Okay, writing about myself has always been my weak area so forgive me if this turns out to be one crappy biography.

My given name is Amalina but on the internet I go by Kitty. Kitty was given to me by my boyfriend, Leon whom I met at the university in 2006.

I love writing blogs. That doesn’t mean I write good stuff, though. I collect pink-coloured items. My bedsheets, pillow, blankets and a couple of other items are all pink in colour. I have three four plushie dolls that I treasure so much. One is a yellow rabbit plushie called Bunny Bun-Buns (Bunny for short), another one is a Blue-Nose whom I called Tatum Theodore “Teddy” Threadbare (Teddy), a NICI lion named Leonie Rex Lion (Leonie), Tommi Tom-Tom (Tommi) a NICI cat plushie and Phobos (Phobos) the Proboscis monkey. I talk to them occasionally, especially when I am around my boyfriend (we both talk to the dolls. Yeah, we’re weirdos).

My first proper pet was a cat called Suppi. The name was inspired from a character in Cardcaptor Sakura – Suppi/Spinel Sun. I had him for a few years before he left the home. After him, I had a couple more cats but the one I loved the most was a calico kitten, Nala. Nala was the favourite of everyone in the household. She was the only cat allowed to stay inside the house. We had her for a couple of months before my dad accidentally drove over her.

I have a Bachelor degree in Social Science Secondary Education, majoring in History. I graduated on 29th September 2011. Currently I’m planning to take up a Masters degree and hopefully I’d be able to land a job after that.

My hobbies other than blogging are reading, watching television and listening to good music. When I’m not busy with my real life, I enjoy tweaking codes and graphic designing, but I can’t say I’m good in those areas as well.

I enjoy talking to my online friends. You could say I have more friends in the cyberworld than in real life. Because it is easier for me to talk to people without looking at them in the face; I’m a shy person and I’m very self-conscious on how I look.