So, I thought to have a sign game just for Valentine's Day. The voting begins tomorrow. There are 3 contestants, Ashleigh@Tevita, Megz@Celticc, and Summer@Volatile. Their signs they entered are below. To vote go: here!

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1: Only vote ONCE for ONE contestant.
2: If you are one of the contestants, you can only vote for yourself once.
3: First sign that gets 20 votes wins!


spacer Well, not really. But, happy valentine's day month? i think yes! (: so i made this layout and i'm so inlove with it. i had some help with the header, and all credits are listed in my credit section. anyway, i'm super excited that i'm back into the site world, finally. i've had alot going on. i'm really proud of how this site is going. i've only been back for not even a full month yet, and i've had a lot of views/hits. i hope you all enjoy my brand new content. i don't have much of it yet, but i'll be updating like crazy this month, so keep checking back. i'm watching "friends" right now. this tv show is SO old, but it's still great. my next baby appointment is on VALENTINE'S DAY, how great is that? but i'm not going to get to see my regular doctor, i have to see his "backup" just incase when i go into labor, my regular doctor isn't there and he has to deliver my baby. which i find pointless and honestly it sucks major ass because i can't believe doctors are allowed to see you throughout your WHOLE pregnancy, and then all of a sudden, "sorry i can't deliver your baby, but a complete stranger can!" anyway, i'm doing a bunch of rambling. most of you aren't going to read this anyway so enjoy the site. comment if you like/use anything. (:

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