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spacer My name is Jimmy Akin. I founded the ULTIMATE Low Carb Club to help people achieve success with their diet and health goals. If you are interested in learning about my own low carb journey, read “My Story.” What I can tell you is that low carb dieting works! After years of trying and failing to lose weight, I lost nearly 100 pounds (that’s 45 kilograms for our friends in other countries) the first time I went on a low carb diet. My health improved, and I had much more energy and mental alertness. Best of all, it happened without any of the HUNGER that accompanies calorie-restriction diets.

The modern western diet is extremely heavy on carbohydrates, and particularly refined carbohydrates. These lead directly to obesity, diabetes, and a host of other ills. As science has learned more about the way diet and metabolism works, it has become clearer and clearer that–for a growing number of people–the key to successful weight loss and health improvements is the low carb lifestyle.

While no single dietary approach will produce the same benefits for everyone, I and many others have found that the low carb approach works best for us.

I hope that you will join the ULTIMATE Low Carb Club, and that you will find this approach as helpful as I have.

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  • Information on the science behind low carb diets
  • Recommendations for what you can have when eating out (e.g., Chinese, Italian, or Mexican restaurants)
  • Tips and tricks for low carb cooking
  • Video demonstrations
  • Techniques to adapt your favorite recipes low carb style

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