masturbating Outside

February 21, 2012

This blonde hottie from Alp Girls is going for the gold with her legs spread wide and up in the air, and her fingers just masturbating the very tip of her clit…..


The question is if she masturbates herself with her fingers and gets off but no one is there to hear it, did she really have a big orgasm?

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One Finger Masturbation

February 19, 2012

Buck ass naked, tiny titties out on display, this smoking hot FTV girl her had legs spread wide and she’s not hiding any of the details – she’s masturbating, finger right in her pussy!

Right now she’s just tickling herself a little bit but in just a moment she’s going to plunge her fingers deep inside of her – two or three at a time – close her eyes and pretend she’s getting fucked by a huge cock!


I bet you she’s going to cum right on her fingers!!!

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Masturbating With Fingers

February 17, 2012

Not only does Anna love walking around her apartment naked, but also loves masturbating… Oh, she loves having a man to take care of her needs, but from time to time she loves masturbating with her fingers…. It’s so much fun watching this big breasted work of art walking around naked, but seeing her pleasure herself is a huge blast too!


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Pretending During Masturbation

February 16, 2012

Aerial doesn’t have time for fingering her pussy, not today… This Ron Harris babe wants something more today – and she’s got a huge life like dildo that looks like it’s about to get fucked!

But first this hot sexy blonde gets down on her knees and pretends she’s giving a blow job… Masturbation in many ways is all about fantasy and imagining things, and this time around before she masturbates she’s picturing herself giving head!


That just makes this masturbation experience only hotter!

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Fingering Pussy

February 14, 2012

You can’t deny that Danielle from abbywinters.com is hiding out in the bathroom pretending to take a bath while secretly masturbating with her fingers, fingering herself….

Which makes you wonder how many chicks are really fingering themselves when the tell us they are “taking a bath”.


Or does “taking a bath” really mean “I am fingering my pussy” in girl speak?

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Mia Presley

February 13, 2012

When it comes to masturbating no matter what any women might tell you, fingers rule supreme. Oh, some chicks have a special relationship with their sex toys, but in a pinch it’s the fingers they usually go to first. Mia Presley knows this first hand!

She was hanging outside by the pool, all alone, having a

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