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Naomi Who?
spacer Real Name: Trinity McCray
Ring Name: Naomi, Ms. Florida, Naomi Night, Naomi Knight
5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight: 123 lb
Billed From: Orlando, Florida
Trinity McCray (born November 30, 1987) is an American dancer, model and professional wrestler who is currently signed and working for WWE better known by her ring name Naomi. She competes in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), a WWE developmental territory. In 2010, she was part of the third season of NXT, where she came second to Kaitlyn. She is a former FCW Divas Champion and was the inaugural champion.
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Naomi Makes her RAW Debut
Posted by Govind on January 10th, 2012. Filed in RAW Results -- Comment?

Naomi and  former Tough Enough contestant Ariane Andrew finally debut on RAW as a backup dancers for the ‘Funkasaurus’ Brodus Clay’s RAW debut. Also, @WWEUniverse tweeted “Can’t wait for the first battle between @TheBellaTwins and@BrodusClay’s “Funk-ettes!” #TwinMagic all around! #Raw”. 2012 seems like the year for Naomi!

Digitals: Coming Soon

Screen Captures: Coming Soon

FCW Results (12-11-2011)
Posted by Govind on December 12th, 2011. Filed in Fcw -- Comment?


Naomi Knight vs Audrey Marie

Naomi comes out first and as the bell rings, Naomi starts things off with a side head lock but then Audrey goes for a quick nearfall. Naomi still has Audrey in the lock but Audrey escapes. Naomi again goes for the submission, Audrey tries to escape but gets caught in an arm lock. Audrey with a side arm to Naomi but Naomi with a huge cuff to the face. Naomi then swings Audrey into the corner of the ring. Audrey with a nifty rollup for the 2 count. Naomi, then, using her feet to for a roll up. Naomi goes for the sidearm lock again, but Audrey reverses the move. Naomi attempts a kick but Audrey counters with a crab back. Audrey goes for a smart cover by out smarting Naomi. Audrey then goes for another nearfall then followed by a chin lock. Naomi  with a cuff to the stomach and then to the face. Audrey with an irish whip and then kicks her for a nearfall. She then goes for a slide head lock then follows flying feet to the stomach for a nearfall. Naomi flips Audrey and then a kick to the back. Audrey collects a great shot to the jaw. Audrey misses a clothesline and Naomi with a nice drop kick. She then goes for a rollup and a sweet slam to the chest. Naomi is bringing her A game with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Naomi then swings Audrey towards the corner of the ring but Audrey with a flying slam to Naomi but Naomi with a roll through for a 2 count. Audrey with pain goes for a rollup. Naomi attempts a rollup but Audrey’s shoulders weren’t down. Naomi then raises Audrey but Audrey slides her down for the victory.

Results: Audrey def. Naomi.

Screen Captures: View

Flashback: FCW Results 10/23/11
Posted by Govind on December 5th, 2011. Filed in Flashbacks -- Comment?

Naomi and Cameron Lynn VS Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner

Naomi and Cameron enters the ring accompanies by Byron Saxton. Kaitlyn and Caylee taunts Naomi and Cameron. The match then commences with Kaitlyn and Cameron. Kaitlyn then goes for a headlock on Cameron and pulls out her wig. Naomi then gets  tag and Kaitlyn catches her and slams her in a corner of the ring. Naomi tries to swing Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn swings her back into the corner, pushes her and slams her into the corner. Naomi tags Cameron and the two brutal divas started attacking Kaitlyn.Cameron and Naomi with the advantage tags each other as the match continues weakening Kaitlyn bit by bit. Kaitlyn then jumps on the rope at the corner of the ring with a flying back slam and quickly tags Caylee. Caylee is fired up and hit Naomi with a shoulder. Caylee then with a jump kick. She then slams Naomi face first into the canvas of the ring and goes for a nice looking near fall. Caylee with a kick right in the gut of Cameron and then tosses her out of the ring. Naomi then swings Caylee and then Cameron then hooks the leg of Caylee and Naomi takes the advantage and finishes thing off with a leg lariat to Caylee for the three count.

