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Info for cross dressers. Transgender site to explore your femininity. Be the woman inside!

Welcome to Cross Dresser's Guide. We can help you develop your feminine presentation so you can pass flawlessly as the woman inside. Please bookmark this site and visit again. We update every day!



spacer The World's Best Cross Dressing Guide is a 173 page e-book created by Jamie after years of professional training and her own experiences as a cross dresser.

This comprehensive cross dressing guide contains all the best feminization techniques developed by Jamie to become virtually flawless in her presentation as female in public. Download Your Copy Now!























Are the kathoey in Thailand really transgendered, or are they mostly just cross dressers/gay male prostitutes?
by " transgender" specifically I mean transsexual women.Are most these 'ladyboys' kathoey really transsexuals, or are they just cross dressers or gay male prostitutes who need to fed their family? Do most of them opt for the sex change, even though you can't legally change the gender in Thailand?

Are there any cross dressers who are also gay?
I know most are straight

Why are cross dressers unaccepted in society?
I'm a cross dresser and people constantly laugh, make sarcastic remarks and ask me if I am Gay.So I'm a man who wears womens clothes... Women wear mens clothes all the time Whats the problem?

Why do I find cross dressers , men and trannys so attractive?

What makes some cross dressers just so hot?

Why are cross dressers so good at making love.?
I can not stop thinking about my lover and how to make them look sexy all the time

If you could be accepted wearing 1 item of girlie clothing what would it be cross dressers?

Anyone cross dressers gone to work dressed up today?

How do you relate to cross dressers?
Do you treat them as the gender they are portraying

What sort of guys like cross dressers?
How do they treat them when they are with them

How many men in the USA are cross dressers?

Why do most men hate gay people and / or cross dressers?
I was just wondering because I often here them slagging people like me off

Do cross dressers ever lose bets and have to not cross dress for a week?

Why have the vast majority of cross-dressers ruined our reputation?
let me explain first before you delete this... I'm a cross dresser, I love the look and feel of georgious ladies clothing, and although that may be weird to you, for the most part i'll keep it to my self and if im out in public the most i'll do is check out some clothing on my ipad. then you get allot of guys who dressup and get some sort of sexual thing out of it, and whats worse is they will do it in public. Im sorry this may sound mean but you should keep it to yourself. If I ever tell anyone I like to cross dress most peoples first reaction is " youre a pervert" and IM NOT I DO NOT GET ANY SEXUAL ATTRACTION FROM IT. i guess for me its the same reason women like them

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Transsexuals, drag queens, female impersonators and transgendered: The World's Best Cross Dressing Guide tells how to be the woman you were meant to be!

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