Winners: Naomi and Cameron Lynn

Screen Captures: View Christmas Contest!
Posted by Govind on December 4th, 2011. Filed in Contest -- Comment?

spacer is having it’s first ever Christmas Contest! You may want to know what do I have to do to win, well all you will need to do is design a wallpaper of Naomi (preferably 1280 x 1024)  featuring something that will make you get into the Christmas Spirit. You can add Christmas hats, lights or whatever you want but ensure you MUST have the christmas colors (red, white and green). You can also add other colors too but the christmas colors MUST be there! You can use any pictures you want and any amount!

To submit your walpapers, you can email the site at and you will get an email back stating that we got the email! All submissions should be sent by Thursday 22nd December, 2011 and the winners will be announced on Saturday 24th December, 2011 (Christmas Eve)!

There will be ONLY four winners! First place, second place, third place and the fan favorite! I will choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and the fan favorite will be chosen by you all! The polls will go up on the 22nd of December!  ALL WALLPAPERS WILL GO TO NAOMI-ONLINE.NET’S MEDIA VAULT THAT IS COMING SOON! 



1st place- Any order from the package list above

2nd place- Any order from the package list above except advanced flash

3rd place- Any order from the package list above except advanced layouts and flash

Fan Favorite- Any order from the package list above

Please follow the rules below!


1.Anyone can enter

2. If your putting your name in your designs, put it in small text

3. Ensure you use Christmas colors (red, white and green)

4. The wallpaper can be any size (preferably 1280 x 1024)

5. Only ONE submission is needed, more than one will NOT be accepted

6. Have fun making it!

Flashback: FCW 10-16-2011 (Interview)
Posted by Govind on December 4th, 2011. Filed in Flashbacks,Interview -- Comment?

Byron Saxton, Naomi and Cameron Lynn were interviewed talking about why Byron associates himself with Naomi and Cameron. You can view the screen captures of this video by clicking view below and also watch the interview by clicking view below!

Screen Captures: View
Watch Video: Watch

Welcome Back to!
Posted by Govind on December 3rd, 2011. Filed in Site News -- Comment?

Welcome Back to! I know you probably missed the site a lot but it’s finally back and active! As you can see, we have a NEW layout done by myself and I absolutely love it! Don’t you? You can tweet us your comments! We also have a NEW galley layout!! Don’t forget to check it out! I just love the both layouts so much and I hope Naomi does also, if she sees it! There will be a media layout coming out very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Caleb, the founder of, will be no longer apart of the site but I want to thank him so so much for doing such an incredible and amazing job with the site over the year! This September, we recently turned one year old and this wouldn’t of been possible without Caleb. So Caleb, once more, thank you! You have done a terrific job! And also, a HUGE thanks goes out to the daily visitors and fans of Naomi who browse the site every day or if not, every week!  Thank you!

And most of all, if wasn’t for Naomi, the site wouldn’t of been possible so thank you Naomi! Your such an inspiration to many! Happy Belated Birthday also! Hope you enjoyed it lots and have many more to come!

I lost some of the affiliates when I was making the layout and the site was in a mess so if your site was linked with, please tell us and we would be happy to add you guys back!

There will be also more improvements and fun contests so ensure you check daily!

Now, you will indeed see this site being updated regularly and also, we are accepting elites and affiliates so feel free to fill out the form by clicking here!

Proceed to Gallery: View

New Android App!
Posted by Caleb on September 13th, 2011. Filed in Headlines,Misc,N/C -- Comment?

We have made an android app its still under construction but you can download the .apk file here

Naomi Online App

If you have problems please report to me

Raw House Show, Sep 10
Posted by Caleb on September 11th, 2011. Filed in Headlines,House Show Results -- Comment?

Naomi, along with her well shaped booty, hosted the audience dance contest. The winner got to go backstage. The four contestants were a dude in a Ryder shirt, an attractive woman, another woman and young kid in full Cena gear. The kid won. Shocking huh?


Naomi’s WWE Future
Posted by Caleb on September 10th, 2011. Filed in Headlines,Naomi Update -- Comment?

– WWE developmental wrestler Naomi is on the road this weekend with the Raw crew. She appeared at last night’s event in Barrie, Ontario as the guest host.

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FCW TV Taping Spoilers
Posted by Caleb on September 7th, 2011. Filed in Headlines,Uncategorized -- Comment?

FCW filmed another three weeks of footage at the official arena in Tampa, Florida to air throughout the months of late September/Early October.

Check out the Diva related results below:

